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  1. Heard lots of good reports about FSI
  2. Thanks, I was looking at a bandit or the cheaper Predetor
  3. So, I used to have a Rayco RG25, and grinding was hard work. Looking at a new grinder with central pivot. Never used one before, but wondering just how much easier does it make it using a central pivot?
  4. I run a new 550 on a 18" and it blows away the old 346 on a 15" bar
  5. I chuck everything behind the 2 front seats of the pickup. Waterproofs, ropes, harness, spikes, flask, bait box. Toolbox. Its a bloody mess, but I never forget anything!
  6. Time to Leave the Ploughshares: A Gunner Remembers, 1917-18 Hardcover – 13 Jun. 1985 WW1 autobiography of a gunner in the Royal Artillery
  7. Can't think of a better metal instrumental
  8. I've still got my old laser powermax2. Simple to use. Tesoro and laser seem to be in the minority now with many using minelab. But in the 90's they were very popular.
  9. Been talking to a few other local tomato growers up here, and most seem to have had a similar problem
  10. Worked there for 3 months in mid 90's, whilst on work placement from college
  11. Tomatoes are rubbish this year. Flowers not setting. Cucumbers great. Lettuces going well and good crop of beetroot
  12. Dad used to have a border (bitch). Lovely dog, quite a character. But, it did not like other dogs, or people it didn't know. Ok once it knew you. And all it thought of was food, food, food.
  13. Done masses of spraying over the last 30 years. Used CP, Solo and Berthoud, and I can honestly say that Berthoud is by far the best I have used, followed by Solo, lastly CP
  14. That's exactly what I do with the Thor. Nearby table and someone to put rings on table. My back hates been bent over. Auto return a godsend as well.


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