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  1. Haha. LET IT RUN! Oh, never mind.
  2. Don't rule out NFTs. They do need a bit more of an understanding than simply sticking some spare money on Cryptocurrency generally, but there's money to be made. I struggled with the concept for a while; I knew that what I do was very well suited to the NFT market, but couldn't quite work out how to monetise it. That all changed when I discovered fractional NFTs though. What I do doesn't usually appeal to someone wanting to spend hundreds of thousands (or millions), but does to those who want to send 10's of thousands my way. I don't have a catalogue big enough to make decent money selling an NFT for 10 grand, but I'm making money selling fractions of one for that kind of price.
  3. As with anything marketing, if done well, you can have good results. Anything done poorly will usually have poor results.
  4. Too bloody hot, surely. I tend to work in a t shirt all year round over here. Can't imagine doing proper work in a country like Dubai.
  5. Ive got a 15 and an 18 and it makes no difference. If you are careful it will pull the 18; if you push it, you'll bog down on a 15.
  6. I have one, it replaced an ms261. It feels modern, is quite light, and is nice and revvy, but it lacks the grunt of the Stihl. If you treat it nicely and keep the revs up its fine. It bogs down in a cut if you are too enthusiastic though.
  7. Agree with Khriss. That has no value as it is, if it's reduced it will be a line of sticks. If it has to be reduced, it has to be felled.
  8. I'd say they've tried to fix it, realised it's buggered, and now want rid.
  9. I've never had class 3 trousers. You might technically be able to get a higher chain speed than the trousers are rated for with a big saw, but how likely are you to go at your leg with it with the saw at full chat. I'd imagine most accidents happen when you are off the throttle and are a bit careless with the movement of the saw.
  10. You'd need a lot of data. I was always surprised how much heavier a truck full of Yew was, compared to most other things. Season also plays quite a part. No 2 trees are the same. The main thing to remember is if you use a transit size truck, unless you felled and chipped a bonsai tree, you are over weight.
  11. Customers green waste wheelie bin. 😉
  12. Th at is pretty cool, I'm quite jealous. I tried to make a table out of a slab cut from a stump of an Oak tree I felled in my parents garden. It was a tree that I used to climb a child, so thought it would be nice to keep a part of it rather than turn it all into firewood. Unfortunately, the tree was heavily weighted on one side, and as it dried the tension in the wood literally ripped it to pieces. I kept a small part of it and made a shelf out of it.
  13. Is it really. It doesn't look that deep to me in the photos. That's perfect then I reckon. My work surfaces in the workshop are all 600 mm, but that's because they are all laminate worktops from Wickes, so you win by default I think. 😀
  14. By deeper I meant the top, so you have a deeper work space. I think the thickness of the top is just right.
  15. I do like that; suits the location very well. I think I'd have made the top a bit deeper, but that's about all I'd change.


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