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  1. There are bits of one smashed all over a mountainside on the edge of town over here. If it was in the UK the anoraks would have stolen all the peices.
  2. Does the AA investigate wether or not the crew being assessed is actually employed by the company seeking AA aproval? I have heard from various credible sources that hiring a crew of " all stars" is a common ploy on assessment day. Also for a large company such as Bartletts, does each depot have an assessment or does a single assessment cover the entire organisation?
  3. 418,000 casualties from a population of how many tens of million Daniel? Chart: World War II Casualties as a Percentage of Each Country’s Population | TopForeignStocks.com TOPFOREIGNSTOCKS.COM World War I was supposed to the War to End all Wars. However many years...
  4. Anyhoo Here are a couple of links regarding IBM. Profits Over Life — How IBM Aided the Third Reich | by Nicola Bosch | Lessons from History | Medium MEDIUM.COM Perhap’s Hitler’s Biggest Business Partner And their duplicity : The IBM / Auto-Ordnance M1 Carbine by Frank Iannamico SMALLARMSREVIEW.COM By Frank Iannamico
  5. Fcuk my life Daniel. You know that IBM made the accounting machines the Germans used to catalogue the Jews they took into the concentration camps. Also they supplied parts for them via Lisborn pretty much right up untill the end.Despite manufacturing rifles for the Amercan forces, some of those rifles would have been used to liberate the very camps their machines were in. As a whole ,America lost very few young people in the second world war. They would have lost a whole bunch less if the radar stations near Pearl Harbor hadn't mysteriously been unmanned as the Japanese neared Hawaiian shores. But then nobody would have made as much money in that case. Like most of the globe, you dont reference Americans for history lessons, nor would I reference you for competent tree work techniques. You climb like Joe Biden.
  6. Well nearly every kid in Norway gets drafted. Given a select fire rifle/pistol/smg to keep at home untill they are 40 years old, these guns dont factor in crime stats really. In the UK you have an idiot problem, heavy legislation wont stop idiots taking shots with no backstop. An oxy set wont kill a person at a mile but a Rifle won't kill half a bus load of people at once either. Anyway. If the op wants some game meat, or to try using a Rifle he could do worse to offer his help to a pest controller. Cleaning his wagon, spliting/cutting wood etc. Earn his trust in order to be given a privilage.
  7. So glad I dont have to deal with such bollocks. Firearms are tools, Rifles are no more dangerous than a Oxy cutting set.I find it so sad that firearms owner talk up the perceived danger of firearms themselves, but I guess thats a product of how hard they are to acess in the UK.
  8. Khris If your reply was a beam of light travelling across the galaxy at 25,000 kilometers per hour. Great civilisations would rise and fall, entire ecosystems evolve, flourish only to become extinct, great works of literature penned praise and forgotten. All before anyone knew what the fcuk you are on about .
  9. BC is in Canada and Red Woods are native to California.Do a bit of searching on here Khris and you will find the pictures you are seeking, I have showed them numerous times. You realise the Halfords socket set under the divan in your bedsit isn't a workshop right?
  10. Have you and rough hewn been swapping saw maintainance tips? Looking forward to seeing pictures of your workshop Khris .
  11. You do talk some shite . Will it break the crank too?
  12. Why not just use your own money to develope a website advertising your idea and services? That way anyone interested can find their way to you much like our regular clients do. That webinar page looks dodgy as fcuk to be honest. In my experiance the best Tree company owners enjoy the business side of things far more than the job itself. In fact I will go as far as saying that the more you enjoy the actual job the worse your business will be for it. Except for me of course. * This message was sent from the interior of my rediculously expensive pickup*
  13. Its a bit different with a chipper. You are spinning a heavy disc at a pretty low speed and all of the violence is pretty much taken up by the belts. Most chippers have pretty heavy bearings for the application GM & Timberwolf being glaring exceptions. A bigger donk/ more HP means the disc takes longer to slow down because there is more torque behind it. Autofeed kicks in less equalling more production. I wouldnt want to increase HP on a Timberwolf to much. But other more solid chippers I have done and it makes the world of difference.My Jensen 530 I altered the fuel rack to open further and its a weapon considering its age and hours.
  14. I generally use it to lift me and my ego into the tractor.
  15. The chipper spout was like that when I bought it Doug. The crane can pick 1200kg at 120 foot and 90 ton beside a outrigger.
  16. Working through some work at kindergartens. Love having the biggest toys in the sandpit.
  17. He did mention Hamstead, Bolam. Mick wants to be " The Beast of the Heath."
  18. I could cut and chuck that tree down in a couple of hours, if you covered those windows on the extension. Horses for courses though, you gave them a price that you felt comfortable with.
  19. It looks to me as though you are using the middle hole in your hitch climberA s because thats the only place attaching it will work at that length tether? You also have 3 articulation points on that RW tether instead of 2 . Thats going to mean its a bit floppy. You could try getting a regular soft sling and folding it over repeatedly untill you achieved a length you desired. Then wrap it a few times in duct tape to hold it together. See how well it works and then when you have settled on your preffered length just heat shrink the whole lot. A stiff tether tuned into your style of climbing really gets the most from a RW. Running one above a Zigzag elevates you into the Arborist Master Race, a prestigious circle of secretive Climbers who dwell in the canopy sustained only by Red Bull and nicotine. On a still night in the deep forest it is said you can hear their cries of ectascy as the glide almost weighless around the bows of their abode.
  20. You really are kin bonkers Khris. Do you think DU is lighter than sand and can drift from the gulf to the UK? What a twat you truely are.
  21. Nothing means Spring time like a dusting of snow and black ice.
  22. Yes its pathetic how the green movement changes its ideology on a whim. Over here now that we have a grumpy Russia over the border the government suggests every household has at least one fossil fuel vehicle incase Russia takes down the power grid. Six months ago they were looking forward to banning fossil fueled cars by 2030. They even mandated lead free bullets for the Army. Shame they didnt work but hey at least they wernt polluting.


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