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  1. Military surplus waterproofs

    Jackets - British Military Surplus Had a few decent jackets from here
  2. The mutt's nuts, take 'me or leave 'em?

    How old is he? Can lessen risk of various nasties having them off if he's knocking on.
  3. Alpine tractor talk

    Sounds good, what did you prefer on the pasquali compared to bsc agt etc? Or mainly price/service?
  4. Alpine tractor talk

    Very nice Adam! Is that from Alan Munn? What d'you think the loader will manage max?
  5. clearance saw

    Husky 555fxt and their own scarlett blade, I struggled to get 555s from husky uk a few years ago, if they're still being 'interesting' to deal with you can get them easily elsewhere. Much better than the longer shaft rxt models for clearing/respacing
  6. Hare today, gone tomorrow ( hopefully) 😜

    Brilliant, is it partially burnt to finish?
  7. Man...I'm confused! Rigging Kit!

    Avoid the port-a-wrap style lowering devices if you can, they do the job but any of the single drum bollard types, with a back plate are a big improvement. Tree runner P500 is what we use for what you describe, and it's decent. Have a look at x-ring slings and similar, that and a DMM pinto rig or two, and probably any of common 12 or 14mm ropes will be fine.
  8. 5837 and topo surveys

    NTM mapping overlaid on an aerial photo will help you get accurate canopy outlines, but obviously not stem position.
  9. PTO chipper

    I've pm'd you some details of my TP130 pto chipper, over your budget perhaps but I'd rather have my money in a TP than any of the other pto chippers I've seen to fit small tractors.
  10. Arb show / Bletchley Park

    Can do that for you Ken, quite often in MK
  11. R.I.P Theocus David Shepherd

    Well done Jenny, I think many of us will be visiting to contribute, such sad news. RIP Dave
  12. Fungus on willow

    Looks like Trametes versicolor
  13. Trailer lock

    http://www.ptstools.co.uk/pdf/Lincmaster%20powerpoint%20pdf.pdf Choose one from Lincmaster, many times heavier duty/better thought out than anything else I've had.
  14. Grapple

    RSL near Watford built me something similar for my alpine, wouldn't expect it to phase Richard building you something smaller for a loader.
  15. Makita-DUC302Z

    I like my duc302z, for what it is. Have you seen the new duc353z rear handled saw? Much higher chain speed than the 302


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