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  1. Absolutely agree with that.
  2. OK, I did some experiments yesterday, and I can say that core of my Marlow gecko can lift half of my partly loadet transit, that may be 1.5 ton(atleast a ton) , hovever I must admit that I wasn't right about 16 strand ropes, as I managed to get metre of samson blue I believe, and core of that rope didn't lift same load, and look very dodgy to me, so my apologies I WASN'T RIGHT , all my other ropes are kernmantle and core of them hold my half truck even on nearly half of them cut. Good channel on Tube, trow interesting video,
  3. Holy Moly didn't know about Muay Thai, will take few karate lesson before debates, I hope it will be peaceful.
  4. In my woods "old fashioned way" is debates and experiment. SORRY FOR MY CRAP ENGLISH.
  5. If you explain something, you did something wrong.
  6. I usually always apologise, for my bad English, but, if you have a little bit of intelligence, you will understand what I'm saying, isn't?
  7. Insulting Mothers, YA it's not infantile, REAL GIRL tactics!
  8. That mean that you are incompetent.
  9. Things going better and better, where we meet to resolve that argument?
  10. Read that, Baby.! BS_EN_1891_1998.pdf
  11. I don't have XTC but I have Gecko will Suspend my truck on the core at weekend will see what happen.
  12. All ropes u named are kernmantel construction, so min 50 % of tensile strength is in the core, I see nothing I was saying wrong.
  13. Atleast dialog, I have gecko(3 years old) , ill see at weekend, will core hold me or better my truck well.


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