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  1. What happened to comedy on the telly?

    I'm sorry, perhaps it's my age, but British comedy isn't a patch on what it was years ago. Rising Damp re-runs still take some beating. like someone else said, American Comedy shows are streets ahead at the moment.
  2. tree planting

    is 6p straight planting, in rows on ploughed ground, no guards, spirals etc?
  3. milling pics and vids

    First attempt with the chainsaw mill. Small lengths of walnut
  4. burning walnut

    Apparently,its very toxic to horses
  5. burning walnut

    Totally rotten at the base. Multi-stemmed with lots of cavities. Not a lot of nice straight lengths. Coming down before it falls down.
  6. burning walnut

    As walnut is toxic, (juglone) is it ok to burn as firewood? Has anyone experienced any problems burning it? Felling one tomorrow.
  7. Accounting software

    I use sage one, the cheapest sage package. Suits my needs, but it took me quite a while to figure it out.
  8. used Avant loader

    I have the chance to buy a used avant 420 loader. Its a 2013 model. Done 2000 hours, and is a bit rough looking, with a couple of cracked panels. Has anyone a rough price for what its worth and what to look for as far as wear and tear? It comes with no attachments.
  9. How to save for retirement?

    I too have National Grid in an Isa. Taylor Wimpy has been good for me. Just sold them. Bit more riskier, but I also have Sirius Minerals and Hurricane Energy. Got Lloyds in a SIPP. Not all good though. Got one down 97%
  10. How to save for retirement?

    If your just dealing in shares, £5 a trade is great. I use it all the time. With regard to funds, you can set up a monthly direct debit. I'm not sure, but I think the minimum might be around £25 a month. Im late 40's now. If I was early 20's, then funds and dividend paying shares over the long term would be my preferred choice.
  11. How to save for retirement?

    I could be wrong, but I don't think I pay any charges, apart from a £5 dealing fee. With iweb.
  12. How to save for retirement?

    Your always going to get loads of different answers when you ask a question like this. A lot depends on the level of risk you want with any savings. a cash isa is safe, but pays rubbish interest rates. a stocks and shares isa is riskier and you may lose money. Stock markets are at all time highs at the moment, and many predict a correction happening. if you start a personal pension, you can manage that yourself if you feel competent. This is called a SIPP. I do this and invest in funds mostly. Perhaps the safest way to invest in shares and funds is to drip feed your money each month. Or you could just put it in the bank, and use it when needed. Deciding on your level of risk is the first thing to do. Once you answer this, your half way there. Hope this helps.
  13. Entec chipper

    Not got one, but mine stopped working and it was replaced by a newer TW no stress. Works fine now.
  14. Making the news today....

    There's been a conservative club in the small market town where I live, for as long as I can remember., but a few years ago, it dropped the word conservative. Was also a liberal club.
  15. Sorbus torminalis?

    Defiantly not Swedish whitebeam. I will take a photo of the tree next week. Might help a bit. There's a couple of them growing in an old Victorian garden.


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