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  1. shavey

    Makita recall

    Has the saw gone back yet Bill just out of interest did the Saw go back too Milton Keynes or to a makita service agent and the piece they pop riveted on the front was it metal or plastic
  2. shavey

    Makita recall

    If and when you need the change over parts I will have them soon give me a shout and I will be interested too see what brake flag they send over
  3. shavey

    Makita recall

    Hello Bill I have only sold one complete handle and the actual saw handle after a accident in the forest with one 7910 ive sold a few brake bands over the years and a few springs but never a brake flag through everyday use they should be concerned as you’ve not even used it also I noticed your spring is lost a bit of tension the retaining cup just needs a bit rounding of the end
  4. shavey

    Makita recall

    Hello Bill that is bad cant beleive they would do this , surely drilling a safety handle isn’t a good idea , if you drilled a safety hard hat HSE wouldn’t allow this can you send me some very very good detailed photos so I can chase it up I wouldn’t dare send a safety handle back too anyone in this state obviously they’ve drilled it to put this sticker on the pop rivet has put pressure on the plastic then it’s had a bump via courier delivery thankfully breaking it before you used it it it will be interesting too see the handles that come from Dolmar
  5. shavey

    Makita recall

    I’ve had notification that the chainbrake parts are in , my order of the new mechanism and band will be dispatched today will be interesting to see what they’ve done
  6. shavey

    Makita recall

    They look ok mixed and matched
  7. shavey

    Makita recall

    Great news
  8. shavey

    Makita recall

    Yes they are big quite big but they look good That Makita is genuine it’s how there being sold now in the USA both the same colour now I don’t know how long Makita UK will keep going with the teal colour
  9. shavey

    Makita recall

    Bill those spikes I’ve been told are NLA in the EU but I’ve ordered five sets and some wrap handles from the USA so I will keep one set back for you
  10. shavey

    Makita recall

    The future Makita maybe ??
  11. shavey

    Makita recall

    Yes it is a very good Saw for the money these have it in stock if you wanna get your money back and spend on a one sooner https://www.fastfix.co.uk/makita-ea7900p45e-79cc-petrol-chainsaw-45cm.html
  12. shavey

    Makita recall

    Hello I presume You’ve paid your money in full so you should be entitled to a date for delivery
  13. shavey

    Makita recall

    Yes it is Bill , for me the hardest OPE company too get a consistent year in year out regular trade without long waits
  14. shavey

    Makita recall

    Been in contact with Makita about the time scale on this recall and they have been asking people to give details of there saw and then it’s been collected as you all have said But the problem lies with the fact they haven’t got the spare parts in hand too do this warranty recall , as there is a worldwide shortage of these parts . This chassis With the different size engines in red and blue has been sold in the thousands worldwide since 2015 I have contacted Dolmar where these models are produced and there in the same boat no parts availability the new 2018 models are on back order so it will be weeks before they will be on the shop counter customers that have bought these saws from me , there will be a demonstrator Saw available if you get in a fix and need a bigger Saw to cover there 7910 going in for warranty repairs So please check with Makita or message me before sending in your Saw and hopefully either way you will get an answer on time taken too fix but please don’t worry it is a fantastic Saw don’t be afraid to purchase one in the future Red or Blue there exactly the same
  15. shavey

    395xp Full Wrap Handle

    No problem glad too help send up some photos when you got the saw suited and booted


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