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  1. That's exactly what I want.. What power winch you using and could you take me a couple more pictures if the bracket you have made sorry to be a pain in the arse.. lol
  2. I'm looking at fitting a 12v recovery winch to the back of my 190tr. Has anyone done this in the past? I'm sure they have!! Any further info pictures would be helpful so I can make the brackets also what winch would be most suitable considering the chipper only weighs 1 tonne? Any info would be gladly appreciated. Regards Dan
  3. I have sent a few emails I probably need to find someone that has some old stock. Looking at the old cylinder it's gone through the crome plating on the exhaust side, I'd say the chance of cleaning it up would be slim. The rest of the saw it in excellent condition and I love running it hopefully someone will carry the part and she'll be back to work..
  4. Obviously there's the 4 holes to bolt the head down the 5th one is the breather in question it would also need the lugs to mount the brown thing and just to confirm the saw is a 1994 044c. Hope this helps..
  5. Sorry men i did not make it to the shop in time today hopefully it will be open tomorrow when i am done.. Cheers for all the help and hopefully she will be back up and running in no time...
  6. Best thing to do is strip it down then order what you need there is a lot of TW parts stockists in the uk you will have the parts the next day and if you decide to replace the main bearings loosen all the bolts whilst on the machine or you won't get them out when it's off the main one in the middle sometimes need a little heat.. Hope this helps
  7. Not yet sent some emails this morning they are requesting pictures so hopefully this afternoon..
  8. Hi there i sent a early 1990's stihl 044c in for a repair as the top end had locked up. The shop they sent for a genuine still top end however the one that came did not have a breather port on the bottom, sthil state that the top end kit we need is now obssolete so fit that one and see how it goes anyway the shop fitted it the saw runs fine for a minute of to then begins to play up ?? losing fuel pressure at the breather that the cylinder is missing goes to the carb ?? My question is where would i be abel to get a top end with the breather at the bottom still no longer carrie one and haven't for 10 years?? I am planning to nip in to the shop in a bit to take a few pics i will post if i can also has anyone else came across this before i think the saw is a 1993 but i can confirm.. Thanks in advance men
  9. Thank you for that Gareth yes that would be a good idea my number is 07999671445.. We have used the machine again this morning and the none stress is working but compared to how it was it is not kicking in right till the last minute.. Regards Dan
  10. Hi there my TW190 seems to be having problems with the none stress, it is working but i would say that its kicking in way to late is there a way of resetting like on the Jensens or is there something i could check ?? The belts are tight. Thank you in advance. Regards Dan
  11. if the foor is okay mate you will do it for £500 and it will look good i had my back barn doors made higher so is holds more lol..
  12. Thanks for getting back to me men, i have got the gap to .5mm and 1.5mm with my knifes i haven't set it with new ones as i have 4 sets that are about half worn but put a new anvil in, i will need to re set when i get new knifes but that wont be any time soon. It took me longer to get the gaps right than the whole job lol.. I took it out yesterday and it chips well and the in feed seems better, i did all the springs and rollers and replaced every other bearing i think 6 in total.(she's like a new one). The rotor is running true and the balance is fine, i will do a few jobs with it and then re check and torque up all the bolts again. Ill soon be offering a chipper repair service lol....
  13. I did the bearings yesterday and didn't bump in to no problems ended up replacing a few other bits and bobs but I'm struggling to get the anvil to knife gap right i can get one right but then the other one is closer, the flywheel is the same at 4 points, is states in the manual to shim at the back of the knifes ?? don't know if anyone can cast any light on that also does anyone know what the gap should be as I'm just trying to put it back how it was before ?? Cheers men !


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