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  1. Great photos, miss having a spaniel
  2. Another view is that there are plenty of us in our 40s that have done fine from tree work as a very genuine and useful career....., initially planting and forestry then climbing subbing paid for my education to degree level. Sounds like you'd be suited to getting on a level 2 arb apprenticeship with a decent company and going from there, if you're prepared to earn them money and put the time and effort in on the basic tasks, don't think that it will make you a climber, view it as a first step.
  3. Yeah good luck Dan, have a scan through the the woodlots website if you haven't, and put up an ad there too, often see countryside and woodland work on there
  4. What Mark said with a whoopie or dead eye under any ratchet strap device, or just wait for the moment a big lump sees it head up the tree if not cut in........embarrassing I think you can still get a tongue/foot hook thing for the p500 which is easier than cutting in.
  5. The treerunner p500 is great as you know, wouldn't be without it, the rcw3001 with the winch is a heavy lump as already said but lots lighter and cheaper than a grcs and a mega handy do it all option if you can only buy one.
  6. Hope you keep going with the vids Reg, always a good watch. Then retire into certification, nevermind the ArbAC, how about RCAC, stamp of competence worth having!

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    AGT850 tractor and implements £28000+vat 600hours on tractor, and has a new front 3pl and spool block, front steering but can spin seat to reverse operate, belly guarding and front wheel weights. TP175pto chipper 250 hours with step down box to run on a 540rpm pto, and pilot control anti stress system. Country 3.9 crane with cat1 3pl mount and mini jake plate mount, with fold up forwarding trailer so will all fit on one trailer. DRVOGT1-140 Dragone reversible flail approx 30 hours with hydraulic side shift and push bars. RSL 1.2m skidding grapple with hydraulic rotator and top link, own lever spool valve, and drop down dozer blade for grading ruts/chip piles etc.


  8. My skidding grapple is for sale if it'd be any use for you? built by RSL, and with a mind to fit onto a large front loader one day.
  9. Probably get a little 30hp one for ~10k, but ~50hp minimum is better for tree work I think, selling my AGT850 for 16k 600hours. Reverse steer very useful for tight skidder work. I'd be a bit wary of avant type loaders in the woods, unless a very gentle site, don't think most have a central oscillation point like alpines, so will be more tippy, or split rear brakes for skidding with the nose in the air etc.
  10. That sort of job is exactly why I got a skidding grapple with a rotator for my alpine tractor, yet another option! If you've got room to convert from pole length near roadside.
  11. Let buyers know if it's on the original pot and piston, subtly mark the main parts if ebaying, (fb marketplace better) and film it cutting first in case of a scammer/parts swapper and returner, would guess at least worth £200 if not tatty. Then find a decent husky 350 and get spud to port it for you!
  12. Yup, excellent car, still going at 180k but think the lpg might be finally winning against the valve seats. I'd heard the same about the volvo 5 cylinder, sounds a good tree car.
  13. Cheers Billhook, might be a decent legacy replacement option


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