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  1. You’ve still got it mate! All pieced out from the tree and immaculate cuts!
  2. You sell it at the price the market allows. If there was a storm tomorrow and lock down lifted! its a hot cake! currently 99% of UK chippers haven’t moved in 3 months. The true value just now would be Auction price imo. If you just want it gone then do that, and move on. If you want best possible price. Wait it out and sell it for as much as you can. That’s the realistic view imo. hours, age and condition obviously play a big part too.
  3. I’ve had DCK and CCK regs on mogs. Cracking big Mog, well done!
  4. That’s not terrible Matty, that’s being human and you will have a very long list of happy customers who I bet have become friends.
  5. I tried humour at the start but that got lost in everyone’s 1 memory of a pita climber that then is the blueprint to all their future opinions on the matter.🤔 1 trial learning instinctively helps us survive but in the modern world it can be a road block in personal evolution! Is that better😉😀
  6. You would think by the responses there are only 2 ways climbers should and shouldn’t work and only 1 type of company you need to keep happy. Learn your skill and adapt to every possible job and what works best on the day be it crash bang demolition at the request of the boss or standard carefully steady pace. Good luck
  7. I’ve said it before, David Beckham doesn’t hang about after 90 minutes to sweep the stands and put the flags away 😀 climbers are climbers, if the moaning groundies don’t like it, grab the spikes and monkey monkey!
  8. I always wanted to be self employed so I didn’t have to work for someone else, whether I made money or not was never a priority really. I think that’s why I’ve kept soldiering on. If you just want money then you will need to sacrifice a lot of other stuff. There’s no turning up and sharpening your saws on site, they need to be sharp, fuel needs to be in, cans need to be filled, vehicle needs to be reliable and basically you loose the umbilical chord that’s an employer. It’s a hard enough game working for a good company with a great boss let alone trying it yourself. Would I do it again if I could turn the clock back 22 years? Not a chance, I would never of got into tree work and contracting. I’d of kept my easy job cutting grass and living on site and playing firewood tree cutter in the winter months in a big shed beside the kettle.
  9. I’m still going to have to try and earn a living, whether that’s self employed or try and find some kind of work I don’t know yet. Time with the kids, walking the dogs and generally keep out the way of people.
  10. Make sure you ratchet strap onto the chassis and not just the tipping part.
  11. Gray I’m going to take the dampener off mine, it’s doing nothing except making it long like yours! For all the size of stuff it can do there’s no shock load, £800 not needing spent imo.
  12. I could help, would need to add travel, fuel and digs for the lad though. Might blow the price out the water though.
  13. Thanks guys. I was at my physio this morning, I took a larch down for her last week at her house! She said today’ no wonder you are in pain with what I do at work ‘ she noticed I lock my left leg at a different height, I do this for work positioning! She said that puts all forces straight to my bad side on my lower back. So I’ll try and teach myself to work with my legs at the same height, I’ll just need to cross my side strop to hold me better and then hopefully my chore will strengthen up! Her neighbour sent me this picture tonight just as he enjoyed watching the process! Shows my work position that she pointed out.
  14. At least I’m not the only suffering 😀 I have tried lying down like a tool in the middle of shop for 20 seconds to see if a mattres is comfy, it’s the pita pesty salesman that wind me up, I tell them the second I’m in, I’ll give YOU a shout if I need them, they can’t stop themselves with their sales shite so I just walk off. Steve I’ll try the ergo flex first. nepia I do a lot less physical work now. I don’t think the cold helps in winter.
  15. I’ve been to osteos and physio s every 2-4 weeks since I was 20, I did 12 weeks on pal lattes with a physio twice a week for 3 months and they stopped taking my money as I just wasn’t loosening up. I’m now every week with a sports masseuse ! had the MRI, had all the bloods, thrown all the pills away that just gave me asthma and made me lethargic and constipated. J I can’t train anymore as I just go into Spasm and I can be seized up for 11 weeks like last time from November to middle of January. Hoping a mattress can help.
  16. Anyone got some good feedback on a life changing mattress for the sore back, non sleepers amongst us. I wake up broken after I finally get to sleep. cheers
  17. It’s nothing knew, it’s what you do when you can’t be arsed going for the correct equipment and it’s a combination of fear, luck and skill! Not something that should be taught! a bit like a hand brake turn in your driving lessons, you find out after playing in an empty field, but try it in your mates driveway without thinking about it and it can all go wrong very quickly!
  18. 2 hours climbing in a blizzard this morning, snow stopped and sun came out as I put the saws in the jeep.
  19. Hasn’t missed a beat, could do with more power to the tracks though, I’ve raised the question with dealer.
  20. Yes for towing the CAT, I bought a smaller machine and van thinking I could do away with 4x4 and Cat, but due to location, snow, driving on forest roads and multiple jobs on the go I need to keep them. If I could get a 4x4 sprinter that tows 3.5 tons I could sell the Isuzu and `Citroen Relay Van.
  21. Little Yanmar has had a busy start to the year, the Steading is built on boulders and rocks, luckily the fields weren’t as bad.
  22. How much to change the Diff?


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