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  1. Be a shame when Steve goes, can’t listen to Sara Cox - just annoys the hell out of me. Yet when she’s on tv she’s actually quite good. Zoe ball is ok, not too fussed either way
  2. Might get a few quid for those on eBay to put towards your projects 😏
  3. Plastic parts on mountfield break and spares often not available. Most mowers in that budget have already had a hard life though if careful you can find some hidden gems. No experience of new budget mowers, but I picked up a lovely Toro (can’t remember the number) at the end of season sale at b&q for a shade over 400. Around 580.00 everywhere else. Cracking machine so far after 4 months regular use on 9 lawns I do. other than that I run a couple of older hayters and a danarm which is a really good strong Honda engined machine
  4. Far too big for where they’ve planted it is the answer! Biggest I’ve taken down was 30” x 20” at the stump
  5. Got figs coming through, plenty of damsons, Victoria plums, morello cherries, Bramleys and eaters (don’t know the variety but delicious), red currants which will be netted in the next two days to keep the birds off. must make time to do jams, chutneys, pies etc and freeze the surplus as the food price increases will start to hurt as the year goes on.
  6. Egyptian geese on the Wensum in Norwich last weekend. Noisy buggers outside your bedroom window first thing but nice to see
  7. Definitely one of the greatest pleasures in life 👍 and the English translation - I've lived alone for many years Life is dull, everyday life is grey I lose patience, sanity and hair I would like to have a wife And the hope wants to wane Finding a partner Who is coequal to me No, there’s no luck in sight Chorus] She doesn't have to be beautiful She doesn't have to be smart, no She doesn’t have to be rich Not a model with long strides But big tits Like a constantly open wound Blood drips from the soul Only consolation are little dogs A fine miss would be good A fine miss would be great I'm not demanding at all I'm not picky at all At the end of the story [Chorus] She doesn't have to be beautiful She doesn't have to be smart, no She doesn't have to be rich But I would like to ask for one thing Big tits [Instrumental Break] [Bridge] I'm not demanding at all But big boobs would be great [Chorus] She doesn't have to be beautiful She doesn’t have to be smart She only has to be rich In adipose tissue, please, please She won’t miss anything from me She doesn't even have to kiss me Doesn’t need to comfort me with grapes She only has to have huge tits Big tits Genius Answer1 contributor Click here.
  8. 16ft tripod ladder, polesaw, hedgetrimmer head, long silky and or fiskars up86 to finish off. Can easily reach 35ft with no risk of trespass. not ideal but means no climbing in the tree
  9. Can’t get this one to play for some reason?
  10. I had the portek impact splitter and didn’t get on with it. Quite fast on the right logs but failed on a lot and was uncomfortable on the hands in use. Went for a much slower Clarke vertical splitter for the stuff the X25 didn’t do or when my energy levels were getting low
  11. Gave up on two of mine as just too unreliable ☹️ Got a battery bga 86 and an Echo backpack PB8010 for bigger jobs and between them they have been faultless
  12. Sorry will be too far away in mid Essex. May explore options on this one, hire some equipment to get them roadside. I think ringing up 29 of them and shifting would tip me over the edge 👎
  13. I got the convenience of an empty truck so I could carry on working 👍 I have a tip site where all chip and unwanted logs go and it was far closer to this job than dragging it all back to the yard. They then sell the chip and logs on as far as I’m aware - don’t know how much they get unfortunately


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