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    After some advice for buying a digital clinometer for height measurements. What are people using/what do people find quick, easy and reliable? I have looked at the Haglof ECII D, but am I correct in thinking you have to know your distance from the tree stem to calculate height? description says 'heights can be measured from any known distance'. Would really like to know how easy this is to use. Looked at the Nikon Forestry Pro - this looked great in terms of ease of use, but a bit flawed, as the minimum distance is 10m and often find myself much closer to the tree stem. Ideally, a bit of kit I could measure horizontal distance (for canopy spreads) and heights on would be perfect. Sub £500 is probably what I'm looking to spend. Appreciate any input, particularly from @Sorbus International Ltd etc Thanks
  2. If I found that there were live roots below, what/how would you suggest in terms of assessing decay?
  3. Saprophytic and nothing to worry about, or?
  4. Hi All, Came across these FFBs beneath a beech & sycamore yesterday, fruiting on the ground surface within about 1 - 2.5m of the stems. They look ganoderma 'ish to me but I've not come accross any gano sp. fruiting on the ground before. There were no FFBs on the stems and both trees appeared in good vitality; no symptoms of decline in the canopy that would suggest major root dysfunction. The fruiting bodies were perennial and about 100-150mm in size. Also noted what i believed to be symptoms of quite a significant girdling root on the beech, due to very pronounced flattening of the lower stem. I'm hoping the client will fork out for us to go in with an airspade and take a look. Any guidance on the fungus much appreciated. There are a few few photos! D
  5. Hi, Puzzled by this one? Had lightly fissured bark and low densely branched form. Was thinking Crataegus sp but no thorns. Apologies pictures aren't great. Any ideas appreciated.


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