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  1. Good to see you're still alive Deano 👍 How was the leather?
  2. Vasates quadripedes - Maple bladder gall
  3. Teraneura ulmi - Elm- grass root aphid gall
  4. On ash? I think it looks like P. fraxinea. A slice/wedge of the flesh and tube layer would help confirm. Only other candidate that fits the look at that stage in development is Ganoderma resinaceum, but I think it’s likeky the former. another way to tell the difference between those two is the spore, white/cream for Perenniporia, brown/cocoa for G. resinaceum.
  5. Spangle galls from the gall wasp (Neuroterus quercusbaccaram) not really a health issue for the tree in my experience
  6. Great picture Matty, sums up the camaraderie and essence of Arbtalk and it’s members really well.
  7. Very sad to hear, Alan was a great forum character, my sincere condolences to his close friends and family.
  8. Possibly the start of a Trametes sp Maybe T gibbosa
  9. Are the fruit bodies not on a tree volume beneath the ivy, Murray ? Look a bit like Fuscoporia torulosa
  10. Image not really close enough, but have a look at Coprinellus disseminatus (fairy ink caps)
  11. I think the bracket has grown around the seedling, annual and perennial brackets grow rapidly during initial development.
  12. Grows with apples and sorbus as well. Depends (as with most of these fung things) on vitality of the tree. Munches away at it nicely, not as significant as ash due to heartwood but often you can see wood pecker holes in the wood volumes in colonised areas and I've noted failed branches associated with it.


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