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  1. I do the odd bag and will continue as required - it's part of my work, heating is a necessity as said and hence that is acceptable if sensible guidelines are followed
  2. Agreed, for sure. And if for any reason they miss your post, pm me and I can put you on to someone from Eire
  3. Sadly this is probably accurate. Every aspect of this unfolding drama is occurring the way I said it would - it's going to hit us like a freight train, there'll be martial law at some stage, and scumbags will start thieving and playing up more than usual..
  4. Agree with the above, the economy is going to be completely shot after 3 or 4 months of do we - or do we not go to work, plummeting stock markets and missed mortgage and rent payments. As for the theory that a lot us are going to be cut a fair amount of slack financially, I'm not entirely sure how that will really play out. What are the banks going to do if people have to keep hammering credit cards and overdrafts for months at a stretch, eventually they will draw the horns in. It isn't just the virus, its the overall effects and long term implications on the UK in general that are going to be a nightmare
  5. Hand sanitizer is just basically isopropyl alcohol and some plant gel. aloe. Make it yourself, a doddle
  6. One possible ray of light here is that according to a list of facts about the virus that was bandied about on Facebook, it doesn't like sunlight / warmth. So current conditions are great for contagion, from May on they hopefully won't be. It has to be said though, with immigration's usual bloody lacklustre approach people are flooding in from all over the place, unchecked. Are they all completely thick? Air travel unless vital needs to minimized

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    Silver 2003 diesel King cab D22, rough round the edges and turbo on the way out, but plus points are low-ish miles, solid chassis and an otherwise reliable engine that has no lower end issues/ MOT to April. Cheap rugged 4x4, ideal for use in the woods. Pic to follow


    - GB

  8. I couldn't agree more. Another crack pot government incentive based on no common sense at all, a bit like Smart motorways...oh, Christ don't get me started

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    Brand new in packaging, Vertex Vent helmet with visor and MSA defenders, price is with courier delivery or collect


    - GB


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    Boxed with the tags, brand new Stihl Xfit jacket, size small but is closer to a slim medium, I'm 38 chest and 6 foot and this fits like a glove (I just don't need it), 200 pounds plus retail, 125 including delivery, phone email Whatsapp contact


    - GB

  11. I have a pair of Xfit type A which are getting a bit tired, but love them to bits- now find they are discontinued. I have tried a few websites but even if they are supposed to listed as stock items, most dealers have switched to the replacement type. Anyone know of any dealer that still has these, I really need type A ideally . TIA
  12. Thanks on both counts, will check more thoroughly and see
  13. Further woe on the above saw in that now the intermittent starting seems a little less intermittent at least, it's now started vibrating quite badly when revved, there is nothing evident with anti vibe mounts - a mate has said it may be the crank on the way out?
  14. All this is complete ballbags, pure and simple. Gas, electric or heating oil - all government regulated. Anything you chuck in a wood stove...not regulated. They want to ban, currently, anything but kiln dried but the overall long term aim will be to stop allowing people to burn whatever they want, because they lose money
  15. Officially yeah, but this seems to be frequently ignored - thankfully


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