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  1. Your right. 0.75 or 0.6 tubes are a lot better choice. However, they don't address the deer problem. I've planted many 1000s. Always go for the smallest tubes you can get away with. Sometimes, the specification is to use 1.2m tubes for conifers, hazel, and hawthorn etc. Totally the wrong choice. But I, just get on with it nowadays. I've also just planted 500 in biodegradable 0.75 shelters. What a waste of time and money that was. Not my choice, just following the spec.
  2. Anyone had any experience of using sirane earthboard tree guard? I've planted thousands in the past, mostly tubex, but I've been instructed to use these for a new planting.
  3. I bought a Makita top handle and was under the impression they came with a 3 year warranty, if you register it?
  4. The 'white markings' are a definite fungi. Wish I'd taken an earlier photo. And yes, it's not like any Kd (or Ud as I was taught ages ago!) that I've ever seen. Every one I have seen was of blatant charcoal type appearance. But, I thought it may be an early appearance of the Kd fruiting bodies. (Only guessing though) It's quite a prominent village tree, which has been shedding branches. No major crown dieback. However, the client is worried as they are some high value targets under it. A couple more photos. Both from different parts of the buttress roots
  5. This fungus was found at the base of a mature sycamore. It was originally white in colour but has now darkened. I'd love an identification. I suspect it may be the anamorphic stage of Kretzschmaria deusta but stand to be corrected. Any help appreciated. Sorry, best photo I could get!
  6. Just crown raised a small beech tree in Pudsey near Bradford for a friend. Combined it with a weekend golfing. It was too far for me to take the chipper. If anyone in that area could do about an hour's chipping for him, he would be grateful. PM me if your interested.
  7. All sorts of characters over the years. But the ones I remember most are: A former chairman of the British Medical Association. Really nice bloke (knighted for his services) Was invited to dinner at his house with my wife and father in law. A metalwork engineer who made parts for British nuclear submarines in a wooden shed in his front garden. An old submariner who told me about surfacing and shooting at railway tunnels to block trains in them. An old ww2 bomber pilot, who later went to work on Vulcan bombers. Told some great tales. A former chairman of a large haulage firm (800 lorries) Really down to earth bloke, who enjoyed helping out with the work. A couple who I knew personally, but didn't work for: An old bloke who helped rescue an enigma machine from a sinking U-boat. Probably helped shorten the war. Great character. Another old boy who drove a bulldozer at Belson. ( you may have seen the footage of him and his colleagues) Had cancer and had part of his stomach removed, which meant he soon got drunk. I remember he played in the local brass band and each Christmas they played in every pub in the town. By the end of the night, well, lets just say the quality of music had gone downhill!
  8. I use one of these if needed. I do some proper metal detecting and this is a pinpointer used for locating the item in the hole you've dug. Vibrates and buzzes when near metal. Only go a few inches in though.
  9. Found it on pasture land. So no plough damage.
  10. First hammered coin with the new detector. Henry vii groat
  11. No, i didn't message you Pete. Must have been someone else!
  12. Owners thoughts please on the Greenmech 130. Has it been reliable? What's it like chipping wet conifer etc. Will it block up? Would you buy another? Only asking as I'm thinking about a replacement for my good old petrol Entec CH25. I'd buy similar but out off the timber wolf 160 because of lack of a bonnet.
  13. Anyone know where the app has gone? Can't find it on Google play / android?
  14. The good old Willans. I climbed on a full body one since the early 1990s. Had to retire it this year. (Too old to lolar) and you can't get the full body one now. Personally, I found them bloody comfortable.
  15. A little tip: Find out which genus has opposite buds and which has alternate buds. Very simple. It might not help you identify exact genus, but it immediately rules out others.
  16. Just out of interest, if the teeth are sharp how long would it take to grind about a 2ft conifer? I've heard a couple of people say, don't worry about the lack of HP. I guess a demo is the best option
  17. Heard lots of good reports about FSI
  18. Thanks, I was looking at a bandit or the cheaper Predetor
  19. So, I used to have a Rayco RG25, and grinding was hard work. Looking at a new grinder with central pivot. Never used one before, but wondering just how much easier does it make it using a central pivot?
  20. I run a new 550 on a 18" and it blows away the old 346 on a 15" bar
  21. I chuck everything behind the 2 front seats of the pickup. Waterproofs, ropes, harness, spikes, flask, bait box. Toolbox. Its a bloody mess, but I never forget anything!


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