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  1. I've been none stop since the beginning of lockdown. I was one of them that continued to work and it paid off. Swept up the work others didn't do because they shutdown.
  2. I thought the plan for self-employed was to sit and wait HMRC to call if you qualify for a monthly 80% grant based on the average 3 year profit you submitted through your self-assessment. I am hoping I get a call at the end of April. Will see.
  3. What's the situation with the virus spreading further outside? I don't by the two metre distance when outside because surely a slight breeze can take the droplets much further, just like the case with tree diseases spreading miles with the wind.
  4. Go for it. Another lovely day for it tomorrow. Get as much done before the guidelines change again!
  5. Been working today and rest of the week. Customers are still happy to go ahead. Ive seen loads of people outside working, scaffolders, window cleaners, brick layers and builders this morning on my travels. 😎
  6. Just been past local lanscaping firm and they are open. Owner said hes just limiting the people who come in and practising social distancing. Common sense. Too many people dont have that hence the reason why the tubes are packed like sardines.
  7. Getting loaded up for todays work. Clear blue skies. 😎
  8. Exactly. People can still pass by eachother in supermarkets passing it on, and the way its been going i want to see how the panic buying is policed in days to follow. My gf works in a supermarket with no protection at all serving customers, delivery drivers still working?
  9. Print the document and if you get pulled then show if to law officials. I'm reading that the same way.
  10. Our work cannot be done from home!
  11. I'm with you. If the police pull me ill be honest with then. Isnt clear what is essential. Some of this will be hard to police.
  12. My subbie makes his own way to work in a seperate vehicle. We social distance.
  13. I've got jobs booked in and I'm going to work tomorrow. I'm self employed, don't need to mix with anyone apart from my subbie.
  14. Why do most assume that self employed arent declaring? My preferred method of payment is bacs after invoice. It saves hassle and charges for depositing cash at bank and looks better on bank statements when you may need finance or applying for a mortgage. I think you shoot yourself in the foot to not declare your earnings. But this situation is going to be tough on everyone, but anyone who has their tools on finance I really feel for you. Stay strong and just keep working. 👍💪
  15. It is not free money, it's a loan. Any business struggling will struggle even more to take on a loan and have to pay it back. They won't be in a position to pay it back. Businesses are on their arses already. I would imagine businesses would rather close than get into debt to keep staff on and not do anything. This is going to be so much worse than the crash of 2008.


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