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Vintage Axes and Garden Equipment


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I was asked to show some pics of what I am currently messing about with in the workshop on another thread so rather than de-railing it, I have started another thread to honour the great Industry that was Great Britain and the axes and gardening tools that came from our foundry's typically Sheffield and Cannock. Feel free to post up your projects, horror stories, loves and hates etc.

So, here are the beasties...I own a Fiskars X27 for splitting, these are all smaller hatchet type axes

IMG_20240125_190206656.thumb.jpg.40f7696cd35dd956220500c2cf0d5964.jpg From the left, a ball pein hammer converted in to an axe - the rubber strapping is to get a good grip on what is a hammer handle - I picked this up from East Ruston Gardens. The next is a small kindling axe/knife stamped "Made in Sheffield", The next is a Kent design hatchet 15" handle which will be original as it was my Grandfathers so probably 100 years + Stamped Riley and Sons. Next is one I have just aquired, an Eagle Edge Tool Company axe, around 1 3/4lb, the handle has a serious twist but feels fine in use. The next is a Gilpin Kent Style with a head of around 2.5LB and handle of 18". The two on the right have had the handles removed and re-wedged, I fitted a small metal cross wedge on the Eagle one as one was fitted already and wanted a clean job. 


Close ups below: -


This last one is work in progress, a Brades head stamped 1918....possibly from WW1. I have an Ash Stihl handle on its way so I will strip, stain and fit it when it arrives.


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Brilliant idea starting this thread Spud 

and a lovely job on those axes 

I’ll  add some photos and info on axes I’ve done 

and axes too be done 



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10 hours ago, Stere said:

Its a garden dibber for planting.


Shavey  you have   burnt the handles they look cool.....?


& whats your go 2 rust removing methods?

spot on with the Dibber


iusualy go with sand paper and wire brush 

and maybe a grinder with a  medium flap disc


or if it’s really bad maybe evaparust does the trick 

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Nice job, always good to bring these old tools back to life. So much more rewarding than getting some old bit of that that wont last. The history is what I find interesting, not that you see much of it but every axe tells a story.

Stihl do decent Ash axe handles that don't cost a fortune if anyone is interested in this work. Doing my Brades 1.5lb head at the moment, have stripped the handle of the paint and logo and am shaping the end to receive the head over the weekend.

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