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  1. 12 mm ambitious for shears light weight loppers probably last longer darlac make good shears nice to use cannot swear by longevity yet
  2. i put the ash thru complete as it doesnt get too twiggy at the tips not ideal but ok and much quicker
  3. years ago in commercial orchard they are great could lash one up from an old rucksack if you have one kicking around ?
  4. once you get your soil organic matter up in the veg patch no need to rotovate or dig just a light forking over does the trick or go the whole hog no till vegtable growing charles dowling google it very interesting
  5. hi i have a log boiler which in the summer just does hot water its paid for itself now so getting lazy and sometimes just flick on the oil boiler for a bath any one boost their tank in summer with solar ? if so is it solar electric then an imersion type heater or directly heating with solar hot water tubes ? any tips or expereinces welcome its a 2000 litre tank not wanting to spend too much as i would be spending to loose RHI money for an easy life less firewood gathering etc also rather boost the buffer as that would not involve any work in the house thanks david
  6. we have threee of these they would love the stilts for mud snow or even dewy mornings they are not really very hard
  7. My sister has one she lives near Ely cambridgeshire its big for a fruit tree lots of fruit they are tasty but have a short time between unripe and over ripe messy purple hands never seems to get pruned perhaps it could have been kept manageable if pruned from its youth ? good luck
  8. On the news today its not supposed to be pink pink refers to a flower in America which flowers at same time as this bigbfull,moon true ??
  9. Any special measures in the supermarket Re social distancing that we are supposed to follow ? check out people deserve our thanks
  10. sometimes a great notion
  11. our engineered floor looks slightly too perfect certainly no filler no way would i put that down
  12. hi i would like to cover an area of about 2 meters by 5 meters with a block of conifer to about 1.5 / 2 meters high it would be kept trimmed and perhaps have a couple of steps in it just straight lines not trying to make a peacock an interesting shape and perhaps provide a little nesting cover for the birds any ideas nothing against leylandi if it would be suitable and how far apart to plant and of course i want it fully established and shaped asap if not yesterday ps in central northumberland quite high up thanks david
  13. Hi doobin I would use it for moving logs lengths of wood on the deck type fitting pulling my branch logger and log splitter about pulling log arch on hard tracks and cross country Also to move stone for patch up our access track possibly horse poo removal and general,garden tasks wondering how good it is off road ? thanks
  14. hi anybody using one in northumberland would be interested in taking a look thanks david
  15. thanks for that does it mean you only measure main trunk ? limbs etc not included


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