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  1. iv'e got solar iboost. Great idea. Bought mine separate from panals and local electrician fitted it.
  2. daveindales

    Favourite birds bats or bees

    Up here we have red squirrels, seeing them is great. I also like to see the sparrows in my beech hedge. Can be as many as a dozen or so in there all at once. For some reason, I like to see a pair of ducks waddling about. Saw a rabbit chasing a stoat last week. Never seen that before. Maybe it was protecting its young?? Not keen on bats, scary looking things.
  3. daveindales

    Lewis winch

    I've noticed the dyneema flatten out. Don't know if I dare check the drum now? would this happen with wire rope if it was not coiled in perfect?
  4. daveindales

    Lewis winch

    Could you elaborate why you think dyneema would damage the drum. Im a bit lost, or possibly a bit thick!! The wire rope just did my head in with linking, and I much prefer the dyneema, but I don't want to recommend it or use it if it may damage the drum.
  5. daveindales

    Lewis winch

    I have one. Run it on a 372. Had it about 8 years now. Very reliable. I think I made a few comments in previous comments. Try doing an arbtalk search. Their fine for pulling trees or piles of branches up hill and for aiding the felling of small trees. Swap the standard wire rope for dyneema rope. This avoids the wire rope kinking. Don't try felling large trees with them. Stick with the tirfor as you have more control.
  6. daveindales

    Fungi Id please

    Looks like some type of Ganoderma to me Chris.
  7. daveindales

    My first chainsaw...

    Husqvarna 154. Back in 1985. Was working as part of a forestry squad. Rest Of the lads were running husqvarna 444's I think
  8. daveindales

    What happened to comedy on the telly?

    I'm sorry, perhaps it's my age, but British comedy isn't a patch on what it was years ago. Rising Damp re-runs still take some beating. like someone else said, American Comedy shows are streets ahead at the moment.
  9. daveindales

    tree planting

    is 6p straight planting, in rows on ploughed ground, no guards, spirals etc?
  10. daveindales

    milling pics and vids

    First attempt with the chainsaw mill. Small lengths of walnut
  11. daveindales

    burning walnut

    Apparently,its very toxic to horses
  12. daveindales

    burning walnut

    Totally rotten at the base. Multi-stemmed with lots of cavities. Not a lot of nice straight lengths. Coming down before it falls down.
  13. daveindales

    burning walnut

    As walnut is toxic, (juglone) is it ok to burn as firewood? Has anyone experienced any problems burning it? Felling one tomorrow.
  14. daveindales

    Accounting software

    I use sage one, the cheapest sage package. Suits my needs, but it took me quite a while to figure it out.
  15. daveindales

    used Avant loader

    I have the chance to buy a used avant 420 loader. Its a 2013 model. Done 2000 hours, and is a bit rough looking, with a couple of cracked panels. Has anyone a rough price for what its worth and what to look for as far as wear and tear? It comes with no attachments.


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