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  1. Ian's Unimog build thread.

    Indeed i have, but thats what happens when someone makes a good offer. Everything has a price Al. The farmers son who bought it has continued the project for his tree company. Me on the other hand, a lorry is next.
  2. the 'todays job' thread

    Medium sized oak removed today. Lovely weather for it too.
  3. General Tree pics

    A few off my phone, been doing the house up so nothing too exciting. My very old, zk2 with a solid tether. A horrid ash, which went slightly off centre and took out 2 heras panels. When you don't have a rock face, use these. Just some bits and bobs. Oh and dan Curtis found a huge bucket a while back, he used the smaller bucket to lift it. Just happened to scroll over it a little while back.
  4. Vermeer 725TX vs Toro TX1000 vs ??

    True, also skid steers do tip over sometimes.
  5. Vermeer 725TX vs Toro TX1000 vs ??

    They all have pros and cons. However never believe it when an avant owner says they don't rip the ground up or fall over. And for what you gain from being puncture proof... But all in I'd hate to be without mine.
  6. Ian's Unimog build thread.

    Been doing bits at night with rob but nothing of note. I've got a guy to look over the engine next week so that's the next part really. Only took a picture of the rims and tyres together.
  7. the 'todays job' thread

    I think the luckiest car award this week goes to this fiesta.
  8. Ian's Unimog build thread.

    So nothing new really. Picked up the old rims I sent in for shot blast and repaint.
  9. Rope runner vs bulldog bone

    Basically it's personal choice. I just prefer the bdb over my rope runner. But then again I still love using the unicender.
  10. Ian's Unimog build thread.

    Forgot how heavy tyres are and convicted myself they wouldn't be "that heavy"......... Wrong!
  11. Ian's Unimog build thread.

    I'll take your advice Mike as im very new and a novice when it comes to unimogs. It does clear after about 5 minutes driving down the road, so i assumed be it right or wrong it was just a unimog thing.
  12. Ian's Unimog build thread.

    She's been out twice doing a could of bits and bobs. Nothing special just lifting stuff the skid steer couldn't or bits that would take too long with rigging.
  13. In Desperate times...My Silky saves the day!

    Wish I'd started with a fiver. 😳


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