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  1. Yes good idea and weight
  2. Thanks Steve yes it has the Fuji Robin cutting gear the two larger models are the same style as your trimmer. Makita purchased Fuji Robin 10yrs ago and it was consolidated into the brand 4-5yrs ago , the hedge trimmers have got that Robin influence throughout also Robin brushcutters where available until earlier this year with the prefix Makita RBC but now Dolmar / Makita don’t make a 2-stroke stropimmer , brushcutter only MM4
  3. They are all made in the same environment below is a cross reference between Dolmar and makita dolmar Ht-2360D - Makita Eh-5000w dolmar ht-2375d - Makita eh-7500w dolmar ht-2475 - Makita eh-7500s
  4. Dolmar ms-4300-4U or Makita em-4351-U 4-Stroke are the equivalent to the Husqvarna brushcutter you where comparing it too @Saw-sick Steve there smooth and quite powerful too use plenty of torque for a small 4-strokes
  5. shavey


    Just had this Dolmar Ps-6100 from the USA it’s one of mastermind specials havent had time too get it on video cutting wood but it’s pretty lively
  6. Hello Mike , Here is that little sieb could you PM me your address please
  7. I automatically thought it was the pre filter on the left side of the saw but all sorted now , I will put one on my order and let you know when it’s in if you get sorted I will keep this one in stock no problem below is the part number 329 on the drawing
  8. Can get one next week got a order coming in from Germany , I can add a pre filter To the order , cost of the filter is £1.87 inc vat Number 51 on the drawing
  9. Nice job Harvey looks good
  10. And I think one of those models is auto tune maybe the 50cc but don’t hold me too that
  11. Yes now there branded Redmax in the states
  12. How will this affect parts for the 9010 shavey ? Hello Harvey everything is available parts wise and should be for a good while yet
  13. shavey


    Great news Murray they take a while too bed in and open up I got your message earlier thanks
  14. Yep seriously there’s three other models 61 , 353 , 372xp not xtorq
  15. Also the Dolmar Ps-9010 andmakita dcs-9010 and 115 range has been discontinued due to emissions but if anyone wants a new 288xp or stihl ms720 give me a shout


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