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  1. rapalaman

    Ivy covering a hedge

    It will spread and eventually smother and kill it all so remove, dig out roots and attack any new growth as soon as it appears. A long hard war of attrition but worth it eventually. Replant a new Laurel to fill the gap
  2. rapalaman

    Another Mower Choice Question

    I’m still cutting with a 40 year old Hayter 21 - nothing modern can touch it in longish grass and I’m dreading the day It expires or I can’t source spares. Also using a Danarm (so Honda) which picks up wet grass very well, far better than Hayter 48 and 53 recycling mowers. Even a Mountfield Sp550 is better than the Hayters but not as reliable
  3. rapalaman


    They’ve been inland for a good few years now and have devastated a lot of waters fish stocks. Fishing clubs can apply for a licence to cull a very limited number, but nowhere near enough to make a difference. What with the reintroduction of otters and our Eastern European friends that eat everything they catch (not ALL Eastern Europeans), our fish stocks have taken a hammering these last few years ☹️
  4. rapalaman

    The Milky Way

    Wow! Quite incredible even looking on the tiny phone screen
  5. rapalaman

    Arb Kitten

    And the terrible twins 👍
  6. rapalaman

    Arb Kitten

    One of my three
  7. rapalaman

    Arb Kitten

    Looks a smasher!
  8. rapalaman

    Notre Dame cathedral...

    And that’s the opinion of most of these immigrants that we are welcoming into Europe and the U.K.!
  9. rapalaman

    Looking for a combi tool.

    Thumbs up for km56, we ran two until a scumbag nicked one 3 weeks ago. Got a 56 and a 90 4mix and I choose the 56 every time. Hate the 4mix and will never have another!
  10. rapalaman

    uprighting partially windblown ornamental trees

    Try one of these 222078190595 eBay number and some strong poly rope to a padded webbing strap or heavy duty tree tie - will save the wall taking the strain. Tied a neighbours heavily leaning 18ft unknown type of tree (from New Zealand), gradually pulled it upright and 8 years on its got a nice strong root plate and is around 25ft - all healthy 👍
  11. rapalaman

    CIS payment

    I do hedge and tree maintenance at a vets, subbed in by the company that does all their building maintenance and it’s cis payment ever since I started there about 3 /4 years ago. I just keep in mind the figure I Want for the job and add 20%. They pay my tax and at the end of the tax year, part of my hmrc bill has been paid in advance!
  12. rapalaman

    Show us your fencing!!

    Did he agree spec in writing/email? What did you fit - timber posts, panels, or arris rail and feather edge?
  13. rapalaman

    Purchasing 25 acre oak stand in France - Pics

    A river that’s been dammed could well be a productive fishery giving you a potential income stream subject to local laws, fishing rights etc. Carp, catfish, zander are all well sought after and depending on the quality of the fishing, anglers would be willing to pay to fish from well managed swims. (If that’s your bag of course?)
  14. A good few years ago we reduced a line, about 15 of them I think by 20ft. Not the first time they’d been done. Took a while as roadside with bt lines running through. 11 years later did them again, 20ft or so off, quite wide this time. Said to the customer that we should really be back more often to keep on top of them - they thought it had been 5 years, not 11. Now, 5 years later we have them booked in to reduce from 30ft to 12ft, take the 15ft overhanging the lane back to fenceline, all with a view to (maybe) fell and replant in a year or so. I’m on the ground for it this time running the chipper and being happy I’m not up there cutting! 😁
  15. rapalaman

    the 'todays job' thread

    322751948604 eBay item no is the one I’ve been using but many similar looking ones out there


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