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  1. Hope the recovery goes well bud. Make sure you don’t rush back too quick, enjoy some enforced rest!
  2. I had my 2nd hernia repaired last September-had the first one done nearly 10 years before that when I was 19. Both of mine were either side of my groin and kept coming out when under strain (climbing, lifting etc). I found that sticky physio tape worked really well, as you can stretch it over the area and it helps provide a bit extra pressure to keep everything in. Took me 5 weeks post opp to recover well enough to work but I think I probably rushed back as it get sore now and again. If it’s coming out and getting “stuck out” though seriously take it easy, I went into hospital twice with mine getting stuck and it wasn’t particularly pleasant 🤮 if you are able to get it fixed then don’t prolong it, they are much worst to fix the longer you leave them (from what I was told) my first never caused me much issue till the last few weeks before my opp, 2nd was much worst as COVID delayed any NHS treatment and private wasn’t an option!
  3. There are quite a few guys round my way (Shropshire/north Wales) that have these tickets and are able to get a good bit of work. Only one I would consider adding to that at this stage would be your wood chipper ticket-easy 1 day course and it means a potential employer would be able to have you working “legally” on the ground snedding, chipping etc. It would be worth approaching some local firms and asking if they are looking for staff-even if they’re not, they might be able to give you an idea of what they specifically would look for in terms of qualifications. As said above, if tree work is something you’d like to specialise in, your cs38 (aerial rescue) would be worth doing, but it’s a more expensive course and if you don’t want to solely do arb work it may be a waste of money?
  4. To be fair mate, I’m employed by a company who “insist” on using 2 rope system, however it’s not something that’s really been enforced…..In all honestly I have used 2 ropes on the odd occasion, but it’s usually just the tail of my rope with a prussik-usually when I’m anchored SRT in an adjacent tree and need something for changeovers. If you need a second line purely for access then maybe question what you have anchored into…..
  5. Unless you’re rigging which involved a lot of tip tieing and butt cutting-I did a large Lombardy about a month ago like that and climbed DDRT and regretted every minute of it😂
  6. Is that the new teufelberger Invisiline rope? Lovely bit of kit
  7. If you’ve got any more for that price let me know!
  8. So far so good! Managed to get a load of steel biners which are on their way, slings arrived today so happy days 👌 my current speedline “kit” looked pretty ramshackle so I’m glad it’s getting an update!
  9. FTC stifline is pretty good stuff!
  10. Anyone know where you can get shirts similar to these from (in the U.K.)? Monkey Beaver EKG Shirt | Monkey Beaver MONKEYBEAVER.COM I like the almost hi-viz standout of the shirt without going full council worker, but struggling to find anything close for sale in this country 🤦‍♂️
  11. I wouldn’t say so much important as cost-they’re about half the price of an alloy carabiner?
  12. Numbers are not my strong point😂 ideal thanks for the advice!
  13. I think I may as well buy a set of slings and keep it all to one side-I was going to buy some Lyon 25mm slings probably 100mm long, what did you go for?
  14. That’s perfect mate, I’d rather have something with an actual load rating and they are as cheap as chips, ideal! Will get some ordered tonight
  15. As I said-I’ve already got kit that’s correct & LOLER tested etc (slings & biners included) but I’m after some old ones for zipping smaller lighter stuff out-slings I’ve got or they’re £5er, most lads speed line kits are old biners anyway! @Lowestoft Firewood they look ideal thanks very much mate!


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