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  1. daltontrees

    Advice needed!

    You've certainly got your head round the issue. Nice to see someone arguing coherently and convincingly that that is how the law has to be. Perhaps you couldn't find the earlier posts by me about it because it was on UKTC. Or was it, I don't recall? The one about warning certainly was, as I recall looking at Canadian precedents with one of the guys over there. The only minor thing I'd point out (and it is extremently minor) is that damage is not a prerequisite for a successful nuisance action, see the modern statement on the matter in the recent Network Rail decision, which I think rightly set aside the long held misconception arising from an obiter comment in Lemmon v Webb.
  2. daltontrees

    One for the Tree Officers

    It might be quite informative to open the first question to non-TOs and non-LPAs. I can see benefits and drawbacks in consolidating, while it is unquestionably right to revisit and review. And personally I'd be interested in why you consider TEMPO to be apposite.
  3. daltontrees

    Ident help

    Fuzzy pics, half-eaten ,shrooms, no underside pics, so no chance of an ident. One of the good ID features of Collybia is the tapered stem.
  4. daltontrees

    Coniferous ID 5 of 5

    I reckon they're all Chamaecyparis. Likely lawsoniana, but couldn't rule out pisifera.
  5. daltontrees

    Unauthorised tree work in CA.

    Nicely put. But we get the society we choose to create and tolerate. Unfortunately we have to share it with folk who don't even respect the rule of law. No wonder the UK is going to pot. Individuals are adept at justifying their own wrongdoings to themselves, and the collective effect is a steady crumbling. As I think you've said elsewhere, there's no good complaining about any criminal activity if you're picking and choosing what laws are right or wrong yourself. Not you, obviously, you appear to have a backbone.
  6. daltontrees

    Unauthorised tree work in CA.

    A new low...
  7. daltontrees

    Unauthorised tree work in CA.

    True. To enforce it, the Council would have to prove that there had been a breach. A decision on whether to prosecute would have to be made at that point.
  8. daltontrees

    Another tree ident please. Sumac?

    To be fair to us all, the pictures aren't that great and there's no scale for the leaves
  9. daltontrees

    Unauthorised tree work in CA.

    If owner knew about CA and proceeded to get tree removed, that's a clear-cut wilful destruction, with unlimited fines. Unless the tree work was "urgently necessary in the interests of safety;", the co dom stem is a bullshit excuse and the owner would have to prove it retrospectively. It's up to you if you report it, depends on how much you like trees , how much you would like the industry to be properly regulated and and with less chancers and cowboys and whether you care that the Council is unable to enforce the laws that our parliament made on behalf of society. I know what I'd do, but I'm not a contractor any more so I don't care if I get a reputation for giving a s%$£.
  10. daltontrees

    Another tree ident please. Sumac?

    I am beaten on this one.
  11. daltontrees

    Another tree ident please. Sumac?

    My guess is Juglans nigra (Black Walnut).
  12. daltontrees

    5837 RPA calc

    All different. Birch Alder Larch and Oak.
  13. daltontrees

    5837 RPA calc

    It's a 4 dimensional problem, but to reduce it to 3 dimensions, I was on a site today doing a 5837 survey where I know all the trees were planted at the same time. I found a tree that sat within all of the slightly overlapping RPAS of 4 other trees. It was the only tree on the site that was dead.
  14. daltontrees

    5837 RPA calc

    Thoroughly impressive and careful sentence construction there. No. But... A plausible starting point for analogy with ring porous species perhaps.
  15. daltontrees

    Ash with a TPO

    Well if it's not about risk and it's not urgent, put what you just said there in an application and bung it in to the Council, see what happens. But you'll also tell the Council exactly what works you are asking permission for. Be very specific. A good consultant could perhaps make the case that the public amenity interest is better served in the long term by allowing modest weight reduction work now to avoid an irrecoverable larger wound that would kill the tree. Or you could try and make the case yourself. Be very specific, or expect if not deserve a refusal.


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