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  1. I know there are more threads about miss-perfoming XP's than probably anything else on this forum, but quite simply I'd like to ask if anyone knows if the following issue with an early (2012) 550 is worth trying to sort economically, or is better left to someone else with with more time on their hands to faff with. Compression good, starts on choke on first few pulls, then deteriorates it seems the warmer the day it is, or the warmer the saw gets. Power loss, insufficient revs, will cut out and will then only start (if I'm lucky)dropped with full throttle. TIA, Phil
  2. All of which is interesting to me, since I've just bought a ring kiln and hadn't really considered EA regs. However, the chestnut coppice where I'd originally had consent to site it is tinder dry with dead leaf everywhere and a recent extensive fire now means any burning of any kind is suspended. Back to the drawing board
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  4. I use Husqvarna Technical as a cold weather trouser and they are tough, will last for up to 18 months of constant use, though for summer go light - even if Arbortech's don't wear that well at least they are light. Or if you can still get them, try SIP Innovation 2, easily the lightest trouser I've had and ideal for the hottest day
  5. I don't know if this is worth a try here, but I need to get a 7 foot charcoal ring kiln and basket grader transported from Northants to Kent, in about 10 day to 2 weeks. I'm going to need to hire a plant trailer and take a day off work, and so given quite a few people don't have any work currently or what is available is limited its worth asking if someone wants to move it for me. If any interest just PM or call Phil 07808 738097, thanks
  6. Yep fair comment just checked that out
  7. An unusual one this but does no harm to ask here, since we all get bitten occasionally. The other half was at in the sun in the garden a day or so back, something (she's not sure what) bit her foot and as well as the usual bump and some swelling her foot looks like it's been bruised, its black? No more bite indication, just a half black foot. I would add an image but the phone won't connect to the laptop again. Any ideas what this is?
  8. Husqvarna Functional do a Class 2 type A that you can pick up for just over 100 if you shop around
  9. This item is SOLD

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    Saw has very good compression and revs freely when it starts, problem is that it frequently won't. It is what it is for the money, a decent saw for someone who can suss what is wrong. Pickup from Kent or can courier at a push


    - GB

  10. I do find some of this mystifying. I have tried a few times to find a reliable youngster to stack / burn chestnut coppice and it's been a bit of a headache - but I can understand that given it's bloody hard, smoky graft for not much money (unless you're school leaving age, in which case it's do able, just). But some of these Eastern European workers can earn substantially more, doing much lighter work if you put the hours in. A classic case being mentioned in the news a couple of years back, migrants picking daffs in Cornwall were earning well over 100 a day, if they were fast. That's hardly appalling money for unskilled work? I struggle to understand the mentality of people who want to contribute nothing to society, and are happy to see agriculture in the UK on it's arse because they can't be bothered to assist. Get out there and do something, if you want benefits
  11. Not sure if this is the correct section, but I'm looking for a used ring kiln and with a limited budget- I don't know how productive this is likely to be (and especially under current circumstances), and so going down the used route is a possibility. If anyone out there is winding down on the charcoal production side and wants to sell a kiln, let me know thanks
  12. I do the odd bag and will continue as required - it's part of my work, heating is a necessity as said and hence that is acceptable if sensible guidelines are followed
  13. Agreed, for sure. And if for any reason they miss your post, pm me and I can put you on to someone from Eire
  14. Sadly this is probably accurate. Every aspect of this unfolding drama is occurring the way I said it would - it's going to hit us like a freight train, there'll be martial law at some stage, and scumbags will start thieving and playing up more than usual..
  15. Agree with the above, the economy is going to be completely shot after 3 or 4 months of do we - or do we not go to work, plummeting stock markets and missed mortgage and rent payments. As for the theory that a lot us are going to be cut a fair amount of slack financially, I'm not entirely sure how that will really play out. What are the banks going to do if people have to keep hammering credit cards and overdrafts for months at a stretch, eventually they will draw the horns in. It isn't just the virus, its the overall effects and long term implications on the UK in general that are going to be a nightmare
  16. Hand sanitizer is just basically isopropyl alcohol and some plant gel. aloe. Make it yourself, a doddle
  17. One possible ray of light here is that according to a list of facts about the virus that was bandied about on Facebook, it doesn't like sunlight / warmth. So current conditions are great for contagion, from May on they hopefully won't be. It has to be said though, with immigration's usual bloody lacklustre approach people are flooding in from all over the place, unchecked. Are they all completely thick? Air travel unless vital needs to minimized
  18. I couldn't agree more. Another crack pot government incentive based on no common sense at all, a bit like Smart motorways...oh, Christ don't get me started
  19. I have a pair of Xfit type A which are getting a bit tired, but love them to bits- now find they are discontinued. I have tried a few websites but even if they are supposed to listed as stock items, most dealers have switched to the replacement type. Anyone know of any dealer that still has these, I really need type A ideally . TIA
  20. Thanks on both counts, will check more thoroughly and see
  21. Further woe on the above saw in that now the intermittent starting seems a little less intermittent at least, it's now started vibrating quite badly when revved, there is nothing evident with anti vibe mounts - a mate has said it may be the crank on the way out?
  22. All this is complete ballbags, pure and simple. Gas, electric or heating oil - all government regulated. Anything you chuck in a wood stove...not regulated. They want to ban, currently, anything but kiln dried but the overall long term aim will be to stop allowing people to burn whatever they want, because they lose money
  23. Officially yeah, but this seems to be frequently ignored - thankfully
  24. I'll second that, this is exactly what I'm referring to in my earlier post. Ben Law's set up hardly seems naff or hippified - if done properly it's fine


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