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  1. I'd do everything I could to retain those trees. It feels like quite a nice little garden with the trees there. Looks like a horrible place to be when you see through the trees though.
  2. What a lovely place. I want that little yellow house.
  3. Why on earth would you want those in a pot? You don't need a pot, you need a skip if you don't want them to blow over.
  4. All the HSE data includes morons by default. If you omit the damage morons do to themselves, the figures look much better.
  5. Actually, there are worse. At least that one says it does contain peanuts. Some packs of nuts have the standard 'may contain nuts' warning.
  6. I don't think @Billhook gets out much if he doesn't know what temporary traffic lights look like.
  7. If you think facts can ruin a good made up story you are on the wrong forum.
  8. They usually ask for DOB when signing up for an account under the pretence that they can use it to verify its you if you get locked out. I've never given them my correct date of birth. Just give them a random date, and make a note of it in case they ask for it in the future. Only an idiot gives Google, Facebook, or just about any other such organisation their DOB unless absolutely necessary.
  9. It's not that anyone is being negative, just realistic. If you don't have any staff on the books, you don't have a business; you have a group of people who work together to make a living. If you are in charge (tell them what to do, and when to do it), they are not legitimately self employed and sooner or later that is going to bit you on the arse. Just because you all agree they are all self employed, doesn't mean they are. Anyway, I agree with much of the above. Your equipment and any stock is obviously worth money, but your name and reputation are only possibly of worth to the self employed guys you currently work with. Anyone else would see the going concern as more of a liability than an asset.
  10. Makes it a bit tricky everyone being self employed. Are they actually self employed, based on HMRC's definitions? If not, nobody is going to want to touch the business as a going concern. Have you spoken to your self employed guys about your plans? Is there no possibility that they might want to buy the business from you? That's how I got rid of mine; sold it to an employee.
  11. How many full time employees do you have?
  12. It's going to fall over sooner or later. What's the ground like? If it's prone to waterlogging that's when I reckon it will go over, when the grounds soaked.
  13. I'd allow it to get to just below desired height before trimming, if the main stems are heading straight up in the air.


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