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  1. Am I the only one who looks forward to this time of year. I virtually shut down over December and January to chill out and spend time doing the stuff I can't do in spring/summer/autumn because it's to busy. I don't have a team of guys on the books so I have the freedom to do it, but for me to work all year and not actually enjoy a well earned break is absolute madness. Head down to the yard for the odd day, have a fire and split wood, actually have time to have lunch and not rush eating. Those simple things for me are important. Working yourself flat out all year is not good and I didn't get into working for myself to do that.
  2. It's not just Rowan, but trees in general are suffering badly now across the country. Our seasons and weather patterns are all over the place now and this sudden change constantly is stressing them out. It's only going to get worse.
  3. Problem is if you haven't climbed then it makes pricing tree jobs a lot more difficult as you have no idea how long it should take because you don't have the experience.
  4. I watched it. Thought it was pretty decent in the beginning then a I got fed up of the over the top drama, things going completely wrong then suddenly working out. The editing is completely all over the the place and the dramatised music felt like I was watching Kitchen Nightmares USA. At the end of the day It's reality TV, so it just entertainment. I think the majority of the show is scripted for the suspense.
  5. He's talking shit dude. Find someone else. He simply can't be arsed and you and your customers are the ones being let down.
  6. Gardenscape


    I've actually landed jobs and been the more expensive quote, I know because some of my customers have said. They pointed out I was polite, read good reviews, made more of an effort having a conversation and giving out some handy tips about other plants in the garden. Simple stuff like this goes a long way. And yes, I do write my quote on one of my cards. I don't think that is unprofessional because they can always ask if they want a written quote. I think it only looks unprofessional when you turn up in a clapped out vehicle, scruffy clothes, rude and then hand them a quote on a crappy looking business card. All those things together are big red flags.
  7. Same mate. New customers calling has dropped significantly. I've got plenty of regulars and don't have a team of lads to support so not to concerned. Last year went crazy for most of the year but as others have said I also don't think people are worrying to much about their gardens, now that pubs and restaurants are opening up and people looking to spend on their holidays abroad.
  8. Gardenscape


    Totally it's quiet. Thank god I don't have a team of lads to find work for. I don't mind.
  9. Gardenscape

    Ground staff

    Is there a shortage of ground staff?
  10. Hi, I need to find a groundy/climber in Derby. All my work is domestic, pretty nice jobs most of the time and decent pay. If you live in the area, then please send me a message. You do need the relevant NPTC qualifications CS30,31 (optional CS38, 39). Having your own PPE is essential. Look forward to hearing from you. Cheers, Dan.
  11. Old Hilux. MK4 or Mk5, but in good condition they are few and far between. Minimal electrics, solid trucks though and parts widely available.


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