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  1. Hi Chris, It was £1300 new so I thought it was worth a purchase. I've only spent a day up the yard with it but have been plesently supirsed and prefer it much more than sawing it smaller and lifting them onto the splitter by hand. Trying to convert them into billets instead.
  2. A few recent job pictures, playing up the yard, chipping on very soft ground, not thinking and driving onto dredgings, fishing branches out of the water and loving the reach of the platform. [emoji106]
  3. Couldn't of picked a better day to be working by the broads. Quite a lot of shortening limbs on a few veteran oaks, major deadwood over the paths. I think the last big tree I remember a member on her posing in the large cavity.
  4. Just to clarify it comes in at 3.2t with the trailer and loaded up. I just re read it and it sounded like it came in at 2.7t loaded.
  5. It's a multitel Smx250. There's quite a few using these now to be honest and I think a couple of members on here too. Comes in at 2.7t with a full tank and loaded onto my 3.5t beavertail trailer I can tow it behind one of my empty canters. I used to hire only when needed with mewps but over the last few weeks I've realised that they can just boss stuff easily and from a distance.
  6. A few recent bits, mainly mewp related [emoji23][emoji23].
  7. A tried to get some footage in an order of the final few pops we were removing. I hope you all enjoy and are being safe in this mad world.
  8. Hi john, Even better that the lads are keener than me to carry them out. [emoji23][emoji23] I use final cut Pro on the imac, its total overkill for what I need to be honest. I can only assume I purchased it back when I thought I was going to be some arb movie star. Good news for everyone when that never happend. [emoji23]
  9. A few clips I have recently recorded on the drone and with this free time I've had this weekend I thought I'd put it together. Hope you enjoy it,
  10. Tidy, I've been watching young Jay Stirling playing around with his recently. He's in love with it over the runner.
  11. The leggings are what I wear all winter and have had mine for about 4 years. Bloody well made imo.
  12. We gave them a cost for the day and they said yes. All I know to be honest.
  13. Mainly Scots pine. The pile of oak was left for employees firewood.
  14. A nice Friday chipping up some timber for the national trust. Its going on to be used on woodland paths mainly. Nice day to be doing some easy work, just a shame the forwarder guy doesn't know the difference between 12 inch and 16 inch diameter as we had to break a few down.
  15. As jonnyRFT said Rainbow gum.


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