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  1. Chipper went to Sweden. tail lift the scrap heap and A lad from London bought the lorry and I bet she’s never missed a beat in the last 9 years!
  2. In the fuel tank there is a filter on the fuel hose, it’s called the ‘ clunk ‘ as it always falls to to the lowest part of the tank where the fuel will be so it can work at any angle. That’s what I’d check first and also if the fuel cap is leaking or the breather for the tank under the air filter protective cover. I’d start there then work my way to the carb. If it’s an older saw with older caps there is a sprung V shaped piece of metal to stop the cap getting lost, it’s on a wee chain, it can get caught up on that.
  3. When I bought the flail the company owner/fitter spent over an hour making and fitting the hoses and wrapping them up, it was a work of art! Onsite then he tested the machine. Proper job!
  4. Monkey business I don’t envy your position! No hoses! Wtf!
  5. Not sure the model number, just like for like for my machine. Dealer service is on point so I’m not fussed about machine tbh. CAT have been useless, salesman working with numbers, without even sitting in a machine, 4 months on a as nd still haven’t had a price for a new machine, offered me £10k for mine and said he’d sell it for £16.5k!!same machine in their websites for £21.5k. Jokers!
  6. What to watch out for is when towing, the spray from the pick up can go straight into the radiator on the digger when it’s on the trailer, it does on the CAT through the plastic hood, I regularly blast it back out with the compressor.
  7. I heard that about JCB, nuts. i was told my machine had both, turned up with 1! what do you do when you have work piled up, a restocking fee of £1500 for a grab and a billion pound company with your money just ignoring your concerns? You just suck it up and live with the compromise. I’m going Yanmar next from independent dealer.
  8. I’ve got the battery grinder now and that’s saved so much time with wire!
  9. Cat were the same with me, they said my demo grab would work. So paid for grab and paid for Cat. Then it would only work with no crowning. Fast forward 4 weeks of stale mate and eventually they paid for electro hydraulic valve and pedal. It’s been a weak link from day 1, cables, grabs and brash just don’t work. I’ve now got a shortened hip flexor on my left side due to the pedal and that’s what’s caused my back trouble for near 6 years. Now it’s £100 a week physio and rest from machine work. There’s no excuse for bad business, if you can’t deliver then don’t bullshit people and take their hard earned money.
  10. Only things that were a problem were big hits of polythene wrapping around. It easily came off just pulling it off by hand . An old metal pole that hand been gas axed off 8” from the ground gave the teeth a good ding and a mattress full of springs under the Ivy brought things to a halt. Word of warning, if there’s a big new shiny sign, there will of been an old 1 removed😀
  11. Brambles and grass effortless, up to 4” takes a bit of practise. I cover a 15’ radius and up to 10’ high I reckon so no need to track at the same time. Use the largest rams the least and the flail spins as fast as possible. Keep the teeth sharp.
  12. The 5 day course is the start of a persons journey into tree work. Are they any good with a saw? Good enough to fell some trees on an estate or grounds job and give them the ability to sned brash on a driveway beside a chipper and it’s up to them to work out the rest if they want a career in the industry. Fast forward them 10 years and they will have their own story on how they got there or they will of taken a different path. Some people simply grab a saw and learn as they go and toughen up and spend the rest of their lives sore, exhausted and owed money!😀
  13. Great reply, I use my 3cx for doing stuff rather than making money if that makes sense. The more I use it the less I feel the need for grabs and shears. The power and design just means I can do whatever I need to, I feel a JCB brain doesn’t come naturally to me but I’m catching on. 20 odd years ago when I worked alongside a 3cx there was never a thought on attachments, the driver could do anything we needed, I was lucky to work with an amazing operator who could make her dance!
  14. Great looking machine Eddie! Apart from larger wheels,rear hydraulics what are the advantages of the 4cx? There’s nothing I’ve not tackled that the 3cx hasn’t coped with ease, I’m the weak link every time until I find the best way to do it. The joys of self teaching!
  15. How’s your grab going Gray? Is it taking the abuse with big sticks and wrestling about with stumps ok?
  16. If you are doing what you think is right and it is working then keep going. You are there, you know all the details. Be professional and serve your customers to the highest level! The internet amplifies doubt, avoid at all costs! Nice work!
  17. You need to re think your numbers. If you can afford to loose/spend £4-£6k then buy new and write that off in depreciation. Plus diggers at £4-£6k don’t exist, if they do they are pumped or stolen.
  18. This resulted in death. the machine has been photoshopped in to let others see how it was caused. avoid high stumps!
  19. I’ve had 2 sycamores of late and both have been close to boundaries and neighbours have had resent building work that’s taken away roots.


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