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  1. No forestry and arb courses, Either forestry or arb both sectors are completely different to each other, but do cross over. This means they should gain more knowledge towards what they want to become in the real world and actually get real world experience of what the job involves. No hyped up wages from colleges, just as you have a few tickets doesn't mean you expect 100 a day!! its all about knowledge and experience which costs time and they must understand that if they don't they wont go far. the end product should be either a tree surgeon or a cutter/machine operator. This will also mean there will be a clear understanding to potential employers in what the have been trained in.
  2. what size chip/ quality needed? what moisture content? there is a hell of lot more to it than just cut extract and chip. Maybe get a contract chipper in as could prove more efficient and less expensive
  3. dont forget you will lose pull due to friction from the pulley sheaves and also the angle that the cable is being re directed at. although you may think your doubling your pull from say a 4 ton to 8 ton your not and your only probably getting just over 6 ton pull. I was told 2 1/2 times what your winch can pull empty on a course hope this helps
  4. Forestry, i know 3 handcutters in their 70s who are still going strong and a lot of retired climbers in their 40s, id say you get about same money in both
  5. why should i pm you the details you already have, the bars come from you nowhere else. I have had issues with the noses simple as that and i have made a decision myself not to use the bars again
  6. cue the witch hunt like usual!!
  7. its not the first time you have heard this and you have sent out a replacement bar, 560 xp 3/8 solid nose to answer that one!! Maybe the nose was replaced and not fitted properly by user. to answer that one i used 50 ton press!!! Someone has asked for an opinion and im telling them what ive experienced
  8. Im not talking about greasing im saying the rivets which hold the nose to the bar have always come loose leading to a new nose being needed
  9. stick to oregon id say, the noses are rubbish fitment into the bar itself and your paying for something thats a bit lighter, ive tried them and cant see the point in the extra £28 quid i can get two oregons for the price of on sugihara. i know what id rather spend my money on
  10. If every farmer knew how to make charcoal and sourced the timber from their un managed hedgerows then put the end product back in the ground there would be no need for pesticides, but guess what the big companies have too much power and the chemicals keep their wallets full. the answer is yes it is beneficial
  11. Looking for another handcutter with some production cutting experience but not essential, must hold at least cs 30/31, have your own transport, chainsaw and be able to put in a good days work. Work is mainly in Sussex but some also based in Kent. Pay dependent on experience and work ability Any questions feel free to message me at; scforestryservices@gmail.com or 07751057259
  12. where abouts roughly as know a fair few up that way that i could let know to see if they hear of anything
  13. not keen on them as seem too soft, good amount of lift with a tripple taper but only n softwood id say try some hardheads they will last longer
  14. id agree with the 30 degree angle get it a near straight line as possible for the pulls as you could have it going back on the drum crooked and bind up. you will have trouble finding one second hand as once you have used one you will understand why, not sure clarkes will do one, i found it hard to find a 20 ton rated block think i searched for lifting blocks and got those instead
  15. clarkes or jas p wilson will do them, i used a clarkes couple weeks back which is a self release so when the choker hits the snatch block it releases the pin and carries on towards the winch without you having to stop the pull of timber. great bit of kit
  16. Ideally looking for someone looking to get into forestry or already working cs30/31 an advantage and any other certs. Have lots of interesting work coming up and offering great rates of pay to the right person with the right attitude . The work is mainly in sussex and hampshire but also some in kent. Must be able to drive, be punctual and able to do a good days work. Contact me on scforestryservices@gmail.com or mobile during work hours only 07751057259 8 til 5
  17. ive got a lovely double cab hilux thats what u want, na ive driven the new rangers and say they are worth it plus you'll get warranty if it goes tits up
  18. i know the 860 your on about in south east its done some work mind you and recently found out who had it before if you want more info pm me
  19. yeah it will be a bit scrap heap challenge but i know of an excavator being scrapped so il have a look at that as may have most of what i need
  20. ive been looking at load sensing pumps so should have that covered as for the electro that would mean a new valve bank im guessing
  21. its an old 6 lever single extension, the moheda isnt a parrellel, the cranab is old but heard they are strong and im upgrading to joysticks!!
  22. rear of mb trac have a custom fit on at moment, plus the cost of a botex is expensive for what it is really in my opinion, you could get a decent used crane and jake frame for less i recon
  23. no not my cup of tea plus heard too many horror stories about breakages and seem to have a bad reputation in forestry
  24. very old botex could say its an antique
  25. ok ive done some research and have found a few cranes within my budget but would like others opinions on the build quality and general ease of greaseing/ serviceability of the cranes they have used cheers


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