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  1. Living in Kent, I'd say you are doing pretty well if you can find a competant local dealer who isn't trying to have you over. This hopefully is not the case where it is now
  2. I've been run ragged since retrieving the parts but will be having a better look by Monday, will let you know. Re the prior post about the dealer handling the claim, they indeed are but I still wanted to contact Husvarna also, it does no harm
  3. Ok when it packed in, it was still revving though barely and when chain applied to timber it just stopped the chain. It then would not start again. Hopefully this is making sense, as that is what happened.
  4. Saw was purchased in Spring 2021, ran for approx 2 weeks or so and lost compression massively to the extent that revving it with a perfect clutch resulted in next to no chain speed. Took it to a dealer local to where I was working (was not really practical for it to go back to point of purchase), they were vague beyond belief as far a diagnosis and repair went that a row then ensued after a few weeks, when having had it returned in running order, it then packed in again - would not start, zero compression. I finally went to a local agricultural dealer where we are at least familiar, for the final assessment of, effectively, "the whole bottom end having loads of play, has resulted in piston slap and wear". I think thats about it. Yes, i know what everybody is thinking "it should have gone back to dealer where purchased and been replaced when it first packed in" and thats exactly what would have happened, if the lot who first has their hands on it had given me some feedback, instead of just thinking, oh we'll fix it, there's a load of labour charges here. They had been told it was nearly new. Its been a bit of a nightmare, frankly
  5. I have a warranty issue with a 562xp (its now a box of bits, dealer has confirmed its a write off / uneconomical repair), and previously have always managed to find an email address for customer service. Now drawing a blank, can anyone advise. A phone number would be better still though very unlikely I guess. cheers
  6. I had the same issue, op was July 2019 and yes thats defo what double bilateral is. I was out of action for a couple of months and you'll be walking (slowly) like a bow legged cowboy for the first few weeks at least after the procedure. I'm still hand cutting a few years down the line, but now hips are playing up...hey ho, its the nature of the game. Be very cautious with anything otther than moderate weights for at least 6 months after the op Mark, if you rip what they fix it's a bugger to patch up.
  7. As above. I picked up a Tesoro detector, a switch on and go variant that is still good enough to be used by keen metal detectorists for just over 100 quid. I don't think thats much really considering what can happen to an expensive chain otherwise and you'd probably sell it for same money 3 years from now if not required
  8. It's about what they want to do in terms of surveillance, Spud, as opposed to what they are actually doing at present. And yes, perhaps trackers "on" the vaccine (packaging) would have been more accurate, but I didn't make the headline, I only read it. In recent months there has been a growing number of global coalitions of doctors, surgeons, scientists, and to back them, lawyers, who have formed websites to oppose the way the "vaccine" is being effectively forced on people, including teenagers now- another U turn...just weeks back there was no requirement for youngsters to be vaccinated, now there is. Next they will be targeting primary schools. If this is making sense, I am starting to doubt a lot of people's sanity, not my own frankly
  9. That hopefully is karma yes, couldn't have happened to a more suitable bloke IMO

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    Petrol log splitter requiring minor attention, this ran a couple of weeks back and now runs briefly on Easy start but then cuts out. Compression fine so carb seems to be issue. 295.00 Phil 07808 738097, Kent Weald area


    - GB

  11. No kidding its solid, I think my arms would be an inch longer after a few weeks of lugging this lump around
  12. Thr above statement I'd have thought was actually a bit of a contradiction really, I had an old 10-10 McCulloch that I put on fleabay for 170 quid thinking eventually it might sell, and it sold within half an hour. Who buys this old stuff, it's not even running properly?
  13. All this reminds me of the most health and safety un-friendly zoo (of sorts) we visited next to Sun City about 6 years back. Absolutely loads of crocs which as I recall were definitely not the type you wanted to be getting close to, in basically a large sunken concrete pit with a startlingly low wall at the top. If you gave someone a friendly drunken shove, they could have gone over it - no electric wire fence or similar. And a ricketty wooden rope bridge that went over it. It was beyond belief it was allowed to open, let alone also allow kids in. I wonder if it is still there
  14. You could contact John at Torry Hill Chestnut, standing timber always sought - and frankly unless its very poor quality it is utterly wasted as biomass . Phone number is on web

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    7 foot kiln in Kent, reskirt not that long ago, large port version. Phil 07808 738097


    - GB


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