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  1. Done masses of spraying over the last 30 years. Used CP, Solo and Berthoud, and I can honestly say that Berthoud is by far the best I have used, followed by Solo, lastly CP
  2. That's exactly what I do with the Thor. Nearby table and someone to put rings on table. My back hates been bent over. Auto return a godsend as well.
  3. Mine runs fine straight from socket, but won't run off an extension lead
  4. I bought the electric Thor 8.5 ton splitter. Can't fault it.
  5. I was working at a caravan club site and the assistant warden told me he knew a bloke who served on HMS Wensleydale. I thought that was unlikely as it was only a small ship with a crew of around 160. And it was now nearly 60 years since the ship was in service. Anyhow, he gave me Reg's contact number and I went down to visit him. Arriving at his house, I noticed a calender on the wall, it was still on the March page, even though it was now September. I asked Reg and his wife why they still had it on the March. They both said they liked the March photo so much they keep it on all year. Believe it or not, the photo was of the very small Yorkshire village of Thwaite, where I lived in at the time. Our house clearly visible on the photo. I figured me and Reg were meant to meet.
  6. I've read quite a few books about Changi, the copper mines and the aptly named hell ships. Your grandfather must have gone through a truly hellish experience. The way they were treated was shocking. I once read a book called 'One for every sleeper' about a POW"s experiences at the hands of the Japanese. I got so absorbed in it, I read it from cover to cover in a day.
  7. I run a website about the WW2 Hunt class destroyer, HMS Wensleydale. I met a chap called Reg who served on the ship, and previously served on HMS Bulldog. In may 41 Bulldog along with a couple of other ships captured U-110. Reg was ordered into a boat and rowed over to U-110 before she finally sank. Below in the U-boat the found and recovered the boats enigma machine. The first time a U-boat had been boarded. Reg still had a few mementos he took from the boat. It's quite well documented what breaking the enigma codes did to shorten the war.
  8. Tomatoes and lettuce coming along ok. Also growing cucumber for the first time, at wife's request. I hate the stuff. Got some perpetual spinach coming through in pots to plant out in raised bed later
  9. Many a time I've thought what would have happened if that bullit was a few inches to the left and got him in the head. No Mother, no me and no kids??
  10. Following on from them stories. My grandfather was in WW2 and ended up being machine gunned and shot through the shoulder. His mate next to him got it in the head and was killed. He told me many stories (and was also my idol). How they were held up at Caan for a month, meeting the Russians at Lubeck, who he described as 'bloody awful'
  11. Won an Oscar for his role. A real life cowboy and world rodeo champion I think. He also wrote a book which I would like to get hold of sometime.
  12. I'm 50 and used to watch that as well. I seem to remember them calling the late night horror film 'fear on friday' .
  13. Love John Wayne. Back in the day I used to record all his films on the telly. My own favourites are Rio Bravo, she wore a yellow ribbon and Chisum. All with great character actors, Walter Brennan and Ben Johnson.
  14. Hell drivers is worth a watch Bad day at black rock is also a good old film. Peyton place. Loads of choice, depends what you like. Personally, I like film noir and the previous choice of Double Indemnity is definitely worth a watch.
  15. Here is one of the roads leading to my home town.


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