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  1. Looking good Gary
  2. Send me a PM when your ready and we can sort it out thanks
  3. The bar is made too fit the D033 mount it’s a 3/8 bar 063 gauge and 92 Drive link so it’s adäquate to fit over the drive sprocket of the 123
  4. shavey

    Budget Saw

    That is a good saw it is around the same size as a husqvarna 42special it’s a shame they didn’t market it better when it was released now the petrol has stopped it’s getting too late
  5. You haven’t got much choice of bar that saw at the moment there’s three sizes around that fit and are available 20” 28” and 36”I’ve owned and used a few of these in chainsaw and concrete saw versions and there sloggers top rpm is only 8k i used to run a 30” on my last one ive got a 28” and chain if you need any help
  6. It’s a good tool I’ve seen one last week nice balance
  7. Not really a tool but an essential aid you sling over your shoulder and you don’t it’s there when your fencing on steep ground it’s a stirrup iron and leather @Stubby will get it Great way of pulling barbwire down
  8. Did you find the edges on the grip too square too start with when new on high tensile barb wire it would break
  9. If you ever decide too part company with them give me a shout
  10. Yes your right it can be a pain over uneven ground yes there seems to be a lot of that with the prices nowadays
  11. Yes those two piece tensioners don’t quite cut the mustard bit of a flav joining them up here’s the last two I was watching
  12. That was a deal you could get 1000% profit on those My last pair cost £150 new in box on eBay about three years ago mole valley farmers used too sell them
  13. Yes totally agree I got three sets to keep going and finish a line and start another run theres been a few on eBay lately fetching strong money
  14. Thought these where worth a mention trewhella monkey strainers makes quick work of barb wiring
  15. that’s a nice outfit couldn’t be without our protec there good precise machines


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