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  1. Murphy the fung mutt sniffing out the fruits of the forest with me. Not an Arbdog in the strict sense, as he's never been at work with me on a felling site but comes out occasionally whilst inspecting.
  2. Ozonium (mycelium outside of the wood volume) & inkcap fruiting body coming from the ozonium.
  3. It’s known as Ozonium (or fire rug) it’s the air mycelium of certain ink cap species
  4. 13 years on from starting this thread and I still get a buzz every autumn from seeing the fruits of the forest and trees. Some highlights found over the last three or four weeks from London, Suffolk & Cambridgeshire. Hoof fungus - Fomes fomentarius Reishi - Ganoderma lucidum Bearded tooth - Hericium erinaceus Ischnoderma benzoinum Anamorphic form of Fistulina hepatica Shaggy polypore - Inonotus hispidus Stocking Webcap - Cortinarius torvus Spindleshank - Gymnopus fusipes Tawny grissette - Amanita fulva Porcelain fungi - Mucidula mucida Amathyst deceiver - Laccaria amethystina Shaggy scalycap - Pholiota squarrosa Collared earthstar - Geastrum triplex Chicken of the woods - Laetiporus sulphureus 2013 Beefsteak - Fistulina hepatica same oak volume as above 2020
  5. Orange ones are likely to be Pholiota aurivella. Nice Sparassis !
  6. Thank you fellas, it was a really nice recognition and quite a humbling experience, particularly being virtually presented by Tony Kirkham. It's an award that has been afforded to me by the support of a large cast of people over the years from work, here at Arbtalk and elsewhere that have suffered and indulged me and my passion for all things trees, from tree health care, veteran tree management to fungi identification. I like to think that some inspiration has been sparked by my sharing and observations and that some of the blagging and drivel has been balanced by a few pearls here and there. Big thanks to Steve for giving us this great platform to interact with each other both in the cyber-world and at field meetings sharing our specialisms, experiences and failures to help us all along our various paths. Have made some good friends and acquaintances over my time here, long may that continue. I raise a virtual glass to you all.? ? ?
  7. Yes, these are Armillaria mellea, Honey fungus
  8. Ganoderma resinaceum, the brown/cocoa spore colour confirms genus, it will be soft to touch which confirms it as one of the three annual UK Ganoderma species. If you wipe off the spore from the surface it will be a red resinous colour.
  9. Good to see you're still alive Deano ? How was the leather?
  10. Teraneura ulmi - Elm- grass root aphid gall
  11. On ash? I think it looks like P. fraxinea. A slice/wedge of the flesh and tube layer would help confirm. Only other candidate that fits the look at that stage in development is Ganoderma resinaceum, but I think it’s likeky the former. another way to tell the difference between those two is the spore, white/cream for Perenniporia, brown/cocoa for G. resinaceum.
  12. Spangle galls from the gall wasp (Neuroterus quercusbaccaram) not really a health issue for the tree in my experience
  13. Great picture Matty, sums up the camaraderie and essence of Arbtalk and it’s members really well.
  14. Very sad to hear, Alan was a great forum character, my sincere condolences to his close friends and family.
  15. Are the fruit bodies not on a tree volume beneath the ivy, Murray ? Look a bit like Fuscoporia torulosa
  16. Image not really close enough, but have a look at Coprinellus disseminatus (fairy ink caps)
  17. I think the bracket has grown around the seedling, annual and perennial brackets grow rapidly during initial development.


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