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  1. I'm based in Hemel Hempstead and could help you with this if needed
  2. Have you contacted whoever produced the report for a proper spec? They should include tonnage of material and position of bracing at a minimum.
  3. solid, quality steel and welding on mine, if not too knackered I'd give it a go
  4. I think most large landowners will be making removal decisions based on TM costs, harvesting viability, estate grouping around buildings, and economy of scale etc when seeking costs, e.g. the 5 roadside trees will get felled when the woodland behind is.
  5. As another option for a tree you might otherwise rod brace, for a lo- ish static brace lately I've used aircraft grade steel cable looped round the stem, but with dead oak heartwood spacers/load spreaders positioned vertically, so there is minimal compression and disruption to the cambium, same idea as you'd use on a retained tree that was a winching point on a forestry job. Avoids big drilling for a rod and you can see the condition of the cable over time, oldest install is only three years old though but seems to be working well so far. And pre-load union first as Jake says with rachet straps, on bigger trees the Stein rcw3001 (or any winch bollard) has been brilliant instead of rachet straps at winching a union together just with a tied off rigging line and pulley.
  6. https://www.forestresearch.gov.uk/tools-and-resources/fthr/forestgales/ This is worth running through for your land/soil/exposure/species, have used it and seen it improve over the years.
  7. Ian Barnes is nearish to you, Tree Diagnostics
  8. Steinbauer boxes, marginally increase injector opening duration rather than increasing fuel rail pressure, used on big plant and tractors, worth looking into if they provide for your vehicle
  9. The extra Ludwig nails/reflectors you can use with the Fakopp kit to increase resolution and the software sold it for me, as did having used their microsecond timer a lot with the same combined sensor/nail system that has stood up well so far, especially handy for climbing decay detection.
  10. Looking at all the tomography kit providers would be useful for you probably so you can compare systems, picus is far from the only option. Plenty of interesting kit available to supplement tomography in the static and wind load testing area which you'd find interesting. All of it is only useful as an aid to solid vta experience and a good amount of condition report work if you're just starting out. I'm kept busy with my tomograph kit from Fakopp and a microsecond timer, but wouldn't be without a resistograph to confirm or contradict tomography. You might find it a bit tricky to get to tag along as like a lot of things its hard to be productive and concentrate on the detail while instructing. CAS did some good demo days pre covid as do Sorbus and others.
  11. Just grab some basic ppe if you don't have any already, boots, gloves, helmet and offer to help your local companies move brash etc, but keeping out of the way while you can pick up a bit on how a job goes, what was the spec, did it make sense to the team, was it even achievable within site constraints etc?
  12. Ditto Paul's comment about time on the tools, (with the right crew) will help you and those using your reports a lot.
  13. Painful, hope it goes well both
  14. Boring answer...using same srt petzl rig setup as normal plus a 25m 11.5mm line with a spider jack ddrt, which self tends a bit too well to climb on (yes I know), but good for a fairly painless second system, and can easily control both with one hand on the way down and out, plus short lanyard.


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