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  1. Andrew McEwan

    Hyundai 14 HP Chipper

    william127 is the guy for hyundai mini chipper info
  2. Andrew McEwan

    GRCS, smart winch or LD1

    Have you had a try of the rcw3001 Drew? Any thoughts? Hope all is well down south
  3. Andrew McEwan

    Stactic cobra bracing tips?

    No problem, hope it goes well
  4. Andrew McEwan

    Stactic cobra bracing tips?

    A pair of 5ton rachet straps work well for pretensioning, or a little hand rachet winch mid tensioning line if the tree is larger. A spare friction hitch to put on the end of your bracing line so it can follow you about the tree is helpful, as are the usual tools on bits of cord, chunky scissors, insulation tape etc, and a little plywood bosuns chair/swing seat if you're going to be in a awkward spot for a bit (or like me are getting soft).
  5. Andrew McEwan

    Echo CS 2511 TES bar stud issues.

    Bad news Ken, did the stud just spin when having the bar off or did it fail when cutting?
  6. Andrew McEwan

    Cutting it with Battery Power

    Are you going to get one to try Steve? handy for clearing around trees prior to a decay detection job!
  7. Andrew McEwan

    Smaller Zubat

    Mostly 270cm in various silkys since 98 ish, good size I think. 2511 is brilliant isn't it.
  8. Andrew McEwan


    Hi Patrick The ISA guide to tree support systems is a good reference, but mainly about steel cabling. Without opening a large can of worms, briefly I think parts of BS3998 are due updating, particularly pruning with bracing and tensioning, but I don't know of any new material out there, it'd be a good topic for the AA to cover in a new guide, and also then apply some pressure to the get the 'shoulds' removed from 3998. If Kevin Moore is running any bracing courses he is well worth listening to on the subject, but you will find equally valid and very different approaches and thoughts on materials from Rob Knott (Nod at treeworker) and others. Probably like a lot of arb it is down to experience and educated guess work, and well due some long term studies on the synthetic systems, but even with them (when someone does them!) as a foundation there are so many variables to think about.
  9. Andrew McEwan


    Has the bracing been recommended following a survey? If so the report should have been written to give you a detailed spec, what the brace is to achieve, position of brace, material type, material mbs etc, but you often see 'brace the tree' which isn't much help. If you haven't been given a useful spec it may be worth getting some experienced help in, as it's really easy to get the hang of the splicing part of it, then hang something in a tree that isn't very useful, and there are lots of factors to consider, suspension or support system? preload or not? bracing pattern? and thinking about the pros and cons of different systems and attachments. Assuming you are thinking of using synthetic cabling (don't rule out rods or steel cable being better for the right spec), but suggest you leave boa and cobra alone as there are much easier (and better value) to use products available now, speak to Rob at Treeworker for materials.
  10. Andrew McEwan

    What's on your bench today?

    Same to you Steve, always a pleasure using the spudded fleet
  11. Andrew McEwan

    Short flexible bracing systems?

    Treeworker will sort out materials you need as Steve says, I've just spliced a continuous loop of their flat braid around close forks in the past.
  12. Andrew McEwan

    Fantasy to reality, hot saws... Spud? and others

    Steve will be along to give the list, but big gains are possible (~ +30% cut speed) on husky 3 series, very happy with my spudded 350, 357 and 372. I think 200t and 201t are popular but don't have one.
  13. Andrew McEwan

    topping scotts pine

    A big +1 for getting a good synthetic cable brace in there.
  14. Andrew McEwan

    Browning needles on Monterey Pine

    Can you get some needle samples? It could be red band needle blight, but odd to see only that limb cluster affected or if you are still thinking PPC then get a sample in to the fc and register it via tree alert app.
  15. Andrew McEwan

    Rescue from a single line

    Hi Joe, It can be done on a single line, have a read through what I posted earlier, shout if any questions. Cheers Andrew


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