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  1. A friend has quite a few bushes on their farm (heron farm nr Honiton). I saved some seeds from them. Stuck them in the fridge for a month or so then potted them up. The plants are 2yrs old and about 1.5ft tall.
  2. Did you buy a bush, or grow from seed? I've got 6 or so plants in pots, grown from seed. Wondering how long it might be until they start fruiting?
  3. ARV

    Wood ID

    Reading up on Grand Fir and Red Fir (and the other fir species in general), to be honest it could be either of them. So I think we can say it is a Fir. Without the bark and without doing some microscopic investigation I don't think I'll be able to say more than that. Cheers for the ideas though.
  4. ARV

    Wood ID

    We get some Douglas in every now and again. The bark doesn't look right and the coloured heartwood isn't red enough.
  5. ARV

    Wood ID

    We had a stem come in amongst some WRC. Anyone got an idea of what it might be? Fairly heavy, no significant smell when milling, slightly reddish heart wood. There wasn't a lot of bark on the stem when it came in. It might just be a spruce, but the bark seemed a bit more textured than what we usually see on spruce logs (but then the stem was quite a bit bigger than we usually see, around 55cm diameter.) Andrew
  6. https://www.scotland.lantra.co.uk/women-rural-economy-training-fund
  7. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.gov.scot/news/additional-funding-increases-training-support-for-women-in-agriculture/&ved=2ahUKEwiV4KKwiuvyAhUVR0EAHQw-CIEQFnoECCoQAQ&usg=AOvVaw3UNiGS3vDImFaX151G0Uyi&cshid=1630956536693
  8. I was taking out some Leylandii for a customer last week. They had a climbing rose growing up through a yew that they want to keep, but wanted the rose cleared out. When I looked I was struggling to find where the rose was rooted into the ground. Mainly because I was looking for a thin greenish stem. Not a stem the thickness of my arm! In the shade, I thought it was just another branch of the yew tree until I followed some of the rose stems back! Ended up just cutting the stem out and leaving the top for an excavator to pull out.
  9. Cubic feet / 12 = board feet. So 1 ft³ is 12 board ft. If you are working on prices, £8/board ft (*12) equals £96 ft³. Or you take the cubic ft price and divide by 12 to give a board ft price.
  10. Where abouts are the boards?
  11. Hi A customer has asked us if we know any Alaskan millers in or near Edinburgh. A residents group has an Oak stem that they'd like milled. He specifically mentioned Alaskan milling so I'm guessing there is limited access. He's sent us a picture, but no dimensions, but looks to be 3-4 ft diameter. I've asked for more details and will post them here if/when I get them. If anyone is interested, send me a message with your details and I'll pass them on to the customer. Andrew
  12. Yes, my Dad was Chair of the Parish council. A lump of Portland stone to keep it fairly local.
  13. That'll explain why a lot of the roads/lanes In Dorset have a ruddy great bank on either side. I went to school in Dorchester (25 odd years ago). My parents and brother live in Shitterton.
  14. Are these prices for the board size AJStrees quoted (approx 4ft³) or per ft³?


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