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  1. Hi all ,what multi tool would you recommend with belt pouch, not the really expensive ones just for light use.
  2. That's not bad what wood would that be ?
  3. Paul Ogrady talent less twat Makes me so fecking mad can't stand him
  4. Hi how much would it be for a board 9"x12" with WOOD VIEW ROY AND SUE With a picture of a tree ?
  5. Hi can anyone recommend ground cover that is rapid growing ,it's at a stables with a 1metre border with a few shrubs in some colour would be nice ?
  6. £15.00 screwfix, cant go wrong Sent from my E5603 using Arbtalk mobile app
  7. roycurwen1


    Hi all When will you all start your mowing ? Sent from my Archos 70 Platinum v3 using Arbtalk mobile app
  8. Evening everyone I have been offered a l200 single cab 84000 miles, 2 owners from new, service history 12 months Mot, £1500,anyone know what there like on fuel consumption, reliability, I run a small mowing &maintenance business, any thoughts?
  9. Try not to mention hrs always give price per job or day rate
  10. You will never beat the brush, it's a selling point to the customer
  11. Hi Steve, as an additional feature for smaller businesses like small mowing and gardening services, this could also include allotment holders, etc, this is a great site with great people with a wealth of information to be shared, you all do a great job Thank you
  12. How about a general garden maintenance section for smaller businesses, including basic tips and suggestions for the less experienced small businesses owners.


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