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  1. They’d have a armed police unit round there in 20 minutes these days. They’d confiscate the money. Over here you cannot legally pay more than €1000 in cash for anything. Anything like that in the UK?
  2. My nephew worked for a while as a car salesman selling Hondas in Crawley. He had to quickly work out if the client was a waste of time or not, his commission depended on him moving units and finance deals, not yakking with dreamers. The worst were South Asians, they’d spend Sundays just making stupid offers on cars, pulling out at the last minute on deals etc. If he saw one strolling into the showroom he’d disappear into the back hoping another salesman would get lumbered.
  3. I thought you lived in Scotland, do you live in Norway then?
  4. So the bloke who spends an awful lot of time on here telling us how much he earns, how clever he is and how dumb we all are, doesn’t like how much tax he pays? It’s Friday night, so I’m treating myself with a gif.
  5. Anyway, my point (before the wine kicks in) is it’s not just paying in the pot to take out as you put it. Its paying in the pot knowing you’ll never take it out. Some people who have no children will pay for other people children’s health care and education, other peoples elderly parents to have care and their arses wiped even though their own parents may have died inexpensively much younger. In society, you’re either in or you’re out, you can’t pick and choose, you enjoy earning good money and a safe and healthy environment to raise your kids, then you render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s.
  6. Ok, understood. The state paid for your childrens education from 5 to 18 though right?
  7. Andy, I understand you (and Dave) are lucky enough to have quite a few children, good for you both. Did you pay for their births (all the doctors, midwives etc) privately? Have they all been educated in private schools from infancy? Any time they are ill do you pay privately every penny for health care? Not trying to catch you out, you know where I’m going with this.
  8. I see a number of cities are vying to host Eurovision. Hope whoever wins has stocked up on monkey pox vaccine!
  9. Looks like they caught up with Salman Rushdie.
  10. Getting bogged down in debates about class is a regular waste of time in this thread.
  11. He was at the right place I guess.
  12. Seen that before, very good. Adrenaline got a bit too much for him there! Was in Hungary apparently.
  13. That failure was, if not predictable, then likely or foreseeeable by any tree inspection. SBD isn’t, no obvious faults, unlike that plane.
  14. Thats not summer branch drop, it’s an included union.
  15. September is always a big month here for restarting the year, more so than the Xmas break. The French are very seasonal in their habits, August means holidays, so non urgent work is not thought about.
  16. I said to client the other day when he said ‘stacked’ it’s important we get the terminology right ‘piled’ would be a better description of what’ll happen. Nice pics.
  17. I read the last line as something to do with Fred West.
  18. Some days it starts and runs ok, some days it just won’t start. I’m at the coast at the moment so won’t be back till early next week to check. I should really get it going again.
  19. Not really Mark, but thanks for chiming in. There might be an issue with the ignition unit, which has already been replaced once.
  20. Small 2 stroke engine being hammered day in, day out, will do it.
  21. My 2511 is a temperamental bitch, so much so I don’t bother with it anymore. As for sharpening the little picco chain I used the 4mm file, much easier, takes a lot off but at least it’s doable.


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