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  1. Another +1 for the multi saver, or a cambium saver in general, the multi is amazingly versatile but more pricy than a cheap stein cambium saver. Might be worth getting a multi saver and a backup if you’re using 2 ropes (as your kit list suggests)
  2. I used to use same setup but with an alloy tether and also found it sat back a lot after an ascent. Moved to a chicane and no problems whatsoever, I think the lack of play in the system and the spring loaded mechanism makes a huge difference! I think the RR puts too much bend on the rope (compared with chicane) so it has to drop further to fully engage?
  3. I’ve got a 60m length of courant squire v2 that I use for srt, bigger trees etc. Tried it ddrt for the first time a couple weeks ago and really liked it, being a static rope means less bounce if it’s doubled over a long distance (if you like that). Would like a spliced eye on one end but Im sure someone who knows what they’re doing can sort this. Only downside is it’s skinny so harder to grip & pull🤷‍♂️
  4. I had this exact issue when I first used the squire v2, but I was using an old (and apparently very worn!) ZZ. Swapped for the new style one abs hasn’t missed a beat since. Only suggestion may be, make sure your ZZ has had a proper good clean (I stick mine in hot water and clean with a toothbrush) as if the links are being hampered slightly it won’t grip so well?
  5. I’ve had the yellow squire v2 for a short while and so far it’s been great. Feels thin in your hand and definitely has a lot less bounce than the drenaline I was climbing on before, can’t comment on the durability of it yet but pleased so far
  6. I’ve just got to perfect the art of squeezing a days worth of chip into a 3.5t van, and take the back roads home ? in all fairness we used to have a 7.5t wagon at work for carrying big loads, but even that weighed 5.5t dry, so the load carrying capacity wasn’t all that great, certainly not good enough to make having your HGV license and the 6 weekly checks worth it!
  7. Thanks very much bud, that’s basically the input I was looking for!? I was sure the gross trainweight was higher for an iveco than a transit! I’ve found a decent looking van for 5k, crewcab which means tool storage wouldn’t be an issue. If anyone on here knows of anything decent for sale please feel free to send them my way!
  8. To be honest, every job I have anything to remove I hire a ifor Williams tipper trailer with high sides, works grand but it’s cost on every job! Hilux is a crew cab, and it would be seriously un-cost effective to have to go shovel it out 4/5 times a day ? I know I’ll be over loaded weight wise with any tipper, but more just questioning the towing capabilities of both regarding dragging a tracked machine on a plant trailer around. I was always told Ford parts are fairly deer compared to something like an iveco?
  9. In the market for a tipper, I’ve come to the conclusion that putting a chip box on my mk3 hilux will ruin a lovely truck ? I’m not looking at spending big money (£5/6k roughly) Basically everything that falls within my budget is usually a Ford Transit or an Iveco Daily. Last tipper van I had for a company was an 08 crewcab transit and I thought it was grand, no frills but just a workhorse. Are the Dailys a better “arb” tipper conversion-I’ve been told that the towing capacity of the daily is higher than a transit, not sure whether to get a tracked chipper or tow behind yet (again, budget dictated!) and would like something that can tow a plant trailer without being stupidly over the limit. Any help or advice much appreciated!
  10. I’m lucky in the sense that I have access to a hire company locally who will supply 230tracked or tr6 for £100+vat for the day, which is cheap IMO! Re the cs100’s....I’ve used them, and personally if I was going to spend 2/3k on one I’d rather put that money towards something that will actually chip decent stuff ? they for sure have their place but I’m fairly rural and most of the work is usually decent sized tree/timber so you’d max it out very quick! The 2nd hand market recently seems to have gone crazy, I’ve been offered a 2010 Jensen A540 tow behind for £8400......seems like a lot but it’s a much larger machine?‍♂️
  11. Did occur to me, but at the moment I’m in full time employment and I want a machine I can get to pay for itself doing weekends & the odd weekdays. If I had finance on a machine I’d feel pushed to work more weekends etc to pay for it, if I get an older machine then I can do it at my own speed....if that makes any sense?
  12. I did think that. Like I said, I’m only guessing on age, but based on the hours I figured it must be in that region. Comparison wise, anyone have any experience with the Jensen 530 tow behind? They’re usually similar price, I’ve only used the tracked ones so unsure about the tow behinds
  13. Hi everyone, looking for some advice regarding a chipper for myself setting up first time. Long story short, I’ve been offered a van & chipper by a friend who’s changing profession. It’s a tipper transit (needs a proper arb back building) and a Timberwolf TW150. The chipper has done 2100 hours, not 100% sure on age but I’d imagine with those sort of hours it’s probably 2006/8 maybe? It’s roughly £6k, looks to be in decent condition, not had a hard life for the last few years-basically my dilemma boils down to..... Is a machine of this age/hours worth the money, or would I be better putting that £6k ish towards something like a Jensen tow behind? Not interested in financing a newer machine, I’m pretty mechanically minded so not worried about changing blades, anvil, servicing etc. Any thoughts much appreciated!
  14. Exactly my thoughts. I’ve always stored my climbing kit in 1 bag and it hasn’t been a problem, just looking for a decent upgrade! Have you got the waterproof arbortech bag?
  15. Those buckets do look ideal! I’ve been using the buxtons cheapy bags for ages, so similar design etc. I wouldn’t be storing ropes in there, they always get hung up out of the kit bag so they don’t get horrible after a wet day? I’m going self employed start of next year and I’m after something that I can keep everything in-so when you’re going out with just a climbing kit & top handle you’ve got it all in 1 or two bags (would still have separate bag for long rope) @IronMike that bear valley bag looks brilliant for the money, might have to have a further look at that!


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