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  1. Another vote for unipower at Dunmow - very good to deal with
  2. Nice variety of bird life you have there! easy to add pics- just scroll down to “add image file” click and add 👍
  3. rapalaman

    Stihl 015

    Just picked up this 011av, Thought I’d give it a try so fresh fuel And it was up and running in around half a dozen pulls. Seems to run ok, will need to adjust carb a little to get it idling better. Oil pump seems to work, no bar or chain with it. Question is - do I shell out for the missing parts and use it or sell as is? Any ideas if it has a value or for spares?
  4. And now worth? a mate bought 400 quids worth quite near the start and doesn’t know the password. Has it on an old hard drive but has no clue to what he chose all those years ago. Currently “worth” several Million but without a password it’s got no value at all ☹️
  5. As Gav says - mixed in it’s fine. Had a couple of cubic meters that I’ve burned over the last two winters.
  6. Yeah they have it done like this every few years. I think it’s a council owned tree, never seen the work being done so don’t know who by
  7. Finally got back there and got these two pics of the finished article
  8. Wrong tree in the wrong place, trunk looks in poor condition. fell and replace with something more suitable to be totally honest with you. Sorry but no amount of propping can change the facts
  9. Ok cheers - still doesn’t show in the original post. iPhone, safari
  10. Looks more like a hedge trimmer to me! 😏
  11. Yeah they thought they could dig it out, then tried to burn it. Even if they had dug it out they would never have got it out of the hole or through the narrow gate without a hell of a lot of graft with an axe and mattock.
  12. Luckily I gave a price of between two figures so told her if was the higher of the two. Still a bit under what I would have quoted, but after a 30 mile drive I didn’t want to turn around and leave it. Also picked up some more work there so not a total disaster 👍
  13. Did this one during the week - first photo sent by customer so I gave a ball park figure. The reality was a bit different! Second pic shows what it was really like - turned out to not be too bad and was done and finished in 3 1/2 hours. Nearly 3ft deep but was pretty soft - a pine of some kind but customer didn’t know what
  14. The predator 360sw has a laski sticker on it - same machine different colour. The fsi B22 is tempting for the drive - wish they made a 25hp or so model though
  15. Try a couple and see, but probably gonna be too hard to split by hand. Always split green if possible!
  16. I’m used to sloppy seconds!
  17. You knew her too then? 😏
  18. As Gary said - scaffold poles on scaffold boards and inch it along. Done several like this on my own with a long bar levering from each corner bit by bit. Painstaking but not that hard really
  19. Only that one - she was not impressed with him being p.....d while doing the job
  20. Was doing a small reduction yesterday and the customer noticed me taking a pic of her fence. Apparently the guy fitting it was drinking old speckled hen at 10am - fence was surprisingly straight and level but not sure how he got this wrong? Made me chuckle 😁
  21. The job is now finished - was done a few days later so guess they ran out of time/daylight on the first day? Will get a pic of the finished article as I go by there regularly
  22. I’ve done stumps that size with Predator 360sw but I’d allow a whole day, 2 people at about £500 - 600 no vat, all arisings removed. Be far quicker with a tracked grinder of course. 2k for the whole job looks spot on to me, parking close and access being good


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