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  1. Could be bacterial canker i.e. Pseudomonas syringae pv. morsprunorum
  2. Would suggest Cupressus sempervirons as a good option
  3. Looks a little like Kretzshmaria deusta. Can affect Prunus spp. Bit indefinite without a physical look.
  4. Thanks all. Its not my tree (thankfully). Its actually local council (it even has a tree tag). The prevailing wind is directly across it so pressure on stem and roots must be enormous. A good example for Claus Mattheck...
  5. Further pics attached. Please comment. I will try and access root zone to assess.
  6. Been like this for some time; at least 5 years. Crown is pretty vigorous but torsional pressure on stem must be massive.
  7. Nothing difficult about dismantling a Pine. Try an 80ft Beech or worse a 100ft Poplar. Just a point; never use a ladder apart from initial access. Always use recognised roping techniques.. Cheers
  8. Gents Would you walk past this tree?!? I usually walk on the opposite side of the road!
  9. Derek Eames

    Leaning Oak

    Gents Not sure if I have the right post but I feel very nervous about the Oak whenever I walk past! Haven't been able to assess the root zone but the lean is scary to say the least. Any thoughts?
  10. Curious that this is associated with Birch. Are there any photos to prove this? Note that the classification family is Meripilaceae which is interesting.
  11. Sulphur Tuft is saprophytic. Suggest not in this instance. Could be extensive lignin degradation present. Suggest investigation.
  12. Could be Coriolus versicolor. Causes white rot I think


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