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  1. Spent some time working with Christmas trees in my early 20’s lot of trimming lots of work many didn’t meet the grade we burnt a lot up the estate ended up buying a lot in might plant a few cheapo potted ones down the yard this year just for myself and nearest dearest if I can get some this time of year
  2. 750 seems way to cheap id like to think I’d have that down by 3pm but there’s some chip to shift. if I rucked up with lorry chipper 3 man gang I’d be pricing at 1,200 if I liked the client 1,500 is what I’d aim for and the vat stump grind 300 £750 is about standard for a little transit domestic day but then there are plenty near me who daddy bought all there kit and there just working for pocket money so would do it for the Instagram likes
  3. Easy Job for the right man, front garden tree With easy access, days you live for
  4. Panic over turns out it was a john Deere key and I was using my jcb key
  5. Random question what key does a Carlton 2012 take it’s got a john Deere engine but isn’t a bongo jd key lost mine over the weekend somewhere cheers James x
  6. Seems like a odd set up, I’d be questioning the motives. back in the day i worked for a large arb company, if they wanted to get shot of you they would sell the dream of going subby, the extra money, the hoes flocking to you in your new tax deducted pick up etc give you a weeks work and “we will call you”
  7. We had a dyna was Toyota only for parts so any Job was mega money, as there rare there’s not many bits in breakers greats truck though if your less than 4ft tall
  8. Lantra will do you a 5 day medium felling course just on doing a hinge boring cut thing, delivered by your local never done it except in a training school instructor. But that's enough of my gripe against training establishments
  9. About as good as domestic gets park under it easy days work, £1250 + vat
  10. We hire in a nifty 17.5 almost weekly there best of both easy to tow, light and no need for a trailer and you can walk them into tight spots, 17.5m seems to do most of what we need, two hire shops within 10mins have them so normally i can get one there sturdy at full reach too, we looked at buying one but we can hire for £150 a day or £250 a week, the second hand ones were around 15k and complete dogs of machines, brand new about 27k but I did't fancy the maintenance commitment. One thing I have noticed about locals who have mewps is they seem to take them to every job which is a nice idea but can't help think sometimes there taking them just for the sake of it, doing dismantles with a mewp is a awkward, James x
  11. There savage near bury st edmunds Rumour has it there is a way in motion sensor on the A14 I got a through shafting at Birchhanger services once for towing a digger with no Tacho in my Ranger
  12. You’d need to plum a direct to tank in off the 4in 1 which is no big job, I run a old Massey digger which is like a 3cx, good yard Machines I wouldn’t want to rely on it to make a wage, finds. A new place to leak hydraulic from everyday
  13. Yep I agree with all of the above as the main contractor you make the big bucks to allow for the cock ups the Subby is probably making a wage and not a lot more hardly seems fair to lay it on him,


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