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  1. We have these with the following bar sizes. Something for every job. MS150T. 10” bar MS201T 12” bar T540 14”. Bar
  2. TIMON


    Or the new 2 in 1 shampoo for New Age travellers.... Go & Wash.
  3. That makes me feel better. [emoji488][emoji487][emoji513]🧁[emoji507]
  4. The AVAO is suited more for industrial rope access applications or SRT in tree work. I’ve spoken to a lot of people who couldn’t get on with it. Try a different harness, preferably with a rope bridge which will help lower your centre of gravity in the system. Get yourself along to an equipment dealer and try a few on. There will be a harness out there that suits your body type.
  5. TIMON


    It’s got to be worth a closer look, just on the strength of the guy being straight with you.
  6. TIMON


    I think that the fact he was honest and open with you was a plus.. Maybe you could be a real asset to his business and help him turn things around.. You know, see it as an opportunity to make a difference.
  7. All of our 3.5 trannys are on a big fleet policy so not much help with that aspect sorry ...... however. Arborisk insured our Mog for £3k cheaper than our fleet broker. Also put my personal car on the policy saving loads.... and their service is really excellent, I know I missed a couple of the key-words, Mark, but I would say they are well worth a try.
  8. TIMON


    I have heard of insurance companies insisting on a certain ‘approved’ LOLER examiner doing the inspections.... how on Earth they can get away with that is beyond me. I did hear of one instance of a LOLER firm being ‘recommended’ by the insurers and they had no experience with or connection to ARB.
  9. TIMON


    Great question. It depends on the circumstances I think. If it is someone employed by the owner of the firm, in-house, trained up to provide regular and thorough inspections, and the employer genuinely has the well-being and safety of his work force at heart then I don’t see anything wrong with that at all. It may be that the employer would want to have the peace of mind that he trusts the guy to make sure all the kit being used is safe. The guidance states that the examiner must be able to demonstrate that he can perform his duties without ‘fear or favour’. If it is the owner himself doing the inspections, operating on a tight budget, under financial pressure etc.. then obviously that isn’t a good situation.
  10. TIMON

    Guess how long?

    I think the dashboard air vents will most likely get torn out Monday morning by the passenger, then the bonnet lock barrel will closely follow. Then it’s a toss up between the ladder tying on rope dangling down between the cab and headboard getting caught up in the prop and simultaneously taking out the brake pipes.... or the tailboard getting caught and buckled in the tow hitch at the chip pile.... One sympathises. [emoji51]
  11. I expected mine to be a bit lighter. Bit disappointed with the power to weight ratio.
  12. A pretty looking truck.... looks in nice nick.
  13. TIMON

    Climbing ropes

    It’s a gamble climbing on ropes that have an unknown history. and service life etc... from the way they’ve been coiled it looks like they’ve been looked after but you can never be sure they haven’t been used for snatching big lumps of timber or towing the odd car.. Stay safe..... [emoji106]


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