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  1. It would also depend on the land , I have around 50acres and I would not dream of putting my tractors on it for most of the year as they would destroy it and have whilst feeding cattle in winter …I’ve gone through drains with a 85hp John Deere and relandscaped fields to have small streams through them and mud pits!! only that JD and my Valtra 6400 fit through most of the gates any way. quad bikes and alpine tractor is mostly what I use.
  2. 2511 on a stihl 10” 1/4 pitch bar and chain is with out a doubt the best climbing saw there is currently and has been in my opinion. I would expect a year out of one if used seriously .. but even that would not put me off buying my 4th as power to weight wise and ergonomics you can’t beat it, even a seriously modded 150/151 wont be close performance wise. have not picked up a 201 or 540 well maybes on two three occasions since using the 2511 and my modded 150’s have just been back ups.
  3. Nothing to loose , go for it.
  4. Spaltling is black lines through the timber not heart wood discolouration.
  5. I sold this whole log Dan for £350 … wasn’t really worth the time in milling and 4 years drying, started at £600 after a month I just put a buy it now for that as I needed it gone.
  6. I doubt you would get £150 a log never mind plank…. And it’s not spalted and that’s even if it was spalted! If you sold that to a mill at the quality of those they would give you pit prop money.
  7. Yes always revert back to a vt or variant , just can’t get on with mechanical stuff…
  8. Can't fault the last 2511 I brought ... seems they may have got it together? It may even last more than a year too! 1/4 pitch bar and chain and it's a ripper.. if I had to use one and I have both I would take the 540 though.. in all honesty I've used it twice in a year , I'd rather take the 2511 for reductions and awkward dismantles and swap out to a 550xp once the intricate works done... or just take a bigger saw for felling any way for cut chasing... some thing I've found the 201 incapable and dangerous of attempting to use in those situations.
  9. Leave it there for 3-5 years and it will spalt , then it's worth milling. Beech bars fetch good money but oversized I've seen be virtually given away.
  10. I've never had any bother with dry Douglas , I've got a stack of it and I'll bring it down for various projects for 5 years now... dry larch though !
  11. How did you get on growing the sweet potato ? I tried a few years back and it was an expensive disaster !
  12. Typical guardian article ... load of absolute shite.
  13. Rob D put some pictures up years back of some poplar that had some stunning rippling in he had milled, I'd never seen owt like it any way! Seemed to stand out a lot more than sycamore , I suppose the only down side is it will have dented easily.
  14. Yard cat sitting on old mog around early 90's ... will dig out some more 80's ones when I get a chance and can find them!
  15. Lot of very old timber frames done in black poplar .. I would say there would be potentially a big difference in hybrid black pop and the traditional black poplar that's nearly extinct in this country.
  16. Absolutely , die back effects the trees ability to move water and nutrients as it closes down and blocks the cells the trees use, the lower stems and trunks seem to be ringing wet ...I've seen sap pour out when felled in the growing season as they can't transport it around the canopy. This makes it a right pig to season ... when they are off leaf it still seams to make good fire wood though.
  17. MattyF

    550XP Mk2

    Haha thanks !! I've had that time off trying to support misses and get used to sleepless nights ... well wasn't really time off as I've been in the yard doing firewood and the odd job.
  18. MattyF

    550XP Mk2

    Mk2 is a good saw imo so much so I've replaced my 560's with them for soft wood dressing small felling and brought ms400's for hard woods and more torquey bucket work when needed... Any one wants a ms400 I'll let my back up go for £500 has a dent in the handle and a broken fin but no way effects it's performance is a very strong saw , it's just after 6 weeks unpayed maternity it's time to sell any fishing , shooting and unused saws to claw some money back in the account.
  19. Two of the goons , jack russell has never learnt to stay well out of the way with cranes , I hit him in the the top yard 6-7 years back when loading 2.7 's of soft wood with one that fell out of a bunch in the grab , bowled him and I thought this is going to be an expensive vet bill , he just ran straight home and hid in his bed and was fine.. sprocker just wants to jump in the cab and look out the window whilst jumping on the tractor throttle when I'm operating the crane, which can be exciting so I moved the tool box so he could sit on the other side .......unfortunately I put it on top of a fire extinguisher that went off when the corner of the tool box tapped through it this morning filling the tractor cab with fire retardant !!we had to bail out [emoji38]really they don't mix with work but they love it.
  20. The process should or is relatively easy , it's just like every other civil service department after the whole covid debacle in utter chaos and does not know what is going on or communicate with them selves or any one trying to apply or renew .... whole thing is not helped by most of the country who have no idea of countryside management and think it would be as easy as releasing a few lynx to let it all go for the perfect wildlife management and pushing for a ban on all hunting as they see all animals like some thing from water ship down
  21. How do you find the trakmet ? How big a diameter will it take?
  22. Bearings and belts obviously off the shelf are not the same as modifying a machine to bypass a feature that would cost money to fix is what I'm getting at... take it which way you want I really could not give a ****************.
  23. **************** off bell end , read back what I wrote , folk here are talking about modding grinders , I know of some one who would not get a pay out because the grinder had been modified for chance of spending money on it ... by all means do what you have too but I was pointing out some times it's not worth it....


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