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  1. Is it north side of bedford? I know someone who might come from Kettering if your desperate and don't mind paying mileage
  2. Thanks I know its a shamless website plug but quite a few have been asking about them so thought i'd share, topping that off would have been a right crap weeks work of toil, took a few hours to get to a rough level.
  3. Hawthorn hedge height reduction | Rose Tree Care ROSE-TREE.CO.UK When Kettering Conference Centre, formally Kettering Leisure Village (KLV) had a problematic hedge they called...
  4. Yer, client jumping is pretty poor, 90% of my work is subbing and I meet some pretty powerful people on behalf of the people I sub to, they let me do it because I’m trusted and in return I get tons of work spoon fed to me. reputation spreads far fast in this industry, we all know who is loose with giving out cards when you ask them to bring a machine to site, There are lots of people around here I would never let on to who I would work for and loads of people I trust. theres not a value you can put on being able to hold your head high and not watch your back
  5. Tell more about the husky I love a old saw
  6. Lots of time wasters, In the lock down the phone was going mad, a few polite questions made me realise a majority were either like @treevolution says unaware of the cost or getting everyone in the county to price, I don't mind pricing in the lockdown but i don't want to unnecessarily go to peoples houses I tend to ask for a photo now using the plague as the excuse so i don't loose a hour looking at £150 jobs which the local builder will do anyway
  7. Customers are happy to wait 4 months!
  8. Just found the invoice, mine is a OMEF 200 and was £2,700 from Field and forest who were great to deal with, If anyone is near Northampton and comes armed with bacon rolls and cider there welcome to come take a spin on mine we have some woods in the yard you can come demolish
  9. I won't be making greedy ibcs again one collapsed when being fork lifted,
  10. Isb cage with a plastic hat
  11. You animal, I put the two over three grab on for that, rather tuna fook my usual grab some if the stuff was quite chunky and it went through a chipper, to close to road to mulch
  12. I’m sure my OMf was only about 2k it’s a TMk copy I bought mine as I had a big thorn toppy job which wanted a load of thorn hedge topped to 2m and it couldn’t be flailed or disc’s worked a treat https://www.facebook.com/130577703648671/posts/2358187200887699/
  13. We have a OMF Good for thorny crap covered in bramble you would't want to do with a saw not as fast a college leaver full of red bull with a sharp topper
  14. This is what I trying to achieve
  15. About to start a v8 disco conversion with a Long ranger fibre glass kit. I’ll let you know when I have a half finished mangled Land Rover for sale


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