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  1. Read the tone and content of your reply and then tell me it’s not Both condescending and patronising in the extreme !!. Bear in mind the access to information you have and that which a woman in her seventies did during her lifetime.
  2. I’m lucky in as much as I’ve got a borehole and on a couple of occasions I’ve lined up glasses of bottled versus water from the well and invariably people will pick the bore hole water as being nicest. I’ve been reading a lot lately about increasing levels of dementia ( due to my mother’s situation) in the western/developed world and research about additives in foodstuffs nowadays. I know the die hard follow the science disciples will think it’s conspiracy bullshit but do a bit of digging and you will soon get your eyes opened.
  3. The current madness you see regards energy prices being hiked would be exactly the same with water meters if implemented. Be careful what you wish for, essential services such as water being an even more profitable business than it already is ( masquerading under environmental credentials) for companies that only has one driving force ie profit is a dangerous road to go down. As was the case throughout the last couple of years of stupidity a targeted sensible approach and educating people has to worth a try rather than sledgehammer nanny state approach.
  4. Water companies would no doubt see the pound signs before their eyes spinning wildly, maybe those very same companies should be held to account in regards leaks and avoidable losses.
  5. 5-16 in two cases and yeah they did which is why I pay tax on my earnings is it not, im paying vat on just about everything I buy including fuel, house, energy, heating oil etc etc much of which the government is already taxing too, so whilst I know you like to disagree with me Mick but the system is hammering those whom are trying the hardest to get on.
  6. Mick I totally agree with having to put into the pot to get out, I’ve never claimed family allowance or taken any freebies for any of my kids, the ones whom went the uni route have cost me a fortune and are stuck with large student debt themselves. I pay income tax and NI and have done all my life (55 now) 32years in commercial diving game a lot of the time on sched D North Sea taxation so my NI pot is way off the upper scale. My gripe is the level at which the 41% kicks in up here and the struggle or barriers put in place to keep you toiling.
  7. Nearly half my wage after 43600 41% plus NI averages out in my case at 48-49% that’s near enough half to piss me right off. The money earned before that is basically survival income as far as I’m concerned. Whilst we bicker and point out mathematical inaccuracies the system continues as it’s designed too do ie keep us toiling away to maintain the status quo. Keep working and trying and the simple fact is you get closer and closer to half your wage in tax. Where’s the incentive??.
  8. I earn what I earn by grafting my arse off for a min 14 hrs a day 7days a week offshore trying to get on in life. 43600 is not a big wage as far as I’m concerned. The tax bands in Scotland are in place to favour the SNPs power base and nothing more. As Andy says why should I be penalised for working hard in regards my tax free allowance. It’s like you have listened to Sturgeon referring to those who are earning over £43600 as the richest 10% in society 🤑 designed to do nothing g more than generate envy or put it another way divide and conquer. 25% flat rate across the board after 15k tax free allowance would be my answer 👍👍simple and easy to sort out.
  9. The 41% plus NI tax hit after £43600 in Scotland does a very good job of keeping you in your place or indeed discouraging you from working hard past a certain point. I’ve spent years working away or offshore and missed a huge part of my 6 kids growing up for what ??? To give nearly half to utter fools🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️. Not sure if money changes who you are class wise I’ve been skint and also earned a six figure plus yearly wage, didn’t make much of a difference on my part I feel. I still put the overalls on in the morning and get on with stuff either way.
  10. More than half of Britons think non-payment of energy bills ‘justified’ as cost-of-living crisis bites APPLE.NEWS Almost half fear riots, as expert warns this winter could see ‘poll tax moment’ for government We seem to be heading for a post covid meltdown in many regards at a higher and higher pace. Those at the bottom and top seem to be getting help or can afford the financial hit respectively, those in the middle trying to graft and get on in life are getting hammered. The annoying thing is those in that middle ground are “at least in my own case “ those most likely to have had zero assistance throughout the last couple of years but are seemingly gonna pick up a disproportionate amount of the payback pain. I’m fortunate in-as much as I’m earning a very good dayrate offshore but still have to be aware of the increasing costs all around me back home, that and the fact in Scotland the 41% taxation class is not hard to get painfully deep into. Some of the more outlandish theories about where we would end up post covid all of a sudden seem to be not that mad after all. Energy riots and or mass non payment this winter ! and at what point will those in the middle paying for most of this lunacy kick back at the insane situation where the government gives money to millions of lower earners to then pass virtually direct to the energy companies !!. I’ve often quoted nationalisation of essential industries as something I believe in but unfortunately in reality one look at the NHS tells you how they would probably pan out. One things for certain mass privatisation of many of the essentials needed for day to day living has not brought the promises of efficiency and competition etc etc that were ultimately supposed to benefit the consumer, “Or where they ever in reality ??“. ( Weather day Andy 👍time on my hands)
  11. Impact of interest rate rise to 1.75% explained as Bank of England predicts 15-month long recession APPLE.NEWS It is the first time there has been a 50 base per cent rise since 1995, 27 years ago, as the Bank looks to... Whatever way you look at it millions of us are now gonna get hit harder as a result of the increases we are seeing. Not those at the top or bottom but primarily the grafters in the middle. Can’t see the banks or mortgage lenders complaining too much or indeed the government. Now quarterly reviews of the energy price cap 💰💰💰to keep the big providers coffers topped up. Payback time for the past two years insanity amongst other things 🤷‍♂️
  12. BP reports huge profits as energy bills soar APPLE.NEWS The firm reported profits of $8.45bn in the second quarter of the year as oil and gas prices... The huge multinational corporate beasts are absolutely flying at the moment, oil and gas, energy, commodities etc etc all doing very well, pharmaceutical companies, well they have had an absolute belter couple of years, banking is doing well having narrowly dodged a few bullets pre the covid farce. The government is pulling in huge amounts of revenues from the increased prices we see everywhere. The cynical side of me would say the current state of affairs actually isn’t that bad for a select influential few. I do wonder where our so called “ democratic society is heading at the minute”. Bearing in mind we are in the middle of summer and come October “ I think” is there not another increase in the energy price cap to £3600 !!.
