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  1. Hello David, only just seen this. Have you ruled out Spindle shank (Gymnopus fusipes) ?
  2. http://www.ancienttreeforum.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/Trees-a-lifespan-approach-Nev-Fay-et-al.pdf
  3. bejeezus its taken an age, but finally stuff starting to pop up here and there at work. Laetiporus on cherry Amanita fulva on oak roots Fuglio septica on oak Gymnopus fusipes on oak roots Amanita rubescens on oak roots Volvariella bombycina at the base of Horse chestnut
  4. Possibly Rigidoporus ulmarius. Cut a slice/wedge out and have a look at the flesh and tube layer. If it's white flesh and thin orange/cinamon tube layer then it's likely to be R. ulmarius. if the flesh is dark brown then likely to be Ganoderma species.
  5. Remains a major issue from our experience. Lost a large massaria infected branch this morning that landed on and damaged a wooden fence. Gave a passing member of the public a bit of a jolt. The guidance documents published in 2013 are currently under review by the LTOA Massaria working party and will be updated and re-released in the next few months.
  6. No fungi associated with this one yet but it was the result of a pretty Big Bang last night which sent woody debris spraying around an 80m radius.. Totally destroyed this mature oak...............but not the Oak Processionary Moth Caterpillars that were still happily going about their business this morning !
  7. I don’t think these are fruiting bodies. They look woody to me. Perhaps cankered burrs.
  8. Some big arsed London planes in Russell Square. Imagine LB Camden are all over the branches from inspection POV. Would be interesting to know if the placement of benches is random or strategic in terms of location outside or under canopy branches.
  9. Oh I don't know, they sometimes have interesting guests😁
  10. Yeah I saw that too Gary, not entirely sure on what the Americans do in terms of Massaria management but the article suggests the tree hadn’t been inspected for almost 2 years and you have to wonder about the bench being sited directly under low lateral spreading London plane branches.
  11. If you do see Pete this week, could you share this image with him, I spoke briefly with him about how the foresters in the Basque cover their fresh (pollard) cuts with moss matts. He said he hadn't heard of it before and seemed quite intrigued.
  12. Yeah Pete was there sharing his vast experience helping with the guided walk and supporting the current incumbent.


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