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  1. The vodka martini is obviously helping 😏
  2. Part of Chelmsford town centre earlier today
  3. Got to be in the autumn though when they’ve been a diet of nuts etc. In the spring and summer they eat lots of nestlings and it really affects the flavour of the meat (so I’m told)
  4. Have a read of the wee chipper thread - plenty of info and opinions on there 👍
  5. Wet two days running here in Essex - staying home doing machine maintenance and paperwork 👍
  6. Putting your location may help! Best of luck 👍
  7. I burn 50-60% softwood, properly seasoned so no sap or gunk and my chimney sweep says my chimney is spot on. Gets hardly anything out of it on it’s annual clean. Seasoning properly is the key - burn hardwood that’s not dry will gunk up your chimney just as easily
  8. I think the rayco will go down 13” and the rock 10” below ground. Depends on how much it’ll get used? The rayco should last longer so long as it’s been correctly maintained and will hold its value
  9. Bit dear there - cheaper are frjones but 270mm is prob better choice for shorter stature if it’s strapped to your leg or hanging from belt. I’m 5ft 8” and the 330mm in a sawpod is a tad too long for me
  10. Watched this for the first time ever - quite entertaining and better than stopping drunks smashing each other up at work 👍
  11. Happy new year to you all! first year I’ve had nye off for 19 years as always been working on the door so a very odd one for me sitting at home watching tv. Not how I imagined my first free one would be like 😐
  12. Love my curved Zubat, dislike my straight Natanoko - horses for courses 👍
  13. Oh yes - that scruffy bugger is my son that works with me sometimes 😏 looks like I just dragged him out of that hedge!
  14. Call out today to a split and fallen field maple across a garden. Thought we’d all done till next year, everything locked and chained up then the phone went late morning. Got there by 12.30 and away before 2 😁 had previously advised customer a year ago that it needed seriously reducing or preferably removing as the base was in poor condition. will be back to remove the other two stems first job in January if the wind doesn’t bring it down before then 👍


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