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  1. People really don't realise how short of water some parts of the country are, the Southeast needs steady rainfall and quickly. (That's fact, not speculation). There are stoppages all over the canal system due to lack of water. It really isn't 'on tap'.
  2. Of course you did, you just forget to mention the other bit.
  3. Conveniently forgetting NI would put an extra £1500 on that.
  4. I'm very mixed over striking, I was close to it when I worked for the water authority, we were being dicked to the tune of £10k/year, for the same amount of work!? I didn't fancy that much.
  5. Are you rushing in here, eyes wide shut?
  6. It's coming trig, as I've said before, railway workers, barristers, postal workers, et al are going on strike. No ifs, no buts. Personally I'm fairly comfortable, but I speak to many that aren't. This tighten ya belt attitude will (is) be the downfall of these countries.
  7. It's all in perspective, up here a cottage with a decent garden with off road parking in a decent part of Cheshire can be had for about £170k, he says hopefully! So £250-£300/day is good money for a labour only contractor.
  8. Opinion, hmm. Earning a decent wage does not change someone's class, would you agree? Calling Aslef members out over an RMT strike isn't right, but people believe this nonsense. Yes, Aslef members have taken to the picket line recently, but that isn't what this RMT strike is about. Not egotistical, just the facts.
  9. In the grand scheme of things it doesn't matter, but when people are spouting bollox, and more so, when they believe that bollox to be the truth it needs putting right. Or does it...
  10. You'll have to zoom in, nicked from fb, Sainsbury's Biddulph.
  11. Agreed, but when ones had a right night of it and someone is spouting bollox about it it wears a bit thin.
  12. Yes, it is all about money when inflation and energy costs are spiralling. Then you've got dick heads banging on about train drivers being on strike... MOST train drivers aren't on strike, MOST train drivers aren't even members of the RMT. But don't let the facts get in the way.
  13. What analogy do you want, something I don't know about, or something that I see most days? The average wage around here is about £24K, someone earning double, triple of that doesn't all of a sudden jump them up a class in life. Take ya bollox back. Oh, and why I'm at it, remember the expression, can't pay, won't pay?... It's right back.
  14. All of this under a Conservative government! Lads around here are £250/300-day laying bricks, I'm not knocking Brickie's, but are they working class, of course they are, they haven't changed because they've got more money.
  15. I've never seen them live.
  16. Done a sharper right handed than expected?
  17. I nipped over to Brown Edge where they were "guaranteed" to go over this evening, no show...
  18. ... Should be coming over this way in the next hour @monkeybusiness
  19. ... depending where you are in the country.
  20. I've got a mate who is that middle man, fully employed manager, £56k/year, company car, 30 days holiday, sick pay, blah, blah. Worked all through Covid and is now paying for it. Is he going to kick back... is he stuff! He's resigned to the fact that there's nothing he can do about.
  21. Should that be one of those that should be spelt specialised?
  22. He knows his stuff for a young fella, although his side of the business is foul/waste water the other side deal solely in potable Water.
  23. Speak to Sam 4i Pumping Services | Buy Fresh Water and Sewage Pumps Here 4IPUMPINGSERVICES.CO.UK 4i Pumps specialises in specification, installation, servicing & corrective maintenance of fresh water, sewage pumps &...
  24. Money doesn't change ones class.


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