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  1. I'm getting a 50 eu for ton of not cut oak, beech, ash, maple, still not worth a hassle, so i believe this ad is a scam, 90%.
  2. I'm very interested too, good photos, would be nice, i never replanted anything that size.
  3. 261 beating anything on this moment!
  4. I'm tired to watch this, imagine i use that toy, and what is this 10 kg box on your back side😉
  5. Some DIY ' ERS are better than some so called pro' s, tickets give you no protection, gray matter inside the scull does, any thikets give protection to employers pocket thats it, and its absolutely normal. I khnow 3 incedent, with chainsaw all useres was ticketed and experienced , and only one without(he was drunk during operation, and it was me,chainsaw trousers saved my leg).
  6. Most good workers, i khnow are self-employed people, that said something, isn't?
  7. If you good worker, you can fight any employer, no problem, and negotiate good wages and so on, even nasty employers arent stupid 😉
  8. I do not buying any 2t equpment, secon hand, always dodgy, no matter what, seen many examples.
  9. I have Ms 171 in my pro kit, no regret.
  10. You dont need 14 on ms 171she barely can drag that, 12 is sufficient.
  11. Exactly what i was sayng, they all become socialists, everithing must for free, everithing must be easy, i am entitled to quality living, i want 4 days working week working from my bed, and i am entitled for a hause in a center of London, 😩.
  12. 1 strawberry picker from Bulgaria equal 6 from Ireland, that was said by Keeling farm manager last year, when was scandal about importing work force during pandemic.


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