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  1. TIMON

    Beech Takedown close to Building

    Is that the new 462 you’re using? I just picked one up today. Going to Christen it tomorrow, can’t wait. Like others have said, smooth rope work. [emoji106]
  2. TIMON

    Beech Takedown close to Building

    Great video, and well executed dismantling. To get the video tap the YouTube video title on the top of the page not the red arrow in the centre of the screen.
  3. TIMON

    Whats the weather like near you?

    I just read in The Express that most of us are probably going to die overnight as the country could be buried in up to two and a half inches of snow! They recon on high ground it could even be as much as four inches !! [emoji33]
  4. TIMON

    Making the news today....

    That’s right Mr E, it’s not about the principle... It’s about the money!
  5. TIMON

    Transition from Hitch Climber to Zigzag

    I use a 11oz throw bag on a small krab to clip onto the working end of the rope. Works a treat and with a little practice you can get surprisingly accurate at locating anchor points. Can’t help with the SRT question.... never touched the stuff.
  6. TIMON

    2019 zig zag ?

    I think Petzl nailed the links cracking issue with the Mk3 , I’ve inspected loads now without a single one showing up. (I can spot the cracked Mk2 ones a mile off now, I’ve seen that many) The non-swivel version looks a safe bet as long as the karibiner doesn’t cross-load. (Like the original Mk1 which was hastily recalled) The need for a separate swivel still leaves you with the hassle of having to fit even more ‘faff’ onto an already bulky system. A visit to the Petzl factory to see the destructive testing done on the swivel part would do much to get rid of that nagging concern, or a better understanding of the construction methods and actual materials used. Does anyone know if Petzl do factory tours like DMM do?
  7. TIMON

    Greenheart pile removal

    I used to work alongside a firm called Dean & Dyball on the south coast, They specialise in the construction and demolition of coastal and marine structures. May be that someone there would be willing to share their expertise with you. If anyone should know, it would be them.
  8. TIMON

    2019 zig zag ?

    Love the Mk3. ZigZag my only concern with it has always been the black swivel, the small thin shaft that connects the captive ball inside the housing to the ring where the bridge karibiner goes. A failure on that part of the device would be catastrophic. I check mine (and the other ones I inspect) VERY carefully with a spot light and magnifying glass. Cracks in the top links aren’t necessarily going to dump you out of the tree but a failure on the swivel part certainly would. The same component on the newer version looks beefier. Maybe the peace of mind would be worth the extra £££ and getting used to something a bit bulkier.
  9. Happy Birthday Stubby, have a good one. [emoji106]
  10. TIMON

    working over asbestos roofs

    We’ve done a few like this, very similar. Like Mick says, there’s a fair chance they aren’t asbestos and more than likely to be the white kind. (But if it is the harmful kind that does up the ante) We’ve usually boarded them out, rigged and lowered everything and maybe put some car tyres on the boards to cushion any larger bits. And, of course put in a price that makes it worth while.
  11. TIMON

    Google has just freaked me out!

    Yer, I get them too. I’m seriously considering turning Amish.
  12. TIMON

    the 'todays job' thread

    Sorry to hear about this Don. Wishing you a speedy recovery and a sense of peace right now. I remember you said you’d been suffering with it for a while. Take it easy.
  13. TIMON

    2 vans or 7.5 toner

    I feel your pain.....
  14. TIMON

    2 vans or 7.5 toner

    We had a 6.5t daily crew cab tipper. Great vehicle, possibly one of the best solutions for domestic arb but watch out for corrosion on or in the ECU unit and the large plug on the wiring loom, very prone the corrosion and when they go they are hideously expensive and difficult to replace..
  15. TIMON



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