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  1. Could you hit a flying golf ball with a Pistol whilst riding a bicycle?
  2. Find out who the grass is an farking pay them a visit.Innit.
  3. No. You run down a turbo because when you shut off an engine the turbo fan is still spinning. Idling the engine for a while allows the fan to slowdown without running out of oil.This is especially important with turbos mounted higher up as the oil will actually drain away from the bushes. There is precious little oil fed to most turbo compared to how fast they spin.
  4. The holes were slogged out.re drilling and going up a size want an option as I had already taken them from 10 to 12mm in the past and I would have run out of steel on the bearing if I had taken them to 14mm.
  5. Bolt holes on the lower feed roller bearing had slogged out.I made a triangular spacer from 10mm plate,welded 12 mm three studs to it ,then hot glued it onto the machine. Welder was acting up so that's why there are so many passes.
  6. Nissan Micra You pick them up for next to nothing,cost nothing to run and let's face it,employees trash everything so let them trash something cheap. You can get all the saws and rigging gear you will ever need into one and still fit it up the driveway infront of the truck and chipper.
  7. Let me guess,SII Land rover across the field at the Isle of White festival?
  8. If you had any experience driving off road,especially in anything big or heavy you would not have posted the above. Ben,tell the client the terms you really want to have. If he turns you down find another client. The job I posted recently using the dozer,well the client thought he could get another strip felled "because after all,the machines are already there". I told him no,its going to cost the same again because the machines will make the same money elsewhere. He took my terms.It dosnt always go well as we all know,but as long as it goes well often enough to make a profit that's as much as you can ask for.
  9. I dont know J You are the one telling the story. If I had to guess,I would put it down to much better soil quality in the UK.The Soil in Scandi is shite in the forestry areas and worse on the coast.Just like the PNW.
  10. Mate The Pacific "North Wet" is rainy as all fcuk mate.That rain dosnt fall from blue skies... Bergen has sometimes 300 days of rain too,but there is little difference in the trees between here and Oslo for example.
  11. No The highest quality timber can come 30m from the sea. What do you mean about the quality of their summer being better?
  12. That's weird. The softwood in the Pacific North West is world renowned. Despite the mild winters,hot summers and windy coastal climate?
  13. "Hobby logging" With my dozer.Taking out a strip of Sitka for veiw enhancement. Havnt had this much fun on a job in ages.
  14. To be honest I think a 500i is an overhyped saw with average capacity. We have gone so far from high reving torqey saws that most have forgotten what they feel like to use. A modded 046 would piss all over a 500i.Propper modded,not tweaked a little bit by some bloke in his garden shed.
  15. I would like to see some pictures of that,my crawler lacks a PTO .I wonder if he has a box on the back to gear up the output shaft?
  16. I have a land clearance job that I cant get the Valtra with crane fed into in one go. The track is a bit swampy as well as narrow. The dozer is going to carrying The crane fed in alone,followed by Vincent Van Valtra
  17. Mike Hill

    Oil leak

    Have you tried storing it upside down? It might be an Australian model?
  18. Self employed groundy,no tickets,all gear supplied £40-£45 per hour here in Norway. Climbers £55 -£70 per hour. The work is not very hard,bulk of the work comes in from April to December. The money is there but your going to have to chase it.
  19. Mike Hill

    Stihl 015

    Yes mate. A bit of fuel down the plug hole,a few racist slurs and she fired up just like it was 1978.
  20. That might be Dean Lofthouse's old wagon?
  21. Some chippers can withstand the knife to anvil gap being quite roomy.This results in chunky woodchip. Farmi chippers can take a pretty big gap. Have a talk with the Farmi dealer in the UK.
  22. Mike Hill

    Stihl 015

    I swapped this for an old ms193T that was past its prime. Looks to have had little use. I havnt tried stsrting it yet.
  23. If I am looking for hydraulic motors,I use this place. https://www.hydraulik24-fluidtechnik.de/de/


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