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  1. Agree. It's growing away from the shade of whatever was behind you when you took that photo.
  2. Wow, that is chav-tastic. I bet there's an option for a matching Louis Vuitton changing bag. Yep, have a great day. Enjoy the sunshine. Still bloody cold out though.
  3. Haha; I'm not sure you should be allowed, if you can't spell Convertible? 😀
  4. Can't offer any assistance; I'm knackered just thinking about it. Good luck though.
  5. Where in Hampshire are you? Can you give a rough idea of your day rate with the Mewp?
  6. You'd surely need some kind of academic qualification. Let's face it, NPTC tickets seem to give some people the idea that they are then 'fully qualified' but how much do you really need to know to get those tickets, pretty much nothing.
  7. Apparently one of the most often photographed trees in the country.
  8. If I had any Marmite I was going to make a sandwich and post a picture. Ironically, we haven't got any in the house; there must be some kind of shortage I don't know about.
  9. And now I'm replying to you when I'm supposed to be doing lunch for my children; this is getting out of hand. Let's just agree that you're a weirdo and get on with our lives.
  10. You've lost me. I thought you posted a tongue in cheek reply, so I posted a tongue in cheek reply, then you felt the need to explain a tongue in cheek reply, even though every post of the past half dozen or so were 'tongue in cheek'. Is that how you see it? Shall we just forget either of us posted anything and go do something in the sunshine instead?
  11. People were saying the same thing about 300 loo rolls and 3 gallons of hand sanitiser not so long ago.
  12. For anyone with any doubt that @kevinjohnsonmbeis a bit of a strange chap, he goes and panic buys Marmite. Any further suggestion that Kev is anything other than odd should be immediately struck from the record. 😀
  13. The 80 % is the amount the employer gets, not the employee. Loads of companies are topping it up so many staff on Furlough are on full pay.
  14. This is exactly why I said everyone's situation is different. Sounds like you've got it pretty much sorted (for you), but that wouldn't work for me. Around our way you can't buy a house for 350 grand that you'd want to live in. In fact, you couldn't buy anything; even the old ex local authority houses on the edge of the village go for about half a million. The average house price on our road would probably be getting on for twice that. I won't be selling our main residence, but have other property to sell. We don't have a mortgage or any loans / credit and don't live a flash lifestyle so we are pretty much recession proof. If I can leverage an advantage from a situation I will. In fact, that's pretty much my day job. I can pay all of our household bills by working 2 days per month, but then you've got big expensive toys to play with all day, so I'll have to admit defeat; you win.


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