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  1. I’ve never really seen a tree and thought that needs a specialist dismantler, kind of think dismantles are the easiest end of tree work even big ones with rigging. Dismantled plenty of monsters over buildings etc Loooked are plenty of reductions and thought I do not have the eye or patience to make that look beautiful
  2. Some really nice 7.5 tonnes for little money about at the moment, don’t understand why ,more don’t do it. i have a 11 tonner which looks like a 7.5 but has a crane and can take about 5 tonne.
  3. Welcome to the club, what size are you thinking of getting?
  4. Been trying to get a new double cab transit lately as everyone we have had so far has been a money pit so looking to peel the plastic of a new one and live in Warranty bliss. Cant get a a sensible price, ford dealer didn’t want to give a price after much hassle got one for around £30k internet and people in pub talk of prices closer to £22k are ford trying to rob me? what have people paid
  5. Sorry I wasn’t having a dig. I actually think it’s great bit of kit, it was a dig at my own poverty. especially great bit of kit were there’s no drop zone in urban areas I’d imagine
  6. Different shop they also have a office in kenilworth
  7. Great for individual trees but would the day rate add up versus a mewp? for roadside something like like Kwr’s sennboggen would do the trick better. if I was flexing daddies credit card I’d have both till then I’ll stick with a harness
  8. Blackdown Environmental has gone under if anyone here is owed monies by them, quite a big outfit as I understand. Fortunately I don't do any work for them but one of there staff owes me a few quid which is how i found out when making enquiries at there parent companies office.
  9. Most crane jobs I’ve done the job would be a nightmare or impossible without riding the hook, all the climbing you’d never get it done
  10. roseyweb


    Surely it’s no different only you don’t need to tip at the end of day Personally the fuel saved is about the same as id get for the chip £10 a tonne here. Unless it miles away and a fair saving
  11. roseyweb


    Double post deleted
  12. Digger I think them loaders are a one trick pony, you can lift wood and that’s it, for handling brash, stacking logs a digger is better every time, you be surprised how big a lump you can shift with a 3 tonner if you use the blade as well, i used a avant a fair amount when I worked in oz were great for big lumps of timber in big gardens but struggle to see there use here
  13. I take all to the local estate who chip it, use to let a few cronies come help them selves to the heap in the yard but got tiresome opening the yard up for people to fill there boot with a few rings,
  14. I pay 2k for a big komptech and big tractor, it’s a lot and usually over kill for what we need but always eats everything as big as you like, when doing a clearances it’s nice to be in and out in a day had in a lot recently


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