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  1. roseyweb

    Medium size 4x4

    You can get a conversion kit for them discos to convert them to a pickup once the chassis does rot out, I'm linning up the misses for that, shes very anti the idea though, might suprise her one weekend £690 conversion kit turns Land Rover Discoverys into pickup trucks - Farmers Weekly WWW.FWI.CO.UK Used Land Rover Discoverys don’t enjoy the same cult status as the iconic Defender, so when the rot sets in, values hit the floor. That means MOT failures
  2. Getting lots of logs done this week, we don’t sell logs but I burn a lot at home, lots of work shelved but will start when sites open again. going to service everything tommo, lads are 80% paid so not panicking yet
  3. Only on commercial if the quote took a lot of time and effort. Quoting takes a lot of time and effort especially on big projects so I always try and get some feedback. If it’s just a crap domestic the answer is usually got someone else /Gardiner/some fool who works for peanuts, instead and I’ve already wasted enough time.
  4. Post the phone numbers on here as people will google it
  5. Yer wee get them all the time when I was young dumb and green, sent me the mag looked, crap claimed it was going to every library and school in county, which it didn’t so I didn’t pay, said id see them in court they never took it further
  6. Sounds like ground control, I remember chatting to some lads who were having to be laid up just to make days up else they don't get paid
  7. Desperate companies seeking pain in the arse clients
  8. Can I have third dibs on the 357 best saw ever
  9. Sounds perfect Whens the first meeting? I'll get the wife to bake some cakes, I nominate you for chairman
  10. 100% agree only it needs to be lead by lads on seats in muddy boots not training providers rubbing there hands,
  11. Get Npors I use to have CPCS and like the CSCS there a shower of shite bunch of faudsters out to pinch as much of your cash as possible. Npors was great we had a test in our yard on our machine, we also got grab put on the ticket, if i turned up to site and they did't except i would quite happily walk of site (and have threatened to be before until they realised they could get no one else to do it) Some sites who only accept cscs are usually in on the CITB racket which i think may have changed recently, and usually those clients you would't want to work on for anyway, I've used npors on Kier, Volkers, Rail and loads of other sites so should be no problem I'm not anti tickets i'm actually pro, I'm anti extortion
  12. Who did you buy it from, been wanting a Demo in one of them and not getting anywhere with dealers
  13. The neighbours behind our yard have a dog kennels and burn the hair from the grooming parlour, that is a rank smell which stains everything it touches. thats a worthy complaint, can’t see how people don’t like the smell of a log burner I love it


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