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  1. How do you visually inspect the core of the rope?
  2. Sorry, I don't mean to be negative but a one off occasion of planting that many trees doesn't no way near offset the ones being felled every day.
  3. How does that compare to how many are being destroyed in the Amazon Rainforest?
  4. Jack, I wouldn't pay you £1 for those ropes. I value my life more than that. You shouldn't even be selling them. I'd pay the extra and buy brand new.
  5. Dude, £15 a hour. You serious! If me and my groundy go out for a days work I will book £400+ worth of work and that is a gravity fed chipper and pick-up setup, so my overheads are a lot lower. Always try and quote for the job and if you think the job will be tedious or don't really fancy doing it then bloody overprice it. Gardeners who do weeding and mow lawns charge more than £15 an hour and you have all of your expensive kit to pay for. If I was to break it down into an hourly rate then £70/80ph is closer. Even at this price I have learned over the years I am still charging less than what I would like to operate my business and have a decent living wage, but if I charge more then I start losing the work because customers don't want to pay. It really pisses me off!
  6. I took them out myself. The radial nerve is beneath the muscle, so I'm hoping I didn't cause to much damage. I train in gym anyway, so I will add in some wrist and hand exercises daily and update you in weeks to come. Glad you got most of your feeling back. It really isn't a nice sensation to have. Thanks for your help 👍
  7. no mate, I will leave it for a few months and see how it develops. There has been an improvement in a last few days with it so will see how it goes. I'm hoping there isn't permanent damage. 😕
  8. Wow, after googling this the symptoms are exactly what I am getting. I probably did then! 😯 Timescale on getting feeling back is 2/6weeks. From a single cut all this drama. Frightening to think what a chainsaw would do and recovery time in those cases. Yikes!
  9. I'm back now. I took the stitches out a few days ago. I had 4 stitches in muscle so just getting full movement back now and I can apply pressure. The area around the thumb and index finger still feels strange to touch, has a numbing feeling, maybe will take a bit longer for the nerves to sort themselves out a bit. I am back light climbing but still a bit cautious. Been just short of 2 weeks so it's gone pretty well.
  10. Very similar actually. Customer drove me to A&E while I was holding pressure on the cut. Mine was a deeper and longer cut than that as well! 😁
  11. In this industry, I just buy my phones outright as they don't last the length of their contract due to getting smashed or stop working. I usually budget for £100 a year and buy a new model every year on a month only sim. My monthly bill is £10 a month. I don't get fooled into buying the latest iphone for £60 a month+ contracts. It is such a con! Phones are built to break in this time so the manufacturers make even more money. I do believe that phone manufacturers put technology into their phones that slow them down after period of time, so the user is then persuaded to buy another phone.
  12. Hi Folks, I need to find a qualified groundy/climber in Derby for a few days a week. All my work is domestic, pretty nice jobs most of the time. If you live in the area, then please send me a message. You do need the relevant NPTC qualifications CS30,31 (optional CS38, 39). Having your own PPE is essential. Look forward to hearing from you. Thanks, Dan.
  13. Has anyone actually tried testing to see how far they can cut through their rope before it snaps? Obviously, I don't mean half way up a tree, but bouncing up and down a few feet off the ground and using a knife to gradually cut through the rope to see what point it breaks at.
  14. Hey guys, Had a small accident in a spruce tree on Wednesday. 25 foot up the main trunk during a take down, stripping the lateral branches with the silky, cut a branch on my right side from the topside until it swung down and hung on its last fibers. Grabbed to hold the branch with my left from the underside and proceeded to finish the cut off with my right hand from the topside again. The final cut went through far easier than expected and the final destination of the blade ended up hitting the topside of my wrist/forearm with some pull motion. Took a quick look as soon as it happened with blood squirting from the cut, got myself down from the tree asap and got my lad to get the first aid kit and the customer rushed me to A&E. The result of this silly mistake ended in 4 internal stitches. It had cut to muscle and cut a superficial vein and I have 9 external stitches. Thankfully no tendon damage and I should be back to work in a few weeks. Keep safe guys!
  15. I've got the M400. Weighs just over 200kg. I've got hilux pick-up with a chip box, tow the M400 on my ifor trailer and leave it on the trailer throughout the day unless I am chipping on site and roll it off. I have ramps to load onto trailer. Doddle to move around.


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