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  1. It’s a myth that you are free from liability on a personal level, the the claimants may just keep going until they get money out of someone. For any reason your ltd company insurance doesn’t pay out and they know you have assets of your own, then it all comes down to who has the best lawyer. Friend of mine had to pay a lot of money to a lad who got hurt when the LTD company insurance wouldn’t pay out as there was negligence from the employer. Quite right too imo.
  2. Me daily when I owned it. Oil levels were all spot on at hand over. No leaks. There’s a few blanks in the story from his side, all very strange.
  3. apart from some rust on the sills she was solid, sound proof cab and ran as sweet as a nut and never missed a beat ! So versatile with winch, tipped and hiab. Although I love my Isuzu, it’s only good for going from A to B in comfort, once it gets there it’s close to useless on a job site!
  4. I know what I can do myself with my 3 tonner and wee shear and grab, your output will be amazing! 1 man 1 machine, job done! I’m wanting a shear for my 3cx, how do I get around the extra dig so I can use that as well as grab/shear Eddie.
  5. What is the green hiab gizmo on the dock?
  6. I’ve got a £40 conny in Inverness! See you in the morning 😀
  7. I don’t do revenge, he ripped me off and burnt out a 40 years old classic Mog for reasons I can not fathom. Just a strange character!
  8. Call Graham Whyte 07522 107371 he runs his own sawmill outside Inverness.
  9. Just a narrow bucket, I’ll keep my eyes peeled for a ripper tooth though Dan.
  10. Love this guy, his house is amazing!
  11. Grafted double pop stump took a bit of wrestling!
  12. I can only assume the details of the seized engine were omitted from the insurance claim!
  13. Always an Itch for another Unimog, wish I hadn’t sold my little green 416 , especially to an idiot who seized the engine within 3 days and it mysteriously caught fire while charging the battery and owes me money! What are the chances???
  14. No I use the front more, when I first got it, i planned on replacing it the next week, the more I use it the less I notice it tbh.
  15. It has Synchro controls on the arm rests, set up like standard 360 machines. Machine now has 4750 hrs.
  16. I used to think it was expensive and tried to work out the extra cost while drinking my 2nd of my 3rd take away coffees I’d average every day. So I worked out how much a gallon of Cappuccino was. £57!!, aspen was £15 bulk ! So I just prioritised! Then I got fed up compromising so put my prices up and had both.
  17. I was using Aspen for 6 years, ran out and used some 2 stroke from another cutter! The smell of petrol brought back a lot of nostalgia and I cracked on for a few months! Not realising I was coughing more and having trouble sleeping! I then got diagnosed with Asthma and got some inhalers! Went straight back onto Aspen and I’ve not needed my inhaler since!
  18. Very nice! Well done! any more pics?
  19. Maybe not the pruning technique but his equipment could of been contaminated from a previous job.


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