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  1. rapalaman

    the 'todays job' thread

    322751948604 eBay item no is the one I’ve been using but many similar looking ones out there
  2. rapalaman

    the 'todays job' thread

    I sharpen multitips with diamond disc on a 4” grinder. (Wear a dust mask). Bit fiddly and time consuming but can get a reasonable edge back if not mullered. I now use 2 multitips and two standard rhino teeth on my 360. Cuts better and easier to sharpen imho
  3. rapalaman

    Apple wood.

    As someone who occasionally sells a few pieces of 3 - 6 yr seasoned wood turning blanks on eBay, I can testify that it’s not going to make a fortune unless very rare and or interesting shape, colours, grain etc. A lot of the cost of some of those apple pieces listed will also be the shipping. Quite dear for heavier lumps!
  4. rapalaman

    Natural Screens...

    Bamboo takes over far too quickly and is a b......d to dig out and get rid of!
  5. rapalaman

    Post your stump grinding photos

    A couple of pics from today - deep old sycamore stump left in from one we took down 2 weeks ago. Foundations now dug out close by gave us good access to get the whole thing right out 😁
  6. rapalaman

    Lucas mill on ebay

    Same old story, can’t take phone call, in hospital, can’t hear, just had operation on throat/voicebox so can’t speak, just moved to remote location, will only deliver it but for a good price, won’t accept cash on collection or anyone looking at the item because IT DOESNT EXIST!!! so many of these on eBay, also gumtree, preloved, and other sites.
  7. rapalaman

    Finding things out about your kids

    Sacre bleu - French too
  8. rapalaman

    Tree ident please

    Not far from Chelmsford, mid Essex. Close up of leaves with small black berries
  9. rapalaman

    Tree ident please

    No problem- will put it aside and get some better pics
  10. rapalaman

    Tree ident please

    Cheers - I’ll get some close ups of the leaves tomorrow
  11. We just uncovered this behind a fence that we need to replace. It’s got to come out but would like an idea what it is please? Leaves are very much like privet but never seen one as big as this?
  12. rapalaman

    Work required

    What’s your location Pete?
  13. rapalaman

    Tax return

    Hi rob, your books will finish April 5th 2019 and should be submitted after that date and under current rules tax to be paid by 31st jan 2020 (as far as I’m aware) Moves are underway to make all submissions digital every 3 months so worth keeping up to date with what hmrc are doing. A good accountant will save you more than they will cost you!
  14. rapalaman

    Thermal gloves/liner recommendations

    Coracten tablets on prescription help my reynauds- not a cure but certainly helps. Gold leaf dry touch gloves ok till they get soaked through, winter touch when the temp really drops but not good for climbing
  15. rapalaman

    Estimated quantity of logs from tree sugury

    Even if there were twice that amount of logs left for the op, it doesn’t change the fact that it was probably over double the cost it should have been. always get more than one quote and get recommendations


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