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  1. roseyweb

    Timberwolf 280 radiator clean

    I usually do it with the fan running from the outside as the fan blow it through, i await being told why I'm wrong on this
  2. roseyweb

    Arboricultural Subscription Magazines

    The first two are the most read I'd of thought
  3. Without starting a Brexit debate the future will be what CAP will bring it maybe farmers get grants for work and trees or that theres so much else to get sorted, fixed conservation is left to the wayside.
  4. roseyweb

    Chip sale values

    who's offering 12£ I've not bothered ringing around thinking I'll just get mine spread on the fields
  5. roseyweb

    Pikeys and professionals.

    Sounds like a admin nightmare
  6. roseyweb

    Foreman / Climber Role Leicestershire

    Sounds like a great role for the right person
  7. I did my cpl tipper dmax through trust, I sent them the photos so they knew what it was and made me feel a bit more confident, other companies would only stick it down as a standard dmax which is 10k shy of what it cost. NFU have always been a faff and won't do under 25's
  8. roseyweb

    Tip site directory feedback forum

    Might be worth putting vehicle size, lady I tipped at the other day looked a bit nervous about the brimmed lorry load for her chickens
  9. roseyweb

    Crane hire

    We use berry cranes in towcester not quite Hertfordshire but not far
  10. roseyweb

    Getting commercial contracts.

    Companies like balfours are not much fun to work for' I've done it, just renember not long ago you would have put Carrillion on that list we do a lot of commercial, I prefer smaller companies to work for, I find we keep with these companies as the kit we have does there work efficiently and they like that. We can do small clearances and bigish trees pretty easy and cover a large area. Having staff who can do the job helps and leaves me to chat up clients and deal with h&s and work plan stuff which commercial types like.
  11. roseyweb

    Groundies and Climbers Northants

    We are a bit busy and I would't mind a extra pair of hands Occasional Subbies or will consider a full timer Skilled groundies, or even newbies looking to further there skills Very little domestic and being a drag donkey Need to be H&S and compliance aware, Send me a email, don't call, James@rose-tree.co.uk www.Rose-tree.co.uk
  12. roseyweb

    Chip tip Rushden Northants please

    Bit Late now but if you ever need waste away we can pick up timber in northants let me know www.Tree-Clear.co.uk
  13. roseyweb

    Forwarders on the road

    Question answered, thanks it's more just a faff to road register than a out right ban thanks
  14. roseyweb

    Forwarders on the road

    Looking at forwarders for a up coming job and seems you can get a fair bang for buck from purpose built but your not aloud on the road with it. Why can't you bang a set of idicators on them and toddle up the road yet it's acceptable to stick it on a Lowloader behind a ropey old fastrac
  15. roseyweb

    Cabstar or Transit

    11 don't take that 500kg from me tbf them lorries are so cheap to buy u don't get why more don't have them


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