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  1. Al you could try Chris at Acacia Tree care on 07812344740
  2. Yes fair comment I will up the liability
  3. Its probably fair to say you must have a substantial business with quite a turnover if you are paying ten grand. Is that a typo? I'm a one man band forester
  4. My insurance is up for renewal, stripped to basics coppicing / small felling with 1 million public liability - the broker has just said that that their prior prices cano no longer be even remotely matched and up goes the premium by just over 100 to just over 400. This probably is still reasonable, but is anyone paying much less?
  5. The only post I've made that could in any way be seen as a whinge is to ask why 100 mill plus of public money has been thrown at a project, to then be abandoned a few months later. Is that moaning, or constructive criticism? This lot at no. 10 are quick to point out that we have to behave in the way that they dictate, and then make a complete balls of things themselves. If I ask my partner's young grandaughter about all this, she has more sense than most of this lot
  6. I was wrong in fact, this has been reported in the Telegraph and Mirror also
  7. I get your gist Steve, a lot in the papers is nonsense but on an issue like this I don't actually believe that they wouldn't get pulled up on outright lies.
  8. In the Daily Mail today.... further to the already haphazard approach to dealing with Covid we are being told that the Nightingale hospitals (note that's plural, not just one) are being "quietly dismantled" due to staff shortages. So, we have ovverun general hospitals apparently but despite considerable investment setting the aforementioned up, we now take them down. I no longer believe one word of the crackpot rhetoric that the government spins out on a daily basis, as none of it makes any sense
  9. Ditto, all of you have a great one
  10. If you search for Duck Duck Go (I realise that's a pretty daft name for a search engine), you get search results of a slightly less biased / mainstream narrative nature. I'm getting increasingly troubled by the fact anybody with a voice of their own is being dismissed as a crackpot or conspiracy theorist. This is still a democracy, the last time I checked. If you Google "World Doctor's Alliance", the first result will not be the website of that's group's name. Use Duck Duck Go, and immediately you get it, along with a lot more relevant results. This is, as the name suggests a group of doctors from all over the world all of which have a very different view of what is going on with Covid, than the mainstream. Worth a look, it may change how you see things at present
  11. I will enquire about 25 litre drums. Masks aren't exactly comfortable when working but more and more the idea of the type that at least block the particles from wood fires is food for thought
  12. Benzene is what I was thinking of other than ethanol, not great stuff to be breathing in all day admittedly. That said, I have met plenty of wood cutters who have made old age in reasonable nick so I guess genetics play a part
  13. Can we just clarify something here. I've used Aspen to a degree in forestry saws over the past few months and I'd love to say it has made my lungs and cough better, but frankly with brash fires constantly going (green wood smoke proven to be carcinogenic), there isn't any noticeable difference. I do care about my health by the way, but can't justify the extra daily cost on top of all other consumables - the margins in chestnut cutting are just too low. I also can't store pallets of the stuff where I am, so slighly stuffed in that respect. Is it primarily supposed to be the ethanol that is the most damaging in the emissions, or other chemicals; I'm wondering to what degree the higher octane / ethanol free pump fuel may at least be some improvement on what is inhaled? Maybe I just need a job shift before I keel over.


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