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  1. You never stretch before exercise because you are stretching cold muscles and are more likely to cause injury. Stretch after if you want to stretch.
  2. I've had the same issue with waiting times. I had to wait weeks for some new rear wheel swivel forks as they had to come from Belgium. Glad you got it sorted.👍🏻
  3. I am an owner of my second Jo beau machine and currently still own two, the M500 and M400. Last week the throttle cable housing had got chewed up for the M500. I give Global Recycling a call for a replacement and they come back to me with a price of £200! I nearly fell off my chair! I told them straight and said I ain't paying £200 for a cable and a cheap throttle lever, I'll repair it myself. Jo Beau don't sell the cable separately. You have to buy the throttle and cable together, so they can rip you off with their daft prices. I figured I could buy some mountain bike brake cable and crimps and thread the original steel cable through the new housing and it worked a charm. It cost me £8 and an hour's work and works lovely. This is what Jo Beau are charging £200 for. No fancy engineering here. Anyone with the same issue, save your money.
  4. The days of making big money in crypto are long gone. All coins are absolutely plummeting and have been for a few months now. It's probably heading to it's true value. A lot of the coins are just worthless crap and don't really have any real tech behind them especially SHIBA INU and Dogecoin to name a few. Coins like Ethereum however do have a worth as it's blockchain tech. I just see a lot of it as dog shit now. NFTs are the new trend now and that is absolute garbage to me. I struggle to see why anyone would pay millions for digital files apart from money laundering. What has been selling as NFTs really is unbelievable.
  5. No mate, my phone is hardly ringing. Dead for me. Thought it would pick up after Easter but it's proper chill for me.
  6. I often wonder that pricing the job for what it realistically should of been, would we still of got the job?
  7. Ok, thanks. I'll try it again and persevere with the next one. I'm intrigued by the mechanism of how it works. I just spread some over the wound, put a bandage over it and two hours later the thorn came to the surface. It was rapid. You can actually feel the thorn moving as the paste works. Its magic stuff. It's far less painful than shoving sharp objects into your skin.
  8. I was in A&E a month back after getting a rose thorn stuck in my thumb and got infected. I eventually got the thorn out a few days after it happened using Magnesium Sulphate drawing ointment paste. That stuff if amazing! I only found out about it days later of the thorn getting stuck. It was embedded so deep and was so painful that sharp tools were not effective. If I had this paste in my first aid box from the start I reckon I would of been OK. The thorn was stuck in my thumb for 4 days until I eventually got it out with this paste, but it was to late by then. I had red streaking going up my arm and at that point I needed to get myself to hospital asap. I needed 3 treatments of IV and 5 days of oral antibiotics to clear the infection.
  9. A common and ugly site across my way. I don't care what anyone says about Ivy, it eventually kills the tree. It grows so fast that it will eventually take over the whole canopy and starve the tree of all light to the point the tree can't photosynthesize. All the extra weight as well being supported by the tree adds issues. I have never seen a healthy tree that has big amounts of ivy growing up into the canopy. We need people out in force banding the lot of it.
  10. Some of those council top boys need their heads bashing against a brick wall. Knock some sense into them. Pay them more money you clowns!
  11. Buckle up because it's going to get worse. Less people calling and when I do quote my success rate has dropped off. It's obvious why and that's because living costs have rocketed. Difficult choices are being made and I don't suppose tree work is a priority at the moment. I worry for the ones with teams of lads to find work for and big finance bills to pay.
  12. Genuine question though. What the hell are us tree surgeons supposed to do with the timber we get from tree jobs? How about we just offload on the roadsides and leave if for the councils? The main reason I sell firewood is to get rid of it and make a little bit of pocket money.
  13. Woodsure is the equivalent to FairTrade and Dolphin Safe labels. It's an organisation that lets companies (who pay huge sums) use a logo to fool buyers into thinking they are being responsible. It's fraud. I've watch many undercover documentaries on FairTrade and Dolphin safe and it's total bollocks.
  14. Oh, if that's is the case then it isn't as bad. Totally, if rules are common sense then yeah, but this is one rule that absolutely is BS and the GOV know it. It's another money making scheme to rinse the working class once again. To many people sit back and suck it up and we end up getting rinsed over and over. Totalitarianism. That's a topic for another day! 😀
  15. No mate, the world is full of people like you who just obey and accept daft rules thought up by clowns. If you want to comply with these rules then so be it, but don't look badly on people who don't want to because they aren't mugs. And your comparison to people like a PM is ridiculous. And this is coming from someone who uses kilns to dry wood. As far as I am aware, kilns use fossil fuels to operate. You're creating pollution to dry wood to then burn. Your logic is idiotic. It's far more sustainable to source wood locally that has been processed locally and dried naturally.


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