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  1. shavey

    makita 7900

    Yes they do pull well , been doing a few HD filter kits the last couple of years they do a filter in between the standard nylon one and the flock filter number 23 A B C
  2. shavey

    makita 7900

    Do they respond well to a bit of fettling
  3. shavey

    makita 7900

    Yes all the dolmars seem to go tighter, oil and petrol caps which is better than the other way I suppose the new caps you only have too put The screwdriver end of your scrench along the slot if it goes tight on you the brake parts haven’t had much call for them on the saws over 65cc all the sneddings saws under this size I’ve supplied several springs and a few bands the linkage wears on some coils will die on the older models but a flywheel and coil from the newer generation will fit i usualy run the 79cc saws on 24” very nice balance but they will ru; much bigger bars with ease ,matched with a good full chisel skip theyll oil them well too
  4. shavey

    makita 7900

    Yes the newer model caps are much better with Dolmar / makita fuel and oil caps you don’t need to have them over tight
  5. shavey

    Rabaud F80 splitter

    That looks a helluva machine Tom for what it’s worth I’ve got a vertical tractor mounted Rabaud splitter had it for 20 years it’s been faultless built so strong it’ll split everything but not In the same league as this big boy i wonder if you could put rows of smaller logs in there like 30 or 40 at a time or have you got a large supply of oversized material and have a loader and large bucket on the end too catch the logs
  6. shavey

    50 cc saw

    Yes there’s two offerings from Dolmar / makita the Dolmar ps-5105 and makita EA5000 both are identical pricing the Dolmar is more expensive at the moment bar and chain are from 13” up to 20” 3/8 or .325
  7. Hi there, 

    Steve bulman said you may have info on dolly/makita saws.

    I run a 550 for small stuff but it' is getting tired . So looking for the 50cc range as it's nice and light. 

    I use a 372 for the bigger stuff.


  8. shavey

    Countrywide stores

    Hey Matt the two up near us are exactly the same not realy a place too go unless you need too MVP purchased the holsworthy branch 3+yrs ago
  9. shavey

    Ordering from America

    As @outinthewood says it’s much more customer friendly if everything is straight forward and easy for them it should sail through I’ve had more trouble with exporting items especially through California used saws and parts are getting harder too send and sometimes axes can get stuck in customs If your prepared too pay the import duties then most times your still quids in
  10. good on you big j for taking that lead into another branch of the forestry sector it could well be a winner with all the rainfall and limited extracting months and many people will tell you down here when alot of these woodlands where planted , the tracks in werent very wide and your machine would benefit alot of small woodland owners , and it will be good too meet you next summer
  11. shavey

    Big "Dawgs"

    thanks guys yes i can get most models of wrap handles and large spikes the most popular sellers are the 365/372xp wrap handles and spikes next is 394/395xp and now 562xp since the launch i will put up a list of what is available and within reach pricewise
  12. shavey

    Big dogs 562xp

    Stubby got some of the best Dawgs on his saws I’ve got some spikes here that come with the 3/4 wrap handle dont know if there large enough for you
  13. shavey

    Full wrap handle

    Will send you a PM later thanks
  14. shavey

    Full wrap handle

    Hello Lewis Yes I’ve had several in and sold I’ve got 562 full sets and 372 full sets in stock At the moment will be doing another soon if you need anything
  15. shavey

    Dolmar ct

    The saw is a mk1 ct when there running there awesome parts where NLA 20yrs ago I’ve got one good runner and small selection; of parts have you pulled the saw over or tried running it if you haven’t hold it firm as there’s quite a high risk of it grabbing the rope back again would be happy to make an offer the mill looks like it could be made by Sperber


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