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  1. david lawrence

    Tyres ford ranger. More town than country

    Hi I need some new tyres on my ranger they are 235/75 r 15. 105 s i am after something more on than off road any recommendations ? thanks
  2. david lawrence

    Toyota Rav 4?

  3. david lawrence

    Splitting kindling

    branch logger
  4. david lawrence

    Rock machinery. Venom log splitter thoughts/experiences

    find the table a little low i am just over 6 foot tall and try and to set it up a bit higher than where i stand when doing horizontal splitting otherwise all good
  5. david lawrence

    Land rover with hydraulic pto pump

    Spotted a story in Land Rover owner or such a few years ago lwb land rover knitted out as mobile log splitter. Looked good shall try and track story down www.logrover.co.uk
  6. david lawrence

    Horse logging on peat

    In the past I was a pony boy using pony to carry stags back to the road on deer stalking estates we could get almost anywhere EXCEPT peat avoid at all costs
  7. david lawrence

    Mulching blackcurrants

    Hi i have just pruned some neglected blackcurrants in the past they must have been well weed killed as not much weeds just a few nettles really and a little grass Could i mulch them with fresh cow manure ? give them a little boosts and suppress weeds thanks
  8. david lawrence

    Habitat piles?

    should i pile up stuff to awkward to split or getting rotten in one big pile or have a few small piles favouring one big one now ??
  9. david lawrence

    Cherry logs. Which pile?

    Hi i have two woodpiles one is oak to be split then seasoned for as long as possible the other is everything else and burnt after one summer which pile should the cherry go in ? thanks
  10. david lawrence

    I am looking for work

  11. david lawrence

    New branch logger in action

    I trim all mine except ash which is less twiggy sounds like a good plan with the paper bags branch / mini logs. The way forward if we could work out best way to do it not sure about drying out the branches i find the fresher the wood the neater the cut dry stuff tends to shatter ??
  12. david lawrence

    New branch logger in action

    Hi mr billhoook when you say you log them into a bulk container could you elaborate ? What's the container how do the mini logs dry how do you get them back out into the scuttle i have a small logger from welmac and find the net bags less than ideal tried logging some into ventilated barrow bags but found them difficult to empty and the mini logs went a bit mouldy most of mine go in the gasifying boiler and for starting /cheering up the stove Thank anyone else have any tips ?
  13. david lawrence

    water proofing plywood

    hi have made a bench with a plywood top its inside an open shed so will get a little rain or snow blowing in also condensation drips from melting ice would thompson waterseal do the job or do i have to go whole hog varnish / epoxy coating ? thanks for any tips david
  14. Mini dogs enjoy minilogsmini logs also bucket loading system
  15. I tried an old coke hod as well as buckets not a success for me as hod tapered towards the top so mini logs unwilling to come out


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