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  1. Its the bit circled that i want to service. Works but i think it is a bit worn.
  2. Hi all I have a 98 entec twin feed, old style agricultural feed controls. The valve block, excuse the crass terminology here, control job feels like, after 20 years, is getting a bit crunchy and or loose. So I thought I would do something about it before it lets me down and therefor was hoping I could just overhaul it. Is that something that can be done easily. Can attach pics if necessary Many thanks Mark
  3. I have worked with a chap who has one of these winches set up on some pallet forks for the back of his tractor. Winch is on a remote. I used it for felling some trees off a bank and it wad a pure breeze. Very quick and has a fairly decent pull! On a digger it would be a weapon. Shame a drone hasnt been made to connect cable to the timber yet.
  4. markieg31

    Entec ch25

    All comes at a price... may be better looking for a machine with it allready installed.
  5. markieg31

    Entec ch25

    Old entec antistress can not be sourced any more. The tw 150 antistress can be supplied but i think you need to upgrade to the feed control box above the hopper. If you have the feed control on the stop bar i recon it is easier to fit the jensen antistress.
  6. Wifes car. Got to the top of porlock hill when it decided to sh!t its self. Had to roll all the way back down backwards. And then tow it home
  7. Looking to go hp as it will wprknout better tax wise i think. Have seen a couple of dmax second hand on main dealer website 20k miles and considerably cheaper than new low spec ones.
  8. think 35 would be the best to expect on a pick up. An old isuzu 2.5td 02 would get 40 and may be 45 on a run but was gutless. i am looking for a 4x4 double cab btw for a mix of farming, tree work and mountain bike uplift amongst other things
  9. What is the cheapest main stream pick up on the market? Looking for low spec truck, no need for chrome, alloys and leather seats. Got to be a double cab. When you look for comparisons on trucks all you find is top spec motors which are a waste of time on the farm.
  10. I was trying the sugi narrow kerf bar with oregon chain. Had one bar that lasted a month before the nose sproket disintegrated and got a replacement only for the same thing to happen again in a very short space of time. Both times i was just cutting some timber, no reason for it to bust. First bar i greased the nose second one i did not, the end result was the same.
  11. I have sprayed with a 50liter single pump using a regulator. Done the job fine but it is running the whole time trying to keep up with the demand. Used a 70 litre one with a sperate pump and motor, much much quieter, fills the tank real fast and can more than keep up with the demands of spraying, get short periods of quiet before the pump kicks in again and pumps up tyres a lot quicker. But as said a 25l one will blow off your saws so if that's what you need it for than why have anything bigger.
  12. Is that a mower deck as well, looks like that tractor does it all!!!!
  13. If it was legal to carry a gun they would not have bothered with the knife. they would have been straight in there with the gun.
  14. My 02 transit single cab. Steel bed and sides with ply greedy boards weighs 2250 empty with no driver giving me a 1250 carrying capacity.


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