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  1. thanks for that does it mean you only measure main trunk ? limbs etc not included
  2. hi how is the allowable 5 cubic meters to fell per quarter without a felling licence calculated or more simply in terms of an actual hedgerow tree small middle or large dont expect anyone to be enforcing the rules but having a broad idea would be good thanks
  3. Hi i am thinking of going into the shed to cut up logs in the dark and rain so considering the most powerful stihl mains electric saw it says 2.1 kW power consumption does that mean it is equivalent to a 2.1 kW output petrol saw ? if so that would be enough any first hand experience or opinions welcome thanks
  4. Hi we are heading for a surfeit on the veg patch of horse poo if I tip it round the willows about 8 years old in my little plantation but not actually touching the trunks will it kill them fertilise them acheive nothing bar getting rid of the poo or do I have to stack it up to rot for a year then shift it again Not the answer I want to hear thanks
  5. i do not think the amount of bark in chipped limbs etc would be a problem quite different from using bags of 100 % shredded bark as sold in garden centres etc
  6. are either both tory and labour tree planting promises remotely feasible ? in terms of land available labour supplies of planting stock preferably uk sourced money perhaps from magic money tree or is it just more.................
  7. jotul n0 4 ancient we have had it at least 20 years see post re. refurbishment
  8. hi i have an old jotul i think its a number 4 big door that drops down and tucks away no doubt its poor on efficency 'smoke etc but we love it however the door drops open so bit of a fire risk now i have tried fiddling with the runners to no avail any tips on repair and would any bits still be available if things worn out ? any one know anyone who might fix it up either in situ northumberland or could disconnect it at a push it also needs new firebricks so probs do that at same time we have had it years so doesnt owe us anything but still not wanting to replace it thanks david
  9. best to prune some shoots off ? or just leave them to it ? also in northumberland inland quite high how often would anyone suggest between cuts ? i was thinking 5 to 6 years for small logs and branch log material also when harvesting existing pollards should i just cut the new stems or cut the trunk just below where all the new shoots are coming from ? any tips ?
  10. thanks for that someone suggested sweet chestnut what with global warming a step too far in northumberland inland and 450 feet up ??
  11. hi going to plant a few hazel this winter only modest numbers about 30 whats the best protection from rabbits can use used full sized tree tubes for free or the little tubes for hedging with a cane also used for free would they tend to make the young plants to grow as single stems aim to get stakes etc for home use any tips thanks david
  12. Hi i have damson to prune as its plum family thinking a summer prune its poking up above a walled garden wall and protruding out over the flower bed so just a trim back to where it has been pruned to previously ? any tips welcome thanks
  13. had a new hip dec 1999 prior to that was pretty much dragging myself about been great just beginning to seize up now after a day logging i mostly just do a few hours at a time and if in doubt have always cut it up no very heavy logs lifted have you a "catcher" on your chopping block ? no bending over saves time and effort splitting with a splitter thou and bought a mini tractor feeding a biomass boiler as you are not as big more like 20 tonnes a year took up cycling and with super low gears went some interesting places..... slowly as with logging feeling it now after a modest ride so look forward to at least 20 years good luck
  14. hi just spent a day hand weeding a rose rosa rugosa ? hedge grass nettles and goose grass mostly it was trimmed back to about 2 foot 6 inch last year and the weeds had outgrown the regrowth of the hedge whats the best plan to prevent weeds coming back or at least slowing them down to help hedge thicken up there is good regrowth both from ground level and top of the trimmed branches mulch with lawn mowings glyphosate on a hand weed wiper sprinkle with weedkiller granules but not sure what they kill any tips ? thanks david


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