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  1. This is what I had in mind but can’t find anything in Uk like it
  2. roseyweb

    The old wood yard

  3. Cheers I’ll check them out, we have a tray for our hookamabob so can go weighty
  4. Hi all We do alot of ragging out of bushes for our local council, usually this is the stuff you wouldn't want to chip, pyracantha, cotoneater, with a few small roots in and bits of rubbish. Currently we just shove it all in a bin and green waste it which is expensive and you can't get a lot of volume in a bin and its a pita to load. A quick google will find me a mahoosive shredder for 1000's of tonnes a hour or a daisy mincer for your back garden, and nothing in-between the timberwolf jobby is not big enough. Is there something on the market which can be loaded by a 3-5 digger but easily transportable. In my head I'm imagining a shredding machine with a belt feed, about 3-5tonne 200hp ideally conveyor eject so as not to atomize any nasties in the brush. cheers James x
  5. Maybe I’m a bit poverty but I use old horse feed sacks for ropes and find the bollard is big and ugly enough to not need sticking in a box
  6. Cheers spent many a hour trying to grind them off getting showered in sparks and measly putting grinder in face looking forward to discovering a easier way
  7. Just bought a set of these for this purpose I’ll see how they go
  8. Domestic work is essentially topping and gnome dodging Big trees in small spaces want making smaller and there only one way, customers love to see big wounds and loads of tree going through that chipper, thow your dignity and morals through that chipper and ride it out Glad i do very little domestic anymore
  9. Tree plotting software? What are people using for a simple iphone/ipad desktop downloadable software? I don't do massively technical surveying as we farm that out to consultant but would be nice when doing site audits to be able to log trees and recommendations a bit more efficiently than scratching my head at photos hours later like I'm spending this evening doing. Looked at tree plotter which looked awesome but huge cost for a small outfit like mine Cheers James www.We-Chop-Any-Tree.com
  10. Been saying this for years, never understand why people don't get trucks when there so cheap, trees are heavy like
  11. Are they not air actuated on lorries I know on both my dafs they are, personally I’d crack one of them pipes just a little and see if any oils coming through and work back from there, if electric tip check the solenoid is engaging with a metal key and manually override it or get the multi meter out
  12. Spent some time working with Christmas trees in my early 20’s lot of trimming lots of work many didn’t meet the grade we burnt a lot up the estate ended up buying a lot in might plant a few cheapo potted ones down the yard this year just for myself and nearest dearest if I can get some this time of year
  13. 750 seems way to cheap id like to think I’d have that down by 3pm but there’s some chip to shift. if I rucked up with lorry chipper 3 man gang I’d be pricing at 1,200 if I liked the client 1,500 is what I’d aim for and the vat stump grind 300 £750 is about standard for a little transit domestic day but then there are plenty near me who daddy bought all there kit and there just working for pocket money so would do it for the Instagram likes
  14. Easy Job for the right man, front garden tree With easy access, days you live for
  15. Panic over turns out it was a john Deere key and I was using my jcb key


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