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  1. 3rd photo is from inside the cover, so I guess that's a plain shaft? What's an over-run clutch?
  2. http://arbtalk.co.uk/forum/attachment.php?attachmentid=220953&stc=1&d=1496073352http://arbtalk.co.uk/forum/attachment.php?attachmentid=220954&stc=1&d=1496073352http://arbtalk.co.uk/forum/attachment.php?attachmentid=220955&stc=1&d=1496073352
  3. Hi guys, I need to change the belts on a Jensen A328 PTO chipper, sounds easy I know, but how on earth do you get the pto shaft off the chipper in order for me to then remove the triangle plate which exposes the belts? Admittedly this is my first pto machine so I am a novice but I'm not daft and nor are my guys, we spent a morning feeling for release pins, clips, buttons, screws, a hidden chipper fairy who needed to be bribed! No luck. Help us out if you can.... Tristan.
  4. Thanks guys, I suggested ring-barking but the order is to stem inject, no explanation as to ehy yet. I will find out. I thought about eco-plugs but wasn't sure they'd work.
  5. Evening all, I've been asked to stem inject a row of about 40 Spruce treeson an NRW site we're on. Whilst I've stem injected Japanese Knotweed and have the kit, I've not done trees before. Can anyone shed any light n whether there's a better technique than drilling a hole and filling it with Glyphosate.
  6. gm valmet, thanks for that, but I'm an hour or so way from that job so not too easy to pop over and say hi. I will if I end up over that way though.
  7. Hi all, I'm looking to hire a tractor with timber winch and trailer for a job near llanidloes. The job is to fell and extract around 70 large Douglas/Spruce from a private site. I need to get the timber up to the roadside but don't have the necessary kit. We're also looking for a buyer for the timber too. Email: [email protected]
  8. Hi, Can you explain to a non mechanic how your RB tweaks went? I have one and it's so slow uphill when loaded. Seems to be a big difference between 2nd and 3rd gear so when you need to change down you can't until you've lost most of your engine revs. My tyres are 225/100/R16, Tristan.
  9. As a little update, I based my price on a combination of measured plot counts and averagin, I got the contract and started last week, here's hoping my guestimation was alright!
  10. I looked at this thread earlier, after spending two hours trying (with little joy)to get the old triangle bearing off! I'd got it to the point of no return after hammering the ring off, but couldn't get the triangle off. With no time for visits to engineers etc and needing it up and running tomorrow morning I decided upon a more drastic, and I can now say succeful approach. Behold the wonders of the Angle Grinder! An hour later and the new one's on, tested and hands partially washed!
  11. Thanks everyone for all your replies, we're looking at a little over 30ha for this site.
  12. Like I say, most are less than 15' tall so single cut, push over and move onto the next. I'm really trying to guage what sort of area can be covered in a day.
  13. Thanks guys, It's not on Mull. Spec is to drop and leave anything under 15', anything over 15' brash to chest height and ring-bark. Broadleaves left standing. Most is under or close to 15'. Some areas are very sparse others busy, it'll average out. I don't think theres an expectation of us to be pulling up tiny stuff but that's a question I'll be asking.


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