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  1. The Oregon ones are not good, design looks promising but do not tend to dig in well - that was the odd thing with the Woodchuck, it didn't look particularly like it would penetrate well but actually was really good. I think the Fiskars
  2. Thanks for all replies, a toss up between the Bison and the Fiskars I think
  3. Christ, that was a fair haul. Sorry to hear this
  4. Until recently i had a Woodchuck pickaroon, i'd customised with a longer handle - perfect for dragging chestnut stems around without doing my back in; unfortunately is now mislaid somewhere and no idea if I'll see it again. Has anyone bought any of the longer handled commercial pickaroons, or did anyonme buy one of Rob D's (s I had)that they no longer use? Happy to pay retail for another one, not so keen on paying nearly the same money again on carriage and import from the States. Some of the sappies are rubbish, I found that the woodchuck version dug in to timber really well despite having no weight to it. Has anyone tried the Fiskars type?
  5. I'm actually starting to feel that anyone who can't see this gradual, insiduous increase of control measures is maybe not seeing the wood for the trees here. All the time, this ramped - up melodrama about the "huge increase in postitive cases", when as it's plain to see, people are not dropping dead (or even getting notably sick)left, right and centre. Nor are the hospitals full. Yes, this is for the best part complete ballbags
  6. I'm not supposed to be posting any more on this thread but what the hell I always was full of the proverbial...I can understand why saying "of a lot us" might upset some people but that's not literally what I meant- having 2 kids generally is of course not excessive, having 8 is. And in a lot of countries old habits / religious compunction die hard. They are not going to be educated overnight
  7. In fact you are right, really. Unfortunately if you ask a few hundred million people if they fancy checking out early to save the planet, I guess you won't get many replies. but long term one way or the other, a lot of us have got to stop breeding
  8. I'm going to make my final post on this thread that I was the OP on. We all need to start using our own judgement and common sense on this matter and stop thinking "oh but the goverment says this, the scientists say that", and actually go with what gut feeling is telling you. We have all heard so much contradictory nonsense on this subject that surely by now, with an increasing number of the general public questioning if we really need to be doing the following Stopping children from going to school Completely and irreparably damaging businesses, small and large, by dictating who can carry out what services, how and when (if at all) Forcing us to wear masks (despite initially stating they would have little effect at all) Scaring the living daylights out of many people with compromised immunity and insisting they stay indoors (despite there being no hard evidence that they are actually at risk) Ultimately bringing about the scenario this autumn when due to the inevitable "spike" due to people getting colds, flu and general malaise as is normal at the time of year (remember all of this will flag up as "coronavirus"), there will be a very likely compulsory vaccination situation. For a virus that causes no more deaths than influenza. And what will be in the vaccine. Do you trust Gates? I have a video link with him stating during a speech that the global population needs to come DOWN by 10-15 per cent, "with careful vaccination". And he will be implemental in the vaccine... Still not thinking that something isn't quite right...are you sure? Stop just accepting the situation or within a few years we will all be able to fit "our rights" on the back of a fag packet
  9. Mark, even the so called experts are saying that the figures are meaningless given that the tests are not seen as accurate. And the symptoms are so mild that a lot of us won't even know we have had it. A "pandemic" is the likes of the Spanish flu, thousands lying in military style hospitals and people dropping like flies. Not this bogus crap
  10. And apparently the big demo in Berlin was disbanded by the old bill as people were not social distancing. Now there is a telling scenario, the Germans are normally a very law abiding, "lets's play it straight" society as we know but they all smell a rat about this whole crackpot situation and wanted to gather to have a bit of a yarn about it all. Except now of course, you can't do that. Despite the fact that infection or fatality figures are not actually rising in Europe. When you have got the likes of Robert F Kennedy Junior on the conspiracy theorist's team, you know that some high ranking people are starting to have serious doubts (and he is in Berlin)
  11. Well said eggs, thank Christ for the nutters who question government policy eh
  12. Ok, to be fair I'd forgotten about the Antichrist part, that is stretching it a bit. but the rest of the rhetoric is spot on I reckon
  13. I'd just suggest you google "Pastor Danny Jones covid 19" and put aside any disbeliefs for the length of the 30 something minute video he broadcast.(if they haven't pulled the plug on it). Probably about the most common sense I've heard from anyone over the course of the pandemic. I've quoted what he claims, effectively. The government fatality figures are cr*p anyway, if I supposedly tested positive today and got hit by a bus tomorrow, they will currently claim I died of covid
  14. All the dead people are no more in numbers than the seasonal average for flu, fact. In the US for a kickoff it's been proven that no more have died through covid than on an average year through flu, except on an average year they don't balls up the whole economy. Think about it


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