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  1. roseyweb

    CN Seeds Ltd

    Really great tip site, loads of room and helpful staff, All concrete, we tipped a few lorry loads off when we were working in Ely, Also got a tour of the CHP plant which is worth a look. thanks for the tip
  2. Ay the best subbies have all there kit in a fiesta van, live free and work hard and love there job, The ones with a van or a chipper will usually be nicking/attempting to nick your work in a year or two after harvesting your contacts
  3. ay we saved a fortune getting a private assessor we got needed a few simple tickets doing to plug a hole in our training, chipper, brush cutter, stump grinder, got 4 blokes through all of them for almost the same as what it would of cost for one at our local training place
  4. Councils want 10mil we don't do council but have found the councils asking for it when we have asked to access there land for other properties
  5. We've felled most of the trees around the old Rock'n Bowl and football ground
  6. I'm in Kettering http://www.Rose-Tree.co.uk 07725 015 898
  7. 10-15p/tonne fell and stack 8-10 p/tonne extract adjusted depending on material Twas the prices a few years back I'd expect them to have gone up since then, unless forestry has gone like arb and its less
  8. Yer that hour I spent filling in a olicence form two years ago was so sapping have to fill in a taco daily which I usually do while smoking my breakfast roll up
  9. It's a pointless question, with respect a commercial client I'd double that but they would't moan about vat up in the north someone would do it to stave of the deathly cold, round here some hipster fresh out of college with kit bought on daddy's credit card would do it for Instagram likes
  10. Round here everything is going for bio mass, big small, smooth and gnarly
  11. 3 men lorry load of chip load of wood one day stump grind next 1,850 +vat save it till when it's cooler
  12. There's another day there in log stacking, prob more than the woods worth where as you can park under it for easy access and cart wood away
  13. Hey arbChums Anybody have a decent size flail or know where I can hire one in Hereford this week, save ,me dragging one down from Northants, only grass nothing exciting thanks James


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