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  1. Just a long limb shearing in the winds. Lebanon cedar and all we will do is tidy up the bit on the floor and remove hangers. Very low targets in regards of people but there is a stone built building circa early 1900s Close by but would only get hit if the top failed in that direction.
  2. Went to assess a fallen limb on this massive cedar. A few AT have climbed this a good few years back when we arranged a reccy climb.
  3. It might be late but have you tried hire myres from myres tree care?
  4. A few bits and bobs from recent days.
  5. Good to hear Paul, I believe the collage still have the alskan mill I bought and donated to them in use. If you missed the deadline for the job, then it wasn't meant to be buddy. There's always another door getting ready to open, but please keep going forward in your training. End goal is always something to remeber and I do throughly believe you would be a fine instructor and assessor. Not because we are friends but because your positivity, genuine care and love for trees to anyone, wanting them to succeed is a great personal attribute. I may actually be in Durham around February as Mr Gage owens is popping back from Australia and his facetimed me the other week to see if me and jenny would come up as he's getting the houghall guys and pole climbers together.
  6. For a few seconds there Paul I thought you'd gone all Harry Potter on us with quinquagenarian thought you be more house huffle puff or slitherin (sadly the only 2 house names I know from Harry Potter) [emoji848][emoji23] Good to hear your focus is the gym. But also like mick I'm keen to hear if you've got any future plans on being a trainer?
  7. Not quite as cool as some of the recent pictures in this thread but the last 2 days we've been contracted in to carry out a survey of duxford iwm. Here is a few pictures, we had access to all areas that had trees including areas that the public never get to see. The last one is the former backup ops room which is now in a delapidated shell sadly.
  8. A medium beech with merip we removed today and one of a few birch we took out in a woodland tree belt.
  9. A few months ago we had the website overhauled and a new one built. Feedback is always welcome. Tree Surgeons Norwich & Norfolk | Target Trees™ TARGETTREES.COM Tree Surgeons Norwich & Norfolk. We are professional tree surgeons operating in Norwich & Norfolk. We offer a highly experienced professional tree surgery & arborist consulting services.
  10. By the sounds of it you could be in breach of ir35 and on 2 days a week would owe your guy 5 days holiday a year, plus pension and tax to pay to hrmc. If he does 5 days a week then you certainly will be. The Gov website has loads of information on it to be fair and I would check that out.
  11. Pricing - Pear Technology WWW.PEARTECHNOLOGY.CO.UK The Pear Technology price lists for all software, hardware and services
  12. Hi everyone, I'm after a bit of advice as I'm updating my surveying. I've been looking at pear technologies and wondered who uses them and what package you use. I will be using it for bs5837 and tree condition surveys but became slightly confused if I only needed Pt mapper Pro, Pocket cis Trimble tdc100 4g I wasn't sure if the tree minder or maplink were needed to start with. They can always be added on later. I appreciate your time and advise on this, Ian
  13. Travelling from schiphol to goes it was everywhere and has just decimated some copse and woodlands we drove past. Significantly more prominent than I've seen in Norfolk (of which I thought was bad, but now thinking not as bad). A friend seems to be spending a lot of time removing Ash over everything else.
  14. [emoji23][emoji23] In Holland it was its 40th year. I expected to see Bob the MD in Emea and a few others from across Europe but for some reason I didn't expect the actual vermeer family members to be there. I call it my naivety moment.
  15. Not a today post but were currently in the Netherlands until mid this week. So here's a few pictures of what we've been up to. Meeting Bob Vermeer was an incredible thing for me, he sits down starts chatting away and I had to do a triple take at his name badge. I hope you all enjoy and some pictures aren't arb related but more machinery.


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