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  1. Andrew McEwan

    Struggling with recruitment

    To fill your person spec and get someone decent I think you need to up the ££.
  2. Andrew McEwan

    Inline/serial bracing opinions please

    Still not a helpful original spec then, as you have to consider the risk of whiplash failure with those long static cable runs. I'd say with old high up steel cable it's even more important to consider installing upper synthetic cable, and same advice about aerial resistograph and winch testing first. Also don't need to tell you of the impact of repeated reductions on the trees ability to lay down new tissue to cope with the altered loading from static bracing. Minor extra point, have seen a fair few steel cable installs done with incorrect clamping, so would be dubious if they would hold under a big whiplash load anyway, worth checking for.
  3. Andrew McEwan

    Inline/serial bracing opinions please

    I would be taking my resistograph up there on that kind of aerial inspection, and also some rachet straps/small winch. Both to test the areas and unions around the rods. Have often recommended and installed sythentic bracing above old rods to reduce failure risk. From the your description rods weren't the right way to go to start with, best left for short span/lower down codominant issues if they are used at all.
  4. Andrew McEwan

    Topping TPO'd pops...

    Lets take a decay prone species and reduce it's crown so much that it knackers the ability to lay down new tissue around any basal defect, clever!
  5. Andrew McEwan

    Ornamental Plum Fungi?

    It can act as a fairly benign saprotroph, but have seen a lot of purple plum with it near the end of things, is it growing in the lawn? treat it to a nice mulch round the base?
  6. Andrew McEwan

    Ornamental Plum Fungi?

    Likely Phellinus pomaceus Steve, maybe some tlc could help but likely for the firewood/tuning pile if it's dropping limbs.
  7. Andrew McEwan

    Setting up as a consultant

    I use Otiss software, and pretty happy with it. I learnt a lot about arb and forestry consultancy from working within a company before setting up on my own, worth a thought if you've not already done it that way. Best of luck with it
  8. Andrew McEwan

    Cedar ident

    Did you drill it as well Steve?
  9. Andrew McEwan

    Training to do LOLER assessments

    Suspect insurance companies will refer to this from HSE, interpreted to suit. "Although the competent person may often be employed by another organisation, this is not necessary, provided they are sufficiently independent and impartial to ensure that in-house examinations are made without fear or favour. However, this should not be the same person who undertakes routine maintenance of the equipment - as they would then be responsible for assessing their own maintenance work. "
  10. Andrew McEwan

    Air Spade Contractor Needed

    You could try Dan at https://macintyre-trees.co.uk/
  11. Andrew McEwan

    National companies putting us a step back.

    I'm more cynical and think the poplar was perhaps just the incident that crew didn't get away with, but either way if you view it as an exceptional case it shows the AAC sampling plan is missing those crews operating like that. I suspect you don't need me to give a run through of how to run certification to any particular standard, but any work like that is only as good as the sampling plan you start off with as per ISO 17021. Re the work diary, nice to hear you are able to have some flexible visits, but if AAC needs to sample rigging activities the assessors sampling plan needs to reflect that and request that info. I think most contractors would mainly know where a rigging kit is going to come out beforehand.
  12. Andrew McEwan

    National companies putting us a step back.

    Thanks Paul, interesting to see Bartletts at least got a £24K fine from HSE. Has the AA reviewed how the AAC scheme is assessed in light of the incident? Clients could be forgiven for thinking that AAC assessment isn't spotting serious short comings in contractors operations, if the poplar incident could occur in the first place. The main improvement I have heard discussed is prior to site assessment it being necessary to submit a booked work diary, enabling AA assessors to choose a job and site at random, and turn up to see more of a true reflection of a contractors staff and operations rather than a staged/planned visit.
  13. Andrew McEwan

    National companies putting us a step back.

    Hi Paul, Apologies if I have missed it elsewhere , but could you update the arbtalk masses on the Bartletts poplar incident and the AA response, and are they still using AAC status to complete tenders and as a mark of their quality?
  14. Andrew McEwan

    Sawdust in the eyes

    old dive mask in the shower as big daily eye bath/sluice, and optrex, good luck with eyeballs
  15. Andrew McEwan

    TP chipper: anyone got any experience?

    Just standard spout on mine Ken as it is the pto verision, (sorry should've said) and is behind a 50hp alpine so doesn't slow for much. There is a vid on fb of it on some billets we had to chip, and they are nicely made and laid out, and nice to get a galv chassis, are you adding to the fleet or thinking of chopping in the quadchip?


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