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  1. Spied a nest in a spruce we were due to top on Friday, still active. Client was fine about turning it down (like they had a choice!)
  2. I think he’s referring to this.
  3. Then the free-lance should start his own gig, or find another company that will pay what they ask. Theres a shortage of workers at the moment, if you can’t command what you think you deserve in the current climate, you never will.
  4. Of course they (freelance guys) set the day rate, whether they get it or not is another issue. It’s got nothing to do with moving the industry forward.
  5. How’s that work? I thought you could tow 3.5 tonnes before you needed air brakes
  6. I looked at the equivalent Manitou, but if you’re bringing something to a job on a low loader, it might as well be bigger. Lovely machine though, and nice pics.
  7. Those little telehandlers are sweet, but still looking at 4 tonnes minimum
  8. To get ready for a Monday morning earlier in my career I would start drinking Sunday lunchtime, continue till 9pm, interspersed with joints to keep things on an even keel. Then the stagger home of about two miles would test all my muscles, strengthen my core and balance as I made it from lamppost to tree to lamppost, occasionally testing my ident skills by falling in and out of various hedges. Monday arrives and I bound out of bed ready for my breakfast of Anadin Extra and tea. Load the van and off to work, but the preparation wasn’t complete as the stomach cramps hit me halfway there and a quick sprint into the woods to further test my gluteus maximus by lengthy squatting followed by more balance work involving the removal of yet another sock to do the business. Back in the van and physically and mentally in the zone!
  9. Very big old yew we did some light lifting on today. Was in the grounds of a long disappeared château.
  10. Nothing earth shattering, but some loader stuff.
  11. Richest sportsman in the world stupid.
  12. Just watched the highlights, seemed like a really good fight.
  13. I have the (2015) older 145 hp Ranger, regularly tow 3.5 tonnes, no problems. My new 213hp Limited one arrives next month if that answers your question, auto as well but you can change manually with a button for towing. I didn’t want the Wildtrack because of the plastic stuff round the roll bar makes carrying ladders/polesaw etc problematic. Dunno about the roller shutter.
  14. I know, bit convoluted, but I was bored.
  15. Is there owner of a lonely heartwood?
  16. @Timberwolf Official keep an eye on this thread and will pop along in the morning to help out I’d wager.
  17. Fair enough, the line about taking out too much finance followed by the drama dots seemed designed to get a rise.
  18. Of course, it’s supply and demand, there’s a shortage of experienced, competent staff, so naturally the price is going to go up. If you’re saying (in a theoretical way) ‘give us more money or we’ll set up on our own’ well, go on then, don’t hold people to ransom, paddle your own canoe, pay your subbies the extra that others won’t and clean up.


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