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  1. You see my point. Can you honestly imagine someone in a main dealer saying that?
  2. Staff at a franchised main dealer actually said "Why? Do you think you can afford one?"? I smell an embellishment in this story.😉
  3. Some time ago I watched a team of council workers lifting the crowns of some trees on a small patch of public land just over the road from my office. 3 trucks and 6 or 7 blokes spent most of the day there and did (without a single word of exaggeration) what I would have expected to do on my own in about 2 hours. Edit. And don't even get me started on their technique. One bloke drives under the trees whilst the other stands in the back of the tipper with a pole saw.
  4. You need to consider the context though. This is a 'chin-wag' thread posted to give members the opportunity to post their opinions on recent news events. Varied opinion, right or wrong, is the threads 'raison d'etre', and has little or no consequence. Obviously, in threads concerning technical matters, I completely agree that some opinions carry far more weight then others.
  5. You'd never convince a criminal court based on the above, but should stand a fair chance of winning a civil action.
  6. I agree that earning good money doesn't change one's class. I think I actually 'liked' the post in which you originally said that. However. I also agree with @trigger_andy that what you seem to think as good money is firmly in working class territory anyway, therefore making the point somewhat moot. In my mind, anyone on the kind of money mentioned is only a few pay cheques away from destitute, not 'on good money'. I don't know enough about the RMT strikes to have a worthwhile.opinion on the matter, but do take your point.
  7. No, it doesn't. You will never put it right, and it's only bollox from your perspective anyway. Technicalities can 'technically' be wrong, but stuff like this is just opinion, based on life experience and beliefs. My opinion is no more valuable than yours, and yours is no more valuable than anyone else's. To think someone's opinion needs 'putting right' seems a little egotistical. I certainly wouldn't let it bother you.🙂
  8. If you take it to heart every time someone talks bollox on the internet, you are in for a rough ride. Why on earth does it even matter?
  9. It's not all about money. Class is about influence. Money is often a by-product of influence, hence the link.
  10. Lowering prices won't help conversion rates. If anything, put prices up.
  11. Border Chainsaw & Lawnmower Services WWW.BORDERCHAINSAW.CO.UK We are approved service agents for many leading brands including Stihl/Viking and Husqvarna. We also stock Mountfield, Allett and Flymo.
  12. On what exactly do you want an opinion? The idea itself, the website or something else?
  13. That's why the OP needs to decide for himself whether they are unable or unwilling. Many people will pretend to be a stone, until 'squeezed'.
  14. A company can't go bankrupt. Is the debt at a level that would make Phoenixing a consideration, or it it more of a nuisance amount?
  15. I think milk, even taking the position into account. You can't always apply sense and logic to other people's reasoning.
  16. The first thing to do is to work out if they unwilling or unable to pay. If the former, hit them hard ( in a legal sense); if the latter, well, you can't get blood out of a stone. Do you have PGs for the debt, or is it a case of get it from the Ltd, or get nothing?
  17. The price of everything goes up. I remember when it wasn't particularly easy to get tree work insurance. I doubt insurance companies even want to cover tree work Although you can refuse to pay for most insurance, you have to have Employers liability insurance, so can't refuse it, as such. There have been some interesting behavioural economics studies on the subject of 'high risk' insurance which explain the problem of such things for insurance companies.
  18. Let's not start that conversation. SEO can be incredibly simple; it only gets complicated when you talk to someone trying to sell you their SEO services.
  19. Try not to kill yourself; if you do the HSE will have it down as a treework fatality and we'll be discussing climbing on 3 ropes.
  20. Stay safe. It's easy to make a mistake on a roof, especially when it's bloody hot.
  21. Fair play. Don't work too hard with the chipper, it's a bit bloody warm out already.
  22. Exactly what I was thinking. If enough people call to take them up on their offers of help from all around the country they will soon realise that hiring the half-wit marketer they are obviously using was a mistake.
  23. It seems to me that the perfect solution in this case is petrol saws.
  24. If you back pedal any harder you'll fall off your bike.


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