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  1. roseyweb

    Show us your Arb Diggers please.

    Ideal for extracting timber in war zone, not sure the timber wagon driver will like his stacking
  2. roseyweb

    Show us your Arb Diggers please.

    Does this count as an arb digger, sorry no Marguard glass, or any glass at all
  3. roseyweb

    CIS payment

    I'm only a piddley little company and registered gross contractor, was a ball ache to do but so is claiming back back the cis. I think you have to turn more than 30k
  4. roseyweb

    CIS payment

    Just register as gross contractor then when you give your cis number nothing is deducted
  5. roseyweb

    Contaminated buddleia..?

    Digger with a flail from the top even a small digger flail would make that easy, have a digger with grab to moves a lot of the crap where you can't get too
  6. Looks the job that, i will investigate
  7. Would a inverter not drain a battery really quickly as you would have a lot of inefficacy
  8. Has anyone found just a remote alarms with SIM card and runs of batteries, I keep drawing a blank online
  9. roseyweb

    General Tree pics

    And risk tearing these fairy soft hands!
  10. roseyweb

    General Tree pics

    Some digger Hiab wood relay
  11. assuming you mean power lines and railways till hill, fountains Stobart rail
  12. roseyweb

    Timberwolf 280 radiator clean

    I usually do it with the fan running from the outside as the fan blow it through, i await being told why I'm wrong on this
  13. roseyweb

    Arboricultural Subscription Magazines

    The first two are the most read I'd of thought
  14. Without starting a Brexit debate the future will be what CAP will bring it maybe farmers get grants for work and trees or that theres so much else to get sorted, fixed conservation is left to the wayside.
  15. roseyweb

    Chip sale values

    who's offering 12£ I've not bothered ringing around thinking I'll just get mine spread on the fields


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