  13. 'The establishment have won': Iain Dale's attack on media 'stitch-up' in Tory campaign APPLE.NEWS The print media and journalists 'should be ashamed of themselves' for the 'tripe' they circulated... No I’d not disagree with much of what you posted. The blatantly biased press. coverage has assisted in the two candidates we now see being in the position to run for the PM job. Neither of which I think would have been the people or the Conservative party members choice.
  14. 🤷‍♂️Not a clue what your on about.
  15. Hi John No shortage of good hard and soft wind blown up around Aberdeenshire right now. Do you process your own ??.
  16. I try my best to set up with wind at my back if possible. Woodland mills are set up well in as much as you ain’t on the same side as the discharge when operating the mill, there’s a few bigger manufacturers could learn a thing or two from that. I do carry a mask but only wear it at an absolute push.
  17. Might be worth putting up a couple of pics of the actual logs, that will give the guys whom have done a bit of milling a better idea of the work involved. Lot of waste and graft with a chainsaw mill if it’s a decent quantity of logs to mill.
  18. Telford scandal: Over 1,000 girls abused and raped by Asian gangs while police looked the other way WWW.TELEGRAPH.CO.UK Plus, survivor Samantha Smith waives her anonymity to speak to The Telegraph about her years of... How many more examples of this which, more than likely is in reality just the tip of the iceberg are we yet to see. Multi cultural Britain at its best.
  19. Been looking around online at blade options for cutting wide slabs of hardwood ie Oak,Elm,Ash etc, I’ve done pretty well so far with cuts up to 1100mm wide with standard 10/30s or the X Cut Stellite tipped (great to get you through a cut if you hit steel). Doing a bit of research and seen a good few articles mainly from the US regarding using 4 degree blades where they have been complimentary about the consistency and finish etc. I often find a wide cut with 10/30s will leave behind a lot of sawdust and if you are not careful with the water feed rate you can easily clog up the cut and generate heat and end up with blade dive issues or a really gummed up dirty blade. Quality and consistency of cut and board finish is what I’m more concerned about than out and out speed of cut. Although I’d not want to be crawling through especially if out on hire. Blade size on the saw is 4800x38x1.1mm. Just wondering if anyone had tried any ?.
  20. Prince Charles honoured tycoon Lord Brownlow who bailed out his eco-village APPLE.NEWS The Prince of Wales gave an honour to a controversial Tory peer who spent £1.7 million bailing out his... Looks like the gloves are off for old Chuck with the media. Maybe he’d be better off taking some nice accommodation in the grounds of Windsor Castle as his brothers done to live out the last few years of his already utterly pampered life in peace, and let William jump the line of succession.
  21. Previously done the same on Elm stumps and produced some nice cookies, They never hung around long enough for me to see how they dried out over time.
  22. A lot of good Bands on the smaller stages put in some great performances, Inhaler in particular smashed it. We try for tickets every year but to honest when the headliners were announced for this year it was a bit of a relief that we didn’t get any.
  23. Charles accepted €1m cash in suitcase from sheikh APPLE.NEWS The Prince of Wales accepted a suitcase containing €1 million in cash from a controversial Qatari... That’s the way to do it Mark J, a few million in carrier bags you then drop into a charity used to fund your projects and estate in Scotland 🙄. I knew I’d been going wrong somewhere.
  24. I will, back onshore for a few days and I must admit I’m enjoying watching the RMT leader wipe the floor with the fools from said MSM. Mind you he’s still not a patch on Bob Crow
  25. He was unelectable Mark regardless of the few good ideas he may have had. The current crop from all parties lack any long term vision or ideas for the good of this country unfortunately. Bickering and slagging each other off just turns people off from the whole show. Starmer has to be the most uninspiring whiny ineffectual opposition leader I can remember.


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