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  1. Anything is possible given enough time and determination, but you’ll be knackered at the end of it! Done some huge stumps with my 14hp predator 360sw. Got a bandit hb20 as well now but not had a chance to use it on anything big yet to see how much quicker it will be.
  2. Wish you a speedy recovery! Rest up and don’t go back too soon - three ops to repair six so speaking from experience ☹️
  3. Have the rats been dealt with? If not they’ll be back for another chew
  4. rapalaman


    Agree with all the above points - after 6 hernias and three ops I know recovery time is essential even though you’ll be itching to get back to work. Stopped doing fencing as the concrete post lifting had done me no favours and never handball heavy logs anymore. Cut smaller and/or two man lift. Better still machine lift. wish you a speedy recovery 👍
  5. rapalaman


    Got 9 bantams and they’re great. Fox proof with decent mesh/steel sheets/ concrete 18” below ground all round. Covered roof and sides with at least heavy aviary wire as fox will tear chicken wire open when desperate. a few traps around help keep the rats under control, plus I’ve got 5 cats who love to kill some and I get to shoot the odd one too. plenty of eggs and if you handle them from the start they can be really tame and a joy to keep 👍
  6. Or failing that the stihl harness - use it regularly and it really saves my back and elbows
  7. Happy new year Paul- miss your posts on here
  8. Can be nice wood for turning once seasoned if it hasn’t split. I always keep it to one side to sell in a few years but certainly wouldn’t be paying for any that’s just been felled
  9. It pays to know your local area and always double check if in any doubt. our local area is all online and free to check. However I do know of one road where I have worked a few times and none of the paper records were computerised so there are a whole load of mature trees that don’t show up in a search. Large limes, oaks and horse chestnuts. Anyone could easily fall foul with these even after doing the correct checks
  10. rapalaman


    Classic song! Looked after him one night when I was still doing security - what a lovely guy 👍
  11. Yes and love it - took a while to set it up properly to be comfortable for me but now it’s done it’s so much better than my old Vertex Vent
  12. He/she/it is sick and locked up thankfully - only feel sorry for the dog


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