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  1. David Humphries

    Brackets on Alder

    Ganoderma spp i would lean toward G. australe looking at the level of decay. But I would rule out G. applanatum. mycroscopy needed to check spore size between the two species.
  2. David Humphries

    Fungi on Beech

    Yes, M. giganteus. That's quite a large fruiting, which may suggest the fungi is taking advantage of the available wood volume of dysfunctional roots. Investigate the condition of the roots in the area of fruiting or Fell
  3. David Humphries

    I'm an iggly, I'm an iggly, what iggly am I ?

    Looks like the woody was pretty hungry for whatever it was wrinkling around inside there. 😄
  4. David Humphries

    I'm an iggly, I'm an iggly, what iggly am I ?

    Not entirely sure on the galleries of this one, but I'd hazard a guess toward Oak pin hole borer - Platypus cylindrus. The dark staining could be the presence of the Ambrosia fungi. Which the beetle introduces into the tunnels for the larvae to feed on. .
  5. David Humphries

    Summer limb/branch drop

    Puzzling phenomenon ? An interesting photo study here with this beech I've been driving by (usually within a few hours after each one) when the tree has shed a limb. All in summer, during high temperatures. Bit scary, but a number of people were sitting under the canopy of this one earlier in the day. SLD = The shedding of mature branches in the months of summer. Usualy horizontal in form (like these three) with a large canopy of leaves end weighting the limbs. Seemingly no specific known cause, although from reading and observing the following are often associated elements. heavily end weighted by leaves (and/or mast) often windless (although yesterdays was possibly due to increased wind as well as heat) noted moisture change in the tree at cell wall structure/fibre level (branches feel dry) & often no obvious external signs of defect .
  6. David Humphries

    I'm an iggly, I'm an iggly, what iggly am I ?

    Don’t think it is but hoping it’s not the bronze birch borer. Agrilus anxius https://www.forestry.gov.uk/pdf/Bronze-Birch-Borer-Contingency-plan.pdf/$FILE/Bronze-Birch-Borer-Contingency-plan.pdf Not meant to be in Europe.....yet Any D shaped exit holes ?
  7. David Humphries

    Tis the season to see Fungi, fa la la la la....

    Look like Resi to me.
  8. What have you seen out there recently? What are you seeing more of this year? Is there anything new and unidentified out there?
  9. David Humphries

    Show us ya birds !

    All from opposite where we were working today .
  10. David Humphries

    Blow, blow, thou Spring? wind,

    Not really used to the power of a spring gust, but water logged ground, heavy new leaf mass & decayed roots = ex tree & smashed fence.....Ooh err. Glad I wasn't up it when it went down. I put this bat box up in her 18 months ago. At least the box is still Ok .
  11. David Humphries

    Blow, blow, thou Spring? wind,

    Few bits to clear up in London over the weekend, expecting some more over the next couple of days. (top one not one of ours, but in the same neck of the woods)
  12. David Humphries

    Brackets on Alder

    If you get the chance can you post up an image of the cross section please, always interested in decay images of Ganoderma species on unusual hosts.
  13. David Humphries

    Possibly Pseudotrametes?

    AJS is on to it - Daedaleopsis confragosa, the blushing bracket
  14. David Humphries

    Brackets on Alder

    looks like Ganoderma species to me. Did you take a wedge out to look at the flesh and tubes?
  15. David Humphries

    Climbing emergents

    Nice Rob, looks better than cold wet climbing in London in March.
  16. Do you ? Have you ? Wont you ? If so, why? Our local punters and the local bug fraternity, seem to like the aesthetics & micro habitat of dead standing coroneted monoliths as opposed to flushed cut ones. Please feel free to Discuss !
  17. David Humphries

    To Coronet or Not to Coronet, now that is a question

    Mesterh, I can only apologise for dissapointing you with the presentation of inferior imagery. The originals were taken with a grown up camera with the childish pride of wanting to capture for posterity, what I thought was my masterpiece in coronet art. The latter images were taken on the hoof with a camera phone clicking away approximately 200 shots of things I'd done in the past for comparison at this particular site. I shall endeavour to take a whole camera location crew with me in future before I consider sharing this tripe and ruining your viewing pleasure. 😆
  18. David Humphries

    To Coronet or Not to Coronet, now that is a question

    About 10 years between these images
  19. David Humphries

    Hazard Tree take downs

    Really like the way the ground set camera slowly raises with the entire root plate when the first and last big buggers slowly go over. The last one was like watching the 'Hometree' in Avatar slowly destruct and disintegrate. Great footage ! I know you're a tough northern bastard Reg, but why no gloves mate?
  20. David Humphries

    Tis the season to see Fungi, fa la la la la....

    Few fungi noted fruiting at Burnham Beeches over the last week. Serpula lacrymans Phlebia radiata Fomitopsis pinicola Fomes fomentarius Schizophyllum commune Fomitopsis betulinus pore parasite Stereum hirsutum Hymenocheate rubiginosa Pluerotus ostreatus Kretzschmaria deusta Fomitopsis betulinus
  21. David Humphries

    Ident help please

    Oak maze gill (Daedalea quercina) on the wound, as Mr Smith has already nailed, and Psuedoinonotus dryadeus at the base.
  22. David Humphries

    To Mulch, or not to Mulch?

    Really want to save this old fella, but not prepared to throw big bucks at it yet (too many irons in the fire, atm) It's probably the last of the original plantings left in a Victorian orchard. If I do mulch out to the drip line, should I strip the grass and risk damaging feeder roots, or lay a permeable membrane and cover with woodchip etc? Please excuse my ignorance, as i have yet to mulch a large tree in such a densely grassed area before. Many thanks
  23. David Humphries

    To Mulch, or not to Mulch?

    Few shots from this morning Jon. Will put a few up when its back in leaf.
  24. David Humphries

    Rip, twang, kipper-bang

    When trees go ballistic, lets see ya failures......... .
  25. David Humphries

    To Mulch, or not to Mulch?

    Still going but quite hollow and the significant crack is a bit more significant. Vitality is ok but stability not so good so we’ve reduced it again to fairly sizeable diameter branches to try and stabilise it. I’ll try and get some new images up tomorrow. always watching ! 😄


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