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  1. Was doing a small reduction yesterday and the customer noticed me taking a pic of her fence. Apparently the guy fitting it was drinking old speckled hen at 10am - fence was surprisingly straight and level but not sure how he got this wrong? Made me chuckle 😁
  2. The job is now finished - was done a few days later so guess they ran out of time/daylight on the first day? Will get a pic of the finished article as I go by there regularly
  3. I’ve done stumps that size with Predator 360sw but I’d allow a whole day, 2 people at about £500 - 600 no vat, all arisings removed. Be far quicker with a tracked grinder of course. 2k for the whole job looks spot on to me, parking close and access being good
  4. I watched a jay picking off baby blue tits as they emerged from a nestbox - they didn’t stand a chance ☹️
  5. They take eggs and baby birds much the same as magpies but are usually a bit shy so not seen as much. Also more solitary than other corvids
  6. I was fishing our local river when a feral pigeon misjudged the water and ended up right in the middle. Luckily it’s only about 4ft deep and with a long landing net I got out there fully clothed and saved it from a watery grave. An hour drying off in the sun under the net and it was good to go. many years ago fishing again in Holland and the local pigeons would scavenge bait from me. One had fishing line wrapped around one foot which had become quite deformed and it had a nasty limp. Took a few days of careful coaxing to get it close enough to net it - 10 minutes of very careful snipping and nylon extraction from its wounds and another creature saved from a painful situation.
  7. Maybe she smelt a bit fishy? 😏
  8. Me neither - some things just stick though. Day after the fishing season ended so as that wasn’t available we went swimming instead - year before I left school so remember it like it was yesterday. but as I get older my short term memory is not what it was ☹️
  9. Earliest I ever saw one was March 15th 1981 skimming the outside swimming pool in Chelmsford- watched it for around 10-15 minutes. Was another 3-4 weeks before we saw another
  10. I don’t know what the difference is, but if I fill my predator grinder with supermarket fuel it hates it, popping, backfiring or completely giving up. Flush the system, refill with shell, texaco , bp etc and all is fine again. Happened several times from different supermarket stations so too much to be a coincidence. Hence is only use branded petrol in all my machines now
  11. Lovely looking and sounding old saw 👍
  12. Had a peregrine come over quite low yesterday in middle of Chelmsford- never seen one here before though we get plenty of sparrowhawks, kestrels and buzzards overhead daily. all the other bird life made themselves scarce pretty damn quickly!
  13. Yeah the big newish model - awesome piece of kit - love it!
  14. Same here - did 120 miles 3 Saturdays ago quoting, and only had two enquiries since then. Booked into May though so not concerned. Would have liked to win a couple that I guess I’ve been under quoted on, but not going to reduce my rates unless i need to get really competitive


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