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  1. Can’t get this one to play for some reason?
  2. I had the portek impact splitter and didn’t get on with it. Quite fast on the right logs but failed on a lot and was uncomfortable on the hands in use. Went for a much slower Clarke vertical splitter for the stuff the X25 didn’t do or when my energy levels were getting low
  3. Gave up on two of mine as just too unreliable ☹️ Got a battery bga 86 and an Echo backpack PB8010 for bigger jobs and between them they have been faultless
  4. Sorry will be too far away in mid Essex. May explore options on this one, hire some equipment to get them roadside. I think ringing up 29 of them and shifting would tip me over the edge 👎
  5. I got the convenience of an empty truck so I could carry on working 👍 I have a tip site where all chip and unwanted logs go and it was far closer to this job than dragging it all back to the yard. They then sell the chip and logs on as far as I’m aware - don’t know how much they get unfortunately
  6. I’ve just felled 3 60ft ones into customers field, dumped the timber for biomass as didn’t think it was good firewood? Very wet and heavy even in 6” - 10” rings to make it easy moving them. Had three full truck loads and two of chip. Theyre considering having another 29 down next year so may have a rethink on what to do with the trunks
  7. I agree eggs, and I know it’s hard - been there, lived on veg stew for months on end with the odd pigeon I shot, pike I caught, 99p tescos value turkey leg lasting two meals to supplement. Worked all the hours, extra job, took in lodgers - whatever I needed to do to survive. the universal credit system is totally s..t and it does fail a lot of people. BUT - there are millions who can’t or wont make the effort - either through lack of education or motivation and think that the world owes them. you’re not like that, I’m not like that and I’d say most of the members are hard working and just get stuff done 👍
  8. Chickens are pretty cheap to feed - a bag of pellets, little bit of corn supplemented with veg peelings, dandelion leaves, chickweed, grazing open grass, snails, spiders, insects and general foraging. But aside from that, whilst 30p for a meal isn’t easily achievable, with proper preparation and budgeting, people can eat well for a lot less than many do. The proliferation of home delivery of every item or takeaway under the sun, convenience foods, ready made this and that means a lot of people have never learned how to prep food from scratch.
  9. Did one cube of leylandi with Fiskars x25 this afternoon after a nice early work finish - got a sweat on 👍 normally give it away or swap for homemade wine, but trying to bulk up next years stock due to increased demand. Will mix in with hardwood for customers and burn ourselves
  10. Just got one last week - not had a chance to use it yet but it seems solidly put together. Already have the Hayauchi and love it, just needed a bit of extra reach
  11. Location and pics will help - you may find that someone here will be able to do a good job safely at a favourable price - and save your life in the process. Don’t underestimate how dangerous this can be! Even professionals have to take it slow and think about every move
  12. Got mine from arbrep services but need to go direct to predator now. Can take pics and measurements tomorrow as the machine will be out working and always carry a spare set
  13. rapalaman


    They don’t come up for sale very often but there are plenty of decent alternatives. If you read the wee chipper thread on here there’s a wealth of info. You may be able to hire something decent if it’s just a one off job
  14. Just lit ours - first time for about 4 weeks or so, just to take the chill off. logs are still selling for burning now and already delivering ready for next winter - will sell out I reckon 👍
  15. Don’t do it! Spend the time going to see the machine - if not it probably doesn’t exist!
  16. Exactly this - see so many people asking for bark chips, when that isn’t what is being offered
  17. Felco are good but still not up to Silky standard
  18. Totally agree with Mick on this - fell and replant a good distance away
  19. Pictures or she doesn’t exist 😏
  20. I’ve got a local drive I tip off at - mainly conifer and he loves it. I get a few gallons of homemade wine, sloe whisky etc in exchange so it’s a win win for me 👍
  21. If they’re not too blunt and only need a tickle then you have the right tools for that. You can normally get one or sometimes two sharpens doing it by eye. Wear a dust mask and goggles 👍
  22. Tried it and gave up after 10 minutes ☹️ never had a line break as often and it was only used in some long grass, nettles and thistles. Went straight back to nylium starline and got a refund from the seller
  23. Enquiries have definitely slowed down but still booking for early May. Stumpgrinding has certainly gone quiet - got nothing in the pipeline as I’ve been undercut on the last two I quoted. Less stressful not being chased all the time is the upside 👍
  24. I use the 6.3m hayauchi and have the sintung lopper head as well - never go out without it as it’s got me out of some tight situations before. Managed to take weight off unclimbable split limbs, dangerous bits that I’d never dare to put weight on etc, as well as general reductions and removals where space is tight. Getting the 7.7m hayate next 👍


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