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  1. Liberal spray of wd40 and some gentle persuasion with a hammer on the back of the holding block, alternating left and right side should see them come free. Application of heat via blowtorch and then repeat if step one doesn’t work
  2. rapalaman

    Astrid Palmer

    Whilst they state “Can accept all waste timber from tree surgery works“ they wouldn’t take poplar so maybe a bit of a rewording needed?
  3. Yes Steve- maybe a bit longer - thought it was just my phone and google maps playing up as was only browsing for a couple of future jobs outside my normal area. Then this job came up with much more to remove than originally quoted for so was looking properly on my pc too
  4. It's just started working again - been unable to find any sites for at least the last week or so, either by town or postcode. A glitch in the system somewhere? Hopefully can find somewhere nearby now - thanks for the replies guys!
  5. Anyone else having problems with the directory? No sites showing up anywhere, tried on my pc and phone? Need somewhere close to Hutton/Brentwood tomorrow for probably 4 loads of poplar in rings/half rings as we have to handball it from back garden through narrow gate. I have a free site to use about 15 miles from there, just wondered if anywhere a bit closer? Cheers
  6. Name and shame! If we all put him on the blocked buyer list it may save someone on here getting shafted by scum like this 👍 or maybe someone local could go and collect the bars and chains off him 😏
  7. This one didn’t look too bad when I quoted it - about 4 1/2 ft across ash stump that the guys who felled it had had a go at grinding and failed - just scratched the top a bit. Once we’d dug around it, removed bricks, lumps of flint etc it turned out to be about 7ft x 8ft so set to it with the predator 360 (I know, too small and I’ll be upgrading hopefully later this year) well 8 hrs, 4 resharpens and two new rhino teeth later, the hole is now 2ft deep but mission accomplished and a happy customer!
  8. If you want to get the sides higher then two sheets per side, the other way up.bolted together steel box section as framework. Got mine at 5ft high and painted with two coats of bitumen paint which seems to be holding up well, certainly better than Ducksback fence treatment. Can fill right up with chips or brash, grasscuttings etc
  9. A small gated community I do the grounds maintenance for have automatic gates - they’ve had loads of trouble and expense with them. The last repair bill was in excess of 4K so I’d say manual gates are the way to go
  10. What make is this please Saul? looking for something like this too
  11. Great firewood - burns hot and long 👍 not much character for woodturning
  12. I’m with RBS and they insisted I open a business account before applying (have been using a normal current account for many years without a problem) four days later I get an email saying because my business in in England rather than Scotland the application was rejected! Why the f*** didn’t it say that on their website at the beginning? Total waste of a few days 🤬
  13. Hi Kyle- it’ll help if you state where you are based 👍 best of luck!


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