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  1. Could any provide some suggestion as to which tree? I had thought Tillia cordata but doesn't quite add up! Sorry no pic of the tree itself.
  2. To All Arbs Just had confirmation from the local tree officer that as there are no TPO or CA constraints and the tree is classified as potentially dangerous then there is no restrictions for removing Good idea to check though as there may be differing opinions on this.!
  3. Possibly Ganoderma resinaceum. Flesh colour would seem to confirm this as well as being common on Oaks. Saprotrophic.
  4. Thanks Julian Appreciate your comments. The QTRA assessment is at 1/4K which is not tolerable when imposed on others. However I have since discovered (previously hidden by Ivy) evidence of sapwood fracture beginning to the NE elevation. The client has accepted that the tree needs to be removed but just not sure about the planning implication. If we have to wait for planning then it will probably be Nov 22 before we can do anything!!!!
  5. I have a tree within a planning application for building works which is a large leaning Beech which is split and hollow right through from east to west elevation. There is no TPO or Conservation Area constraints but would be in principal protected by the planning application. Would any one be able to advise on this and whether it could be taken down without waiting for planning? MT.
  6. Probably most are endophytic. Refer to the Casebook of Dr Duncan Slater
  7. Possibly Amethyst Deceiver but maybe not... Beautiful purple gills.. any suggestions...?
  8. Fungal growth on a Yew... seemed like Kretzschmaria deusta; however cutting through rather soft flesh revealed a dark brownish colour... Any ideas what this is??
  9. Fungal growth on a Yew... seemed like Kretzschmaria deusta; however cutting through rather soft flesh revealed a dark brownish colour... Any ideas what this is??
  10. Further to previous post I now have a section showing what appears to be a "free" lamella. No ring to stem so clearly not Rustgill but does have distinctive darker coloured gills although perhaps starting to fade. Much appreciate any further thoughts.
  11. Excellent suggestions! Many thanks. Not too sure about Bolete but will certainly research further..!!!
  12. Found at the base of a large Beech DBH 90cm wth only 1 metre to a 2 metre wall drop to a road! Gymnopilus junonios unless any one can make an alternative suggestion..????
  13. This is very significant and very interesting. Do we have any law case precedent or principle to support? Many thanks.


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