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  1. Hi, I've been shooting tree decay for the past 5/6 months as a personal photography project and it is now online to view. Shots were taken close to my home in Derby, Kedleston Hall Estate, Calke Abbey and Markeaton Park. View series TREE DECAY — DANIEL DYTRYCH PHOTOGRAPHY WWW.DANIELDYTRYCHPHOTOGRAPHY.CO.UK Beginning from a tiny sapling, over many years of growth, trees grow to provide one of the most important roles in providing... Thanks.
  2. Give a few years. When the accident figures come out on the two rope system HSE will introduce a third rope system. Every tree I assess before I climb it's safer to use SRT, so that is what I use. HSE department are a bunch of knobs.
  3. Jack, you have got a lot to learn about life, lad. You are on a public forum slagging someone off who gave you work and you had the cheek to rob his customer. You come across quite immature and very unprofessional. Good luck in your work because you are going to need all the help you can get.
  4. Okatsune. Anything Japanese are the best.
  5. Hi, I need to find a groundy/climber in Derby for a few jobs. All my work is domestic, pretty nice jobs most of the time and decent pay. If you live in the area, then please send me a message. You do need the relevant NPTC qualifications CS30,31 (optional CS38, 39). Having your own PPE is essential. Look forward to hearing from you. Cheers, Dan.
  6. If i can I just use a silky Gomtaro. There is something very therapeutic about cutting wood with a manual tool. Climbing is much more fun without the chainsaw. You feel more like a feather than a heavy boulder.
  7. Haha thanks for taking time to look. 👍
  8. Hi all, Over the past month I have been working on a small series of photos called Tree Study. It's an ongoing project, so please stayed tuned to see more in coming weeks. www.danieldytrychphotography.co.uk/tree-study If you like this then you will like to know I am currently shooting another series on Tree Decay. This is a larger body of work and won't be finished for a few months, however, keep up to date on my site. Thanks. Dan. - Date Started - July 2020 - Ongoing Format - 6x7 © Daniel Dytrych __
  9. I've been none stop since the beginning of lockdown. I was one of them that continued to work and it paid off. Swept up the work others didn't do because they shutdown.
  10. I thought the plan for self-employed was to sit and wait HMRC to call if you qualify for a monthly 80% grant based on the average 3 year profit you submitted through your self-assessment. I am hoping I get a call at the end of April. Will see.
  11. What's the situation with the virus spreading further outside? I don't by the two metre distance when outside because surely a slight breeze can take the droplets much further, just like the case with tree diseases spreading miles with the wind.
  12. Go for it. Another lovely day for it tomorrow. Get as much done before the guidelines change again!
  13. Been working today and rest of the week. Customers are still happy to go ahead. Ive seen loads of people outside working, scaffolders, window cleaners, brick layers and builders this morning on my travels. 😎
  14. Just been past local lanscaping firm and they are open. Owner said hes just limiting the people who come in and practising social distancing. Common sense. Too many people dont have that hence the reason why the tubes are packed like sardines.


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