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  1. It was more of the third party saying the tree is required removal as nothing can be done because it was lifting a wall and path. I was independently asked to draw up a counter proposal to it. Bridging the root area, installing cellweb. The reason I had to do a valuation is because it had been costed for removal, so the trees value had to be given a monetary number. It seems numbers are easy to weigh up against each other in the legal process these days. You know the value to remove is £600. Cost to do bridging is £800 but to retain the tree its amenity value is £1500 if that makes sense.
  2. The only time recently I've used a valuation system is the heliwell system to value a western red cedar in the rear garden of a property. In a nutshell it was going through solicitors as the neighbour was trying to get it removed and I was asked what it's value could likely be. We won because the other parties consultant was really pushy about removing it and the valuation cost was higher than their removal cost. Other than that I can't recall ever valuing a tree to be honest with you.
  3. One from last week when I actually climbed [emoji23] we were following tasks set by the councils consultant to open up space around a pretty cool and ganrly old oak. Coronet cuts used for when it dies off. Cedar was carried out a few weeks back by the lads.
  4. Like a Christmas present and play day out. [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]. Incredible piece of kit a forwarder. Fingers crossed he said I can do a free day in January, I said sure as I know you'll be playing catch up the next day.
  5. Finally got this one ticked of my list of things I'd like to try. I wasn't the best but not the worst he's ever seen have a go. So I'll take that as a small victory. Then got the truck with road tyre well stuck 🤦‍♂️ removing said small victory into defeat. Couldn't upload the videos but they are on my Instagram feed for the next 20 something hours. Also second skid steer turned up today.
  6. Some bits and bobs. Working a site which is getting ready to be redeveloped after taking nearly 300t in sweet chestnut and oak stems. Mostly large butt's too. A Saturday reducing 2 oaks sympathetically, planting some trees at a former hospital and basically what I spend most my days doing currently walking around locating trees a third party have surveyed for 2 large councils. Pss live is a terrible system to have to use and one I'd strongly suggest avoiding.
  7. Does climbing on and off machines count? [emoji15] I switched with one of the lads in the afternoon on the first day and spent the second day in the mewp on another part of skinny alders. It was nice to get up and do a bit of climbing but in reality my climbing these days are really just climbing inspections, conifer hedges, or when someone's on holdiay/sick. I'm just needed in the office or consulting too much sadly.
  8. Lime mick, all being reduced for polytunnels to go up so marks and Spencers can grow posh veg, fruit and salad stuff. The height is so it can be tree sheared in the future quickly and the sides will be done with a flail.
  9. A couple of recent sites. Been all go lately with surveys so it was nice to spend a couple of days on with the lads.
  10. I guess the first thing to take on board is you now have someone 5 days a week and the costs that come with employment. You'll need to get your head around net and gross wages and the additional expenses that comes with paye. Holiday wise unfortunately you can't overly control when they take it. They are entitled to take it or request to take it. You do have the right to refuse asked dates and we have refused from time to time, although these are mainly when someone asks for a week off with a weeks notice. If your off on holiday I'd advise getting a subby in for the week to cover your role as you'll get an income whilst off as such. Weather is all about the clothing you provide. You have to provide suitable ppe, workwear for your working environment. So buy rain jackets, etc for them. It is after all about being prepared for the weather. Always a 6 month probation period. Training clauses are absolutely fine and common these days. We use signed training agreements with a 12 month period. We have used this in the past and even at court level to reclaim monies owed from doing the training, passing the courses then leaving and setting up a week later. Your a business not a charity. Contracts are key, get signatures on date of issue. If they turn up to work for 14 days after without signing it. It basically means that they were happy to come to work and the contract is valid. Contracts, even ours have a zero hour clause if work runs out or dries up. Again you need to cover yourself. Ideally you'll need to get an employee handbook drawn up too. This basically levels the playing field as employees have way more rights that the employer. This with the contract is how you build in your rights. However..... In the grand schemes of things its much better imo. Especially with the lack of climbers about, either freelance or employed. We have literally spent the last couple of years training 4 greenhorns up from scratch.
  11. Hi everyone, After seeing a couple of threads on specific hobbies I had a thought. Start a thread and see what others do, you never know something you may have been thinking about, turns out someone on here's doing it so you can ask questions. For me it's been paddle boarding, every Sunday we go out on the quiet river and just enjoy it. Its been a fantastic stress relief and something out of work or work related stuff. I'm by no means anything more than a beginner but enjoying the time paddling, falling in, seeing the landscape a way you rarely do and lots of wildlife.
  12. A few recentish bits and bobs, works been manic with new staff coming on board and others moving onto grasses greener in other counties. I rolled the stump grinder through forgetting I was working on a 17 degree slope without putting the dual wheels on (being lazy and paid for my laziness), then smashed a lot of teeth and pockets off on a large piece of metal. Clearing windblown over the highway, Norwich Cathedral site and asbestos covered roofs and oil tanks. Enjoyed having a play in my mates 2.6t arb digger was nice, just showed how underpowered our little 1.8t is.
  13. 100%, we've been surveying a lot of vicarage and rectorys recently and part of my scope is to measure and check the boundaries are correct. Most are but I've had 3 sites where the neighbours claimed the hedge is there's and tried to take a few metres of land. In 1 case the knackered tree turned out to be the churches, just the fence was the wrong side. [emoji23]
  14. She was a beauty so we pollarded her a lot lower so it can be retained, as much as I hate doing a pollard I had to agree with the recommendations it was the best option for retention.


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