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  1. I have thanks Steve, not found anywhere that takes brash though. I'm sure they're out there, just need to find them! Only recently moved to this area so still finding my way around.
  2. Whereabouts is this sorry? I need a site like this in South Bucks/ South Ox!
  3. Thanks for that, I'll pass it on.
  4. Posting for a friend. Found on a Juniper type tree. The diameter of the branch it's on is about 3 inches. Any help with the identity would be much appreciated. Thanks, Tom. Fungi
  5. I literally spent 30 minutes trying to decide which message board to post this on, think I got it wrong ha ha!
  6. Just wondering if anyone hires themselves out for the day with their truck and chipper in the Marlow/Henley upon Thames area. Please could you pm me with your day rates or get in touch on 07780615373. Many thanks, Tom.
  7. Thanks for the responses. Was kind of what I was thinking myself but good to have that backed up. I had my own little business for a few years before I went away and used to pay £120 for a decent groundie and £150-£200 for a climber depending on how technical the job was.
  8. Hi everyone. I have recently moved back to the UK and am looking to get back in to arb after a three year break. I've got roughly 12 years experience, can tow (B1+E and C1)and have chainsaw, chainsaw in a tree and rigging tickets (mewp ones have expired unfortunately). Just wondering what people pay or charge on a sub contract basis for a days work these days? I appreciate this can vary wildly depending on ability! I'm in the Ox, Bucks, Berks border region and am probably just looking for ground work to start off with. Any guidance would be much appreciated. Many thanks Tom
  9. I'm likely to be moving to Cyprus in the new year. Does anyone know if there is much of an arb industry out there?!
  10. Thanks David, much appreciated.
  11. I'll try to post the pic the right way round!
  12. I found this on a Cherry tree which appears to be in fairly good health.
  13. I have a job in Wendover Buckinghamshire that will need the brash chipped up on Friday the 11th of November. Will be one hours work max, everything stacked ready to go and can be chipped on site. Please pm me if you can help or know someone who could. Thanks Tom.
  14. I am looking to find a tip site for trailer loads of brash in the Wendover/Aston Clinton area of Buckinghamshire. Thanks, Tom.


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