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  1. What’s your location/area? Any one nearby got a cordless grinder or bolt croppers?
  2. Similar to Silverhooker, small scale as a two man band so maybe 15 to 20 cube a year. Sold out of seasoned hardwood completely, about 5 cube of soft wood left most of which will go out as nets or burn myself. Next years stock is drying nicely in new purpose built sheds
  3. Depending whether it’s 2.4m or 3m centres, cant or arris rails, 6” gravel boards, 4” posts, with or without postsaver wraps, roughly 5,500 to 6,500. disposal of soil is extra, probably couple of tons so whatever you need to pay for that plus transport or a skip
  4. Sold mine on the boot sale - absolute shite! Local dealer returned all their stock to manufacturer.
  5. Lovely cheers for that!
  6. Pretty gutted to hear this as had great parts service from them 😞 May be in the market for a new grinder next year and considered the Predator 460 as an upgrade to my 360 So no dealers for Jensen or Predator anywhere near Essex? Not that they were close but parts by next day courier made life easy
  7. Last weekend was the first I can remember for months not going out to quote - so guess the calls have slowed down. But booking jobs in for latter half of January already so all looking good. Lost a couple of quotes because I couldn’t do the jobs quickly enough - some people think we just wait for the phone to ring and can be there next day!
  8. This! Absolutely spot on - did 17 years of kyokushin karate, kickboxing and Thai boxing and was the fittest I could have been. Just the training without the fighting is a total all round workout. Add in running/cycling/swimming whichever you prefer for variety
  9. I’m actually very impressed with my battery stihl 160. Just dismantled a row of 30 6ft wide, 10ft high previously topped Leylandi today and first battery lasted 3/4 way down the line, second till all the trunks were clean and over half were chogged into 3ft lumps. Then the 391 came out to finish them. granted batteries won’t replace petrol in the bigger saws, but they certainly have their place!
  10. I’m not that fussy. - then I can’t afford to be either!
  11. If Rebecca is included, I’m in 😏
  12. Supply and demand - it’s only worth what someone is willing to pay for it. If that someone is willing to pay, then that is it’s value ( for the time being at least)


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