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  1. Your MP and Councillors = pointless, have you made an insurance claim ? K
  2. Teasing the spelling Nazis on here...or just my phone crap auto corrept. K
  3. Member on here called Bmp ? If he is Stihl around . K
  4. Its a detailed report - bit excessive for your needs , probably that company's minimum charge for such work. K
  5. Nice bit o Chicken , too far out of reach , pity it was spot less K
  6. ...so drilled 40 more K
  7. One hit the deck , that shouldn't have
  8. Glad to see the Bullet back in action Mike K
  9. The depth of your ignorant rambling baffles me , but hey keep on with it , must work for you out there...sadly - K
  10. Still awaiting your big redwood felling shots from Canada , or was it BC ? K
  11. Still trying to catch up with your efforts, frankly. K
  12. Same- tip sprocket blows out, damage to drive sprocket bearing and a damaged/ stretched chain. Long annoyed walk back to shed, K
  13. Nice finish actually, they will be back in a year to redo it anyway. K
  14. Love seeing them but we dont get many here, sadly K
  15. Oriental Beech. Quite noticable. Wavey leaf margins. K
  16. Very life like ( does it have tin legs 😉) k
  17. Is that a power line or phone line in the shot 🤔 K
  18. First thing i noticed was it doesnt look like soil level been raised, often case on construction sites, thats in its favour, but measuring is only way to assess if its progressing the lean. K
  19. Thats an amazing looking tree, why do you want that removed! K
  20. Certainly put the poster's mind to rest anyway... K
  21. More to the point, what soils are they going into? You cannot plant anything anywhere. Beech particularly. K
  22. Ivy, nope she long gone but yes, bin bag n bar cover will do it for tube travel. K
  23. Plant another tree to suck up the moisture. K
  24. No wind / gusts as such and dont look 'forseeable neither, big bill in the post on that one. K


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