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  1. I don't think they've done much of this before

    Can't see it without logging in I'm not on FB
  2. A pair of pike

    Not on FB - sizes and prices please? Cheers
  3. Making the news today....

    Spot on
  4. Wood chipping in chelmsford please

    Usually have a couple of loads a week, also based about 2 miles from you. Cheers
  5. 2wd pick ups

    Ran a P100 (Cortina shape) when I first started out, then a Bedford KB 1 ton pickup- fantastic truck so long as you knew it's capabilities. Great for small domestic stuff and it was my car/work truck for about 3 years (20 years ago now)
  6. Chipper for sale

    Put it on Arbtrader with pics, location, price etc
  7. Photo Competition - Win £100

    Turn the image on your pc so it's wrong way (sideways), save, move onto next one, do same, move back, turn right way up, save, repeat etc. It should then load correctly onto whatever forum/listing site you're using
  8. French Election

  9. New wood burner

    Get one - best thing I've done. Only two winters under my belt but gas bill has dropped dramatically, probably 40-50%. Soon adds up, logs are sort of free and no hassle of delivering them to customers
  10. Work guarantee

    Lost a quoted job recently, concrete posts, gravel boards, close boarded panels - was asked what guarantee I'd give. I replied it depends on how often the customers treat the panels and with what. Posts, gravel boards and 22" of concrete won't fail. Total surprise! "What, the panels need treating? Aren't they already treated?" I explained that just as a timber front door will need painting, fences need treating. One of the other quotes gave a 20 year guarantee including panels. No one can put a genuine guarantee on and actually be there to rectify rotting panels for 20 years. Quite glad to not get this one
  11. Jensen on ebay scam

    182518542777 These pics have been used a multitude of times, different user id, probably a hijacked account.
  12. green waste bin portsmouth

    Do you have a link to website please?
  13. Pants

    Calvin Klein
  14. your favourite political broadcaster

    Absolutely cannot stand Robert Peston - mute button as soon as he comes on in our house!
  15. gumtree scam

    The whole way it is written, grammar, wording and terms is typical of Nigerian scams, or African in general. Been going for years in similar format


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