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  1. Stubby yeah they do ask what item is and to be fair I leave the description fairly loose as "chainsaw" sadly reads "more valuable" to a lot of people and only last year myhermes "lost" a pair of chainsaw strides that eventually (2 months later) were compensated for. I don't buy the idea that items of a considerable size just disappear into the ether, sadly things are being nicked here and there. So its described as "garden machinery", which might help, I don't know. It wasn't described as a Husqvarna chainsaw, anyway. Lets be frank, all this crap about it being "disposed of" nobody with any sense is going to believe
  2. It was a paypal deal. The only issue here is I can probably get refunded, but they won't reimburse the seller as well and as he has done nothing wrong, I don't want him to lose out
  3. Thanks for this. Frankly it seems the decision has been made on my case, but the seller is not at all happy and wants it ideally taken further. A lot of the time I think the people calling the shots upstairs are those that upset me, not the drivers. It's the "we don't really give a toss if your goods are damaged" attitude thinly veiled with something more polite
  4. Yeas that's something I'm taking up with them currently. Garden and household tools not covered "unless properly packed" or words to that effect. So, a grey area Query Resolved Reference: 200702-029893 Parcel ID: 1925376249500586 Subject: Hermes email enquiry You recently requested our assistance through the online support pages. Below is a summary of your request and our response. If this issue is not resolved to your satisfaction, you may reopen it within the next 7 days. Thank you for raising this with us. To access your question from our support site, click here Response By E-mail (Alfiya Sayed) (04/07/2020 10.47 AM) Dear , Thanks for getting in touch with us about parcel number 1925376249500586 We're so sorry to hear that the contents of your parcel have been damaged. The parcels go through several handling and transportation processes and on rare occasions this may happen. We’ve had a look at your claim details and we’re sorry but we’re unable to accept this due to the item being excluded. You can check our list of excluded items on this link In accordance with our Terms & Conditions, we will not accept claims for: • Gardening and household tools When you complete your order with us, you accepted these Terms & Conditions and as a result, we’ll now close this query. We’re sorry for any inconvenience this has caused Kind regards, Alfiya Sayed Customer Service Advisor Hermes Customer Services This is the final reply from them, so it's case closed as far as they are concerned. Except Alfiya isn't considering it a grey area obviously
  5. No, not the case. In two emails they have confirmed that they damaged the packaging, it wasn't badly packed. Hence a bit poor they then blame the two parties involved in the transaction
  6. Thanks for this- and for the record, all I would have wanted here was for them to mention the incident before binning it. I appreciate a lot of people can't pack a saw very well and that must cause issues
  7. I've really got nagging doubts that it's just been disposed of, you can't just lob a petrol chainsaw in an incinerator. I'll be watching ebay, gumtree and the like for the next 6 months if need be to see if someone lists it
  8. Occasionally one or two of us on here may need to courier a saw, for a few different reasons. I buy the odd old school saw from ebay, and recently secured a Husqvarna 362xp Special, a rare thing now and I was pleased as punch to get it. I set the courier up as the seller usually preferred collect, and given he is in the rear end of nowhere in Scotland I had myhermes pick the saw up from him. 5 days later the issues started...saw had been temporarily held up according to tracking, then a further 2 days later, no tracking at all and item showing as "invalid". I managed to get through to a virtual assistant initially on Thurs and yesterday came the reply. Essentially the item had somehow been damaged (securely packed in a double skinned wine case apparently), and deemed to be a risk to staff..and destroyed. I'm a pretty reasonable bloke, I understand that items get dropped, go astray maybe; but what does my nut in is how the hell did they damage a very durable item like this to begin with, and how is the thing deemed a risk when emptied of fuel and dissembled - its not a canister of plutonium, is it. I have every reassurance from the sender who seems a very helpful and genuine bloke that his men (its a business) emptied and packed it properly, he saw one of them packing it. I've sent an email to hermes saying I want the thing returned no matter what the condition but what they've done with it is anyone's guess. Furious, really - don't use these clowns if you need to send anything to Spud, for example
  9. And cheers for the parts diagrams I hadn't got this set
  10. Ok, again will bear all this in mind - prior owner had been faffing about with the saw a lot in what was possibly a clueless manner so there is no guarantee that component parts are matching up
  11. Ok thanks for the info. I've added a replacement oil pump / cover plate from a donor saw in decent nick, all should be functioning ok but result is the same - minimal oil from outlet point but now if saw is tipped slightly back when chain and brake cover are off, loads of oil is coming out of the handle end of the pump cover. Did wonder if the fit of the grommet that is supposed to seal off the oil reservoir was a bit loose; I assumed that when the cover was bolted on the seal was pushed slightly tighter, but if it is worn / enlarged, I guess that could cause what I'm getting, quite a lot of oil dripping out of the saw but virtually nothing on the bar
  12. Ah interesting that - I've not done anything yet this weekend but that has happened previously. Why is that specific to a 254, I don't recall it occurring with anything else, odd
  13. Just an update on that, having had the pump out there is a little wear to the splines on the drive cog, you can also notice that with the chain brake off it'soiling well whilst on tickover but rev it and the flow seemed to falter, Have robbed the splined bit off another 254 and will see what I get over the weekend
  14. Yes was aware that the bars are interchangeable, a bonus as I have other K095 bars from 550 xp etc. I couldn't see how there could be much difference if they are the same mount but will try an old Sugi on there.
  15. I do use modern saws for felling but since picking up an old 254 at a sensible price I was pleasantly surprised at how much poke it had, and want to use it daily. I've had to put a replacement K095 mount Oregon bar on it which apparently is approved fit, but despite the pump being cranked up to the max and there clearly being sufficient oil being dispensed its not actually getting enough on the groove. The mount shim I thought could be an issue so removed it to try without, and the same result occurred- five minutes of use and the bar is half dry, chain going solid and locking up. Can anyone remember this being an issue (all those years ago), thanks


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