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    And a good link too ( can't believe they want all that money for a BS ? ) K British Standards 3998 2010 - About Tree WWW.ABOUTTREES.CO.UK British Standards 3998 2010 Now, my take on decent Arboriculture (tree surgery) is to leave a tree looking as natural as possible and little signs of human interference noticeable...
  2. And its a saleable commodity... Hence their recent fines ๐Ÿ™„ k
  3. Nice inlays, dont point it at anywon. K
  4. Itsa false equivalence as you bloody well know. K
  5. Croydon!! You sure they ain't 'carrying'.... ๐Ÿ˜ณ K
  6. .... Or when yr hammering it to bits to veteranise it. K
  7. ( and how high yr going )
  8. If you want to retain the tree , yes. Depends on what yr going up there for . K
  9. Well, harmful yes, it can allow insect invasion / fungal invasion and cause sap bleed . If yr inspecting a fault , a ladder may do but I would still want to be roped in . K
  10. Seen yr forecast fr weekend ๐Ÿ™ k
  11. Dry leylandii yes, wet maybe not so well. K
  12. I would start recording evidence of their work ( inc' pics ) - am getting the sense it is a covert job - even if for a planning app in later years , they are sly these developers . One of my bosses got marched to magistrates over just shut nonsense . K
  13. Hard to tell for the pics , but even if its part of an original hedgerow - it could still be covered , it also begs question of what the developer got away with before ! K
  14. A lot of people think they can still, but often its not just protected by only one bit of legislation ! K
  15. Cheers Mark, was gonna post just this last night , but fell asleep K
  16. Well you cant just chop hedgerows out anymore, for a start. K
  17. Not some developers pulling a fast one with a rogue crew? Seen any survey types wandering about ๐Ÿค” k
  18. Often there is staining around the cavity, with flies in summer but occasional use overnight is the catchout. Hence scoping before starting yr saw. If work can be done with a hand saw around the tree, that can be a possibility. K
  19. Just post n shame, blatant offence. Should have read further up by the way ๐Ÿ™„ K
  20. Khriss

    Extreme heat

    It did thump down ๐Ÿ˜ณ didnt put sticks under it as the main road into the caravan park had viewrs parked up to watch us and didnt want a stick getting flipped through their windows ! K
  21. Yes. That is apparent. You need a Bat scoping qualification to inspect, a Bat handlers certification to touch. Presence of Bats will determine yr next step. If any, K
  22. Khriss

    Extreme heat

    And thats after I put it on the deck . 2002 when I had nice hair


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