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  1. You could contact John at Torry Hill Chestnut, standing timber always sought - and frankly unless its very poor quality it is utterly wasted as biomass . Phone number is on web

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    7 foot kiln in Kent, reskirt not that long ago, large port version. Phil 07808 738097


    - GB

  3. Cheers for all replies. It isn't that old a unit really by ag. machine standards, so i agree it seems unlikely that there is little out there. But possibly the way to go is to take the belt to Haynes or similar and maybe they can do something
  4. A mate reckons he has looked everywhere online for drive belts for the MCConnell Allwork sawbench circa 1976 but drawn a blank - other spares may also be needed. Can anyone advise, cheers
  5. Ok thanks for the comments, I'm certainly glad the general opininion is new anyway
  6. Just a question, based on what you can see from the two attached images of the 562 clutch drum - does it look to you like the pitting and marks on it would be consistent with a unit that was new, off the shelf - and had been used for less than two hours? I know sometimes new old stock can look less than perfect
  7. Its the right hand version, the 04, cheers
  8. I could make one of these as other blokes have but would possibly be easiert to just buy one - but where did you get it? I've had a look for something like this and drew a blank
  9. Ok fair enough but what if each of the segments weighs exactly the same, on a set of digital scales. The way in which the 3 are pulled tight together by the springs freqently seems to form a less than perfect disc, so if you can get the weight correct I can't so much see an issue?
  10. A few days back I went to replace the drive sprocket on my 562, not a particularly old or well used saw and used the same lazy method that I've generally used - big screwdriver or similar on the appropriate groove on the plate, decomp out and whack with a maul / mallet. Except this time it's cracked it, and at 50 odd quid for a replacement pretty annoying for trying to save a few minutes of time. Deffo the last time, as a 550 or 60 (I can't remember which) suffered the same fate a few years back, so i should know better. What I'd like to know is, is there any reason an Easyweld brazing rod can't make a decent repair? You can apparently use them on cast alloy, low melting temp, no special equipment required and the resulting bond as strong as original material. Be interesting to see if it works, as the brazing rod has just arrived
  11. Do you have a website Robin? Or contact details
  12. I have recently had one recoil cover stud snap on my 2020 560, carried on using it on 3 studs for a few days until replacement obtained, but then a second has gone in that space of time. I don't recall the saw getting a whack from anything and i've not had this previously - has anone had a similar issue and had much success with drilling out the snapped ends and retapping.
  13. I usually do my own tax returns but occasionally get stumped with certain issues. I've recently bought a replacement pick up (I'm in the woods so we are only talking 3 grand for this), and given the truck's main use is for business purpose how much of that sum can count as capital investment?
  14. Further to prior posts on hurley sticks, I'm surprised a few of the Irish blokes who have contacted me in the past have not clocked this thread - by all accounts they must be now getting a bit desperate as stocks must have been hit hard? There has to be some potential customers on Wooodlots. Quite what they are going to make the sticks from when the ash has all gone, I'm unsure. Lets hope they can get some new resistant strains of ash on the go so we don't lose all of them, a complete tragedy for the UK landscape


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