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  1. Big dogs 562xp

    Stubby got some of the best Dawgs on his saws I’ve got some spikes here that come with the 3/4 wrap handle dont know if there large enough for you
  2. Full wrap handle

    Will send you a PM later thanks
  3. Full wrap handle

    Hello Lewis Yes I’ve had several in and sold I’ve got 562 full sets and 372 full sets in stock At the moment will be doing another soon if you need anything
  4. Dolmar ct

    The saw is a mk1 ct when there running there awesome parts where NLA 20yrs ago I’ve got one good runner and small selection; of parts have you pulled the saw over or tried running it if you haven’t hold it firm as there’s quite a high risk of it grabbing the rope back again would be happy to make an offer the mill looks like it could be made by Sperber
  5. 562 sprocket choice??

    Yes it does exist I think it is the 72APX but it’ll be 050 gauge
  6. 562 sprocket choice??

    You will find your best option would be a 24” - 28” D009 mount 3/8 050 or 058 full house full skip , 404 063 will be a hard slog but if you want a 404 set up just get a sugihara 3/8 063 bar and change the tip too 404
  7. Dolmar 420sc problem & various questions

    Yeah they don’t usualy pack up on these saws and it’s very difficult to get the repair kits now the new oil pump is approx £30-£33+VAt part number Is 161346-0 they are the same saw as the makita ea4300 its not too difficult to do the pumps in these it can get a bit messy after using veg oil in behind the clutch and drum its always good practice too put a new 99p circlip on after removing it a couple of times once they become weak, they’ll come off and get lost
  8. Comings and goings.

    Hello everyone I haven’t been on much lately but lots of stuff too post up in the near future i was wondering if Saw Troll had been on lately
  9. Dolmar

    Hello Stubby yes it’s not bad for a little saw hopefully there will some room for improvements Yes there going pretty well last week against Bath they where strong again you done well to beat sarries twice , last week those last few minutes where amazing mr L said Quinn’s didn’t like the cold weather Ha ha
  10. Dolmar

    Will do a cutting video next week
  11. Dolmar

    Here is the smaller 35cc saw ps-352 and in makita ea-3601 a different design altogether from anything you have seen from Dolmar a very neat light design the second strato design engine they’ve done but this one has had more Japanese influence and it’s very slimline and balanced it’s more like the husqvarna 242 , 42 special and handle and Av is similar too the tanaka 4501
  12. Dolmar

    There’s Some new additions to the Dolmar range for next year the new top handle is only 31cc but there is talk of a bigger version I will put up some photos and info about these new models
  13. Dolmar

    Hello I want to thank Steve from Coventry for helping me out with this parcel he collected it and sent it back too me after several hick ups in arranging collection from the Coventry depot cheers Steve
  14. Dolmar question

    Hello Steve as others have said just touch it and it’ll stop the lock function is meant for workshop use so service engineers can lock the saw In the off position for safety as this saw will start if it sees somebody touching the cord
  15. the 'todays job' thread

    Hey John it’s 42cc very popular saw this year 40cc and 60cc have been very popular


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