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  1. Good day folks, as per title I am after a discharge chute for a tp150. If you have one please get in contact, 079six9023182 [email protected] Thanks
  2. The biggest thing for me, at the smaller end is, the time and money. I can not belive that two ropes can be 'dangerous'. It will be a make things more challanging for sure. I cant belive small one man banders will take this up as it is effectively a mexican stand off. Other arborists in my area probably dont even know about ropegate so how am i going to get any work if i am pricing to do it slower, all be it safer, with two ropes. It just wont happen so i will be forced to stick to the old system if i want to put food on the table and keep a roof over my head. As said on larger comercial stuff i don't think it will matter as most of it is about paper work than actually what happens on site. For me most of the fatalities could be atributed to poor training and or poor work positioning, may be more monitoring and mentoring of individuals and assessors upping the game on the candidates they let loose.
  3. There seems to be a big thing about spreading bio char on farm fields. I personally think it is pure coblers but it maybe an avenue to investigate.
  4. Been doing a few recently. It is easier to sound out when they are in leaf as you can see the leaf loss to gauge to what extent the die back has taken hold. Bit harder in winter!
  5. I am owed monies. I am not sure what the situation is but it is correct that it was part of NBC and i have had an email saying that if your owed money you will recieve a message from creditors. I take it i should kiss good bye to the money owed as i am sure i will be at the bottom of the list as it is only a days call outs for a team. All employees of blackdown that i know had left not too long a go.
  6. Been loads of sightings this year for round here of the black adder. Dont get me started on pheasants! Think about the woodlands where phesents are. Only thing you will find is pheasents, corn and rats and not a lot else. When it rains, mud and pheasent shite running off into tributarys.
  7. Low wage people in work but need wages topping up, record people in work is all we hear from this government.
  8. Lots of momentum now with regenerative ag. Change is on the horizon with regards to payments for farmers. The conservatives are also making it possible for the land owner to get the payments and not the person farming the land. Make of that of you will. The rich looking after the rich imo. If you stop payments then you run the risk of people going for max production. Hedges out, no margins etc so could be counter productive to the environment.
  9. Was trying to get an idea of the weight of the chippers i have experience of. Will have to get down to the local weigh bridge and see what the entec is packing kgs
  10. I'm not too convinced by the vegan thing myself. A lot of vegan products are flown in and thus are incuring a lot of air miles which are obviously not great for the environment. Thinking of monoculture cropping which is savage for biodiversity. Not all farming systems are destroying the environment, their is quite a bit of hype about regenerative farming at the moment which focuses on biodiversity and working with nature rather than against it. Too much fake news with regards to uk farming with US feed lot facts being quoted. Not saying all farmers are great but their is some good stuff going on. I thought that aforesting the uplands would be a good idea but, thinking more round me, you would loose the heather moorland which is a habitat in itself which would presumably have knock on effects. Silvopasture is the pinnacle. Getting the grazing right with in fiels trees i think is where the most carbon can be sequestered.
  11. Perhaps my terminology was not on point thur my man. Perhaps if i said it doesnt hold a hinge as well as some of the other brands of trees. One things for sure when adb branches hit the floor the make hell of a mess! Need to purcahse a road sweeper, did have one by chance go up the road i was working the other day saving me some work!
  12. I think the main problem when rigging die back ash when compared to elm is that ash is pretty brittle to start with so that even in the early stages that is exacerbated. We are working on die back ash here in West Somerset and trees a varying a lot. Definately noticeable that even in the very early stages that when doing directional hinges in the canopy they just dont hold. Personally i have been trying to advise land ownera to catch it early as if it progresses it can not safely be climbed and of course costs will escalate! Absoulutly tons and tons of roadside ash that has die backbround here. Dead standing trees, even if you didnt know about die back they should have been picked up as dead and dangerous trees!
  13. Grazing, in the right manor, helps sequester more carbon! Grazed Silvopasture is the pinnacle
  14. Not the lack of power i worry about its the lack of grip that worries me. The transit has been bomber in terms of being fully laden, no hill it wont do in first gear! Did have a 90hp cabstar once that would not go up a hill in first, that was a worrying reverse back down!


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