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  1. Customer watched a fox take several cubs over a 6ft wall after I removed a screen of conifers dividing the garden. They climb pretty well and can jump high too. Higher fencing with 45 degree outward facing top, like otter fencing may help. Electrified line at the top too if poss. Mine have steel sheeting and hardcore dug into a trench 18 inches deep and backfilled all round the perimeter. Fox trap from the trap man on eBay helps keep the numbers down too 😏
  2. What kind of quantity? Hard/soft/mixed?
  3. Just got an order delivered and tried it today. Very springy and awkward to load and wears down incredibly quickly. Won’t be buying this again!
  4. Had a few chipper blades sharpened by them a few months ago. Took over a month and a chase to get them sent back and I was charged twice. That took several emails, calls and over 2 weeks to get a refund. Business will be taken elsewhere from now on
  5. Did exactly the same when my dad was in hospital and condition worsened- filled up, drove off, came back a few hours later and paid. They hadn’t even noticed! Was a few years ago mind, 1997
  6. Spudulike on here is your man!
  7. Without the equipment, it’s basically worthless. Unless maintenance contracts are in writing and guaranteed. Only the equipment is worth £££
  8. Rub with olive oil/veg oil or similar. Gets leylandi sap off skin so may work on this?
  9. It will spread and eventually smother and kill it all so remove, dig out roots and attack any new growth as soon as it appears. A long hard war of attrition but worth it eventually. Replant a new Laurel to fill the gap
  10. I’m still cutting with a 40 year old Hayter 21 - nothing modern can touch it in longish grass and I’m dreading the day It expires or I can’t source spares. Also using a Danarm (so Honda) which picks up wet grass very well, far better than Hayter 48 and 53 recycling mowers. Even a Mountfield Sp550 is better than the Hayters but not as reliable
  11. rapalaman


    They’ve been inland for a good few years now and have devastated a lot of waters fish stocks. Fishing clubs can apply for a licence to cull a very limited number, but nowhere near enough to make a difference. What with the reintroduction of otters and our Eastern European friends that eat everything they catch (not ALL Eastern Europeans), our fish stocks have taken a hammering these last few years ☹️
  12. rapalaman

    The Milky Way

    Wow! Quite incredible even looking on the tiny phone screen


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