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  1. watch out axe collecting is like saws you could end up with a lot

    • WANTED
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    Wanted muffler for 262xp or 257xp condition unimportant genuine or non genuine standard or shotgun style


    - GB

  3. absolutely spot on not much more too say just one thing too add if you can get hold of them is some used farriers Rasps they change them quite often and there fantastic for thinning down handles with a coarse side and a smoother side
  4. Double bits have that long slender cutting edge especially the Puget heads like the one you quoted nearly 14” from edge too edge on some of them so they dont usually get jammed in the cut when your felling so basically when you have climbed up the tree you’ve got two sharp edges too fell the top out of the big trees and the weight and good balance gets it done
  5. Here is Elwell offering to the USA market
  6. My favourites double bits there is only one trouble iam supposed too sell them when I’ve finished but its a bit like the saws too high a percentage don’t leave
  7. It is rewarding doing the older tools especially when you have a axe head that is worn and has a few battle scars you think of all the man hours and hard work this axe has done a bit like triggers broom several handles
  8. @Stere got it Murray a dibber forthe garden or I keep it for anyone who doesn’t like Dolmar
  9. spot on with the Dibber iusualy go with sand paper and wire brush and maybe a grinder with a medium flap disc or if it’s really bad maybe evaparust does the trick
  10. But here is that group finished plus a few others added in
  11. A small batch of heads from a farm sale a lot of work but worth it
  12. Brilliant idea starting this thread Spud and a lovely job on those axes I’ll add some photos and info on axes I’ve done and axes too be done
  13. If you send me a photo of your axe head I can sort you out I stock everything from 12” hatchet handles right through too 36” single bit and double bit handles
  14. If you wanted a fairly good used bar I’ve got one packed away in storage with the same pattern as the saw in the advert and there’s a couple of other bars that aren’t shelf queens but usable


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