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  1. I have a fairly large Holme oak I am removing next week in Huntington, Cambridgeshire. Is the wood any good? Anyone interested in it? I'll put a pic of the tree...if anyone interested pm me and I'll send some pics of the wood once it's down...
  2. Leylandii tree line (overgrown hedge) reduction
  3. My Ts and Cs are attached to every quote I send out...but until this situation arose, I didn't have anything about cancellation on them. Kind of took it on the chin when someone once in a blue moon cancelled, but last time it happened I just thought why should I be messed around like this?! (Im not talking about someones loved one passing away and them wanting to cancel an upcoming job for example, its the idiots that get someone cheaper or someone that can do it sooner behind your back) So not looking to remedy this particular situation, but looking forward I am basically wondering if I can put a clause in my Ts and Cs saying cancellation by the client after agreement in writing of the works, will result in a percentage fee or similar....but that's why I am asking about cooling off period, because I don't want to look like a twit and charge a cancelled client a fee, when actually they were in there rights to cancel with a legal cooling off period.
  4. Well, to be honest I posted for two reasons - 1.) to see if anyone had any advice regarding small claims court or such, and 2.) to warn others. We all make silly mistakes here and there, and I've certainly learnt by this one.
  5. Tonytree, that's interesting. They go by the name of Edfirst
  6. Dan, that's a good idea cheers. Will give insurance a call.
  7. So last autumn I was sold a school supplies service contract for 18months. I have it in writing from the sales person that I would not need to provide a quote, and that I would be able to turn up and bill accordingly. So I payed my £600.00 cost of the contract A few days later, another member of staff at the school supplies service, tells me that I do in fact have to provide a quote. The main reason why I took on this contract was because of the attraction of extra work that I didn't have to drive round the county quoting for. So IMO I have been mis sold the contract and deserve a full refund. I have been chasing them since last September and have got no where, apart from evasive replies to my emails and phone calls. (Added to the fact that I have not received one call from a school!!) Advice please guys! Small Claims court?! Lastly, DO NOT TAKE ANY NOTICE OF A COMPANY CALLED SCHOOLS SUPPLIES SERVICE WHO MAY CONTACT YOU!
  8. Hi Guys If a client accepts my written quotation, in return by writing - do they have a legal right to then cancel on me? (NB - I don't mean postpone) Cheers
  9. Awkward wind blown eucalyptus stump. Tried to cut it up with a saw but chain dulled instantly. Too much dirt in it...did consider hiring digger and lifting out of garden but acsess too narrow...approach angle just about within the operating limits of the machine. All went well [emoji106] [emoji106] [emoji106]
  10. It's interesting because they are always fine on my ground saws...
  11. Well that is a bit late for that, as I've been so busy and haven't had a chance to even call them. I've also opened one of them to have a look now too!
  12. Anyone else get problems running Oregon bars and chains on their 201t? I've got a 14inch Oregon "advance cut" bar running on Oregon "versa cut" 91VXL050 chain. It snatches and jamming, and jumps around like crazy. I've tried more than one of the same chain, and I have tried different increments of chain tension, but all to know avail. Yes it's sharp, it's on the right way around and the depth gauges are set correctly [emoji4]
  13. So I ordered a couple of cans of sthil synth plus oil to make an order up on honey brothers recently. Some incompetent person sent me two cans of forest plus instead, which I believe is a cheaper oil... Can I mix them? Anyone tried? What is the difference. They look the same to me....
  14. So best to apply stump killer first and wait a while? I've got sbk... Jobs going to be done in the winter, so by the time spring comes round I'll see if the sbk has worked I guess...
  15. Hi Guys, A question for you all - if one fells a willow tree, then grinds out the stump (I mean completely grinding out), will the rooting system that is left in the ground send up growth's?? I have several large willows to fell for a national trust site, and the stumps to grind. I have proved with most species that grinding immediately or soon after after felling is the end of the tree, but we all know that willows are a bit different with their growth habits I.e. cut logs shooting new growth etc!! So would I need to fell, apply stump killer, wait, then grind out so I am sure the whole rooting system is dead? Would welcome any feedback, thoughts, experience, knowledge, here. Many thanks


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