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  1. I was thinking similar - at a 40hr week that’s 20k per annum pro rata for 3 months
  2. No rings on its legs and there are plenty of ferals nesting around that area of town. Families feed the ducks and pigeons at the same time about 10 yards from where this one ditched into the river
  3. If you add your location there is likely to be someone reputable on here that can quote and advise
  4. rapalaman


    I had the same thought as you Mick- a little Cessna or something. Was on a Large Connie removal on my own and having a break in the truck with the radio on. Thought to myself - that’ll be the Arabs at it again and how right I was, just it was on a far bigger scale than I imagined
  5. I’m on my third 3.5ton daily and whilst the payload isn’t great, they do carry it well and don’t look overloaded. Generally reliable, 3 litre is the better engine. Comfortable for longer journeys. Had a transit - wouldn’t have another, tried a cabstar for a few months and hated it. No storage space in the cab, horrible ride, expensive spares.
  6. Not seen one myself - only on documentaries but always have binoculars and a zoom camera when travelling so seen quite a few birds of prey worldwide, many unidentified though.
  7. Never had a problem yet - have always had people ask if we need to plug in an extension lead in for chainsaws and hedge trimmers so much the same I guess 😁
  8. Too much work coming in at the moment. I found it slowed a little when lockdown was lifted and nesting season starts but was still taking bookings. No advertising, just word of mouth. woody Paul is spot on - do it right and the work will come in
  9. Exactly! If I was an employer there’s no way I’d have someone that goes off to do that in the team, no matter how well qualified.
  10. Toro turfmaster or timemaster- twin blade 30” cut, bagging or mulching if done regularly enough. mine has paid for itself several times over and run it alongside a 21” danarm for the narrower gates, smaller gardens along with couple of hayters as backups
  11. Got a family in our garden every night. This is one of the babies, 😁
  12. Had texts come through from customers before 6am and up to 11-30pm. I just get used to it though sometimes I do get a bit annoyed at the thoughtlessness. It’s all work though so better than the phone staying silent
  13. Thing is, google doesn’t “know” anything. All it does is find what others have put on the web on their sites. if the right or relevant information is out there it will find it, but if it’s not there then there’s nothing to find so it brings up the next nearest thing which is often not what the searcher is looking for.
  14. Shame that got chipped and left Mick - have got loads that has been drying for about 8 years and sold a good few £ worth to wood turners. about 2 tons left to go through 👍


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