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  1. Yes you're right there, it is time to apply as this government seems hell bent on making everything hard work
  2. Going back to Mike Hill's last response, I totally agree that FAC's can't be handed out to just anybody here and that we do have a disproportionately large number of frankly, prats in the UK whom you couldn't trust with a BB gun let alone a HMR round doing a few thousand fps. There was about an hour on R4 the other week about hunting in France and several people have been killed in recent years by over enthusiastic hunters letting loose in the wrong direction, with no backstop - and restrictions on ownership over there are very minimal. Then again, in Scandinavia rifle ownership is high and accidents are I believe largely rare. As food costs rise I like the idea of rabbits or woodies for the table, and I probably will apply for open FAC on air rifles but not even sure I'd get granted that - I think they are getting harder on handing them out.
  3. Its available Doug if you want, consider dibbsed. Bank transfer preferred
  4. Hard to find instructional DVD for hedgelayers, 12 quid posted
  5. Turmeric thins the blood, so if you were on warferin, you wouldn't want to be taking the capsules that are available or substantial quantities daily without medical supervision but I don't see the odd few grams on a curry being an issue. I do take the capsules but up till now my blood seems ok thankfully
  6. This, agreed. They've used it in herbal medicine for aeons and providing you're not on blood thinning meds I've heard a lot of people swearing by it. If you have arthritis chances are your system is too acidic and you need to eat and drink stuff that will alkalise it, easiest way to find out how is the search engines
  7. A society where damn near everything you are doing is monitored isn't going in the right direction IMO, and I'm as guilty as most in that I don't try to prevent that personally, too much. The main issue is you can finish up a lot like China, and regardless of if many of us can see that coming I think it is, and faster than you might think
  8. You're right, though 25 litre drums shouldn.t present an issue - I pay just over 88 quid for a drum in Kent and if you weigh that against 1.60 odd for super unleaded plus decent 2 stroke, it isn't loads more. I'm using that in forestry saws so they are running near constantly for hours. If it lessens the risk of cancer, it's worth the extra (and its coming off your tax bill)
  9. Sorry guys had forgotten to check replies as my partner found Gerry's number on her phone
  10. In my experience a gap between the doughnut and the chassis on most of the XP's is pretty normal though yes that possibly is a bit worn
  11. No idea Duncan I'm a technophobe, what is conversation format
  12. I bought a Sonim XP5 from the States (via Ebay), they are cheap as chips over there as they are pretty common, and if you get a used one there's no duty. They are pretty much unbreakable and waterproof military-grade but more importantly than anything else the sound quality is excellent, I have had several CAT phones and they are very durable but a lot of the time people struggled to hear at the other end. And battery life is super. Or as J said the Ulefone models are pretty good but I still managed to break the screen on mine
  13. If its early stages of blown gasket it may only overheat, you won't necessarily get mixing of fluids yet. I'd suggest trying a dose of K seal, i have used this in two 4WD's and on both occasions it has worked. Cheaper than a new head
  14. I previously had an email for an Irish gent by the name of Gerry who puts out requests for hurley ash, does anyone have his contact details. cheers


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