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  1. Mate... don’t get me started...... That’s all this world needs, some muti-millionaire, trendy vegan parody of the hunger games, lecturing us on how to be more frugal with the earths resources..... “Thanks for that Lewis, we’re so grateful for you contribution......let me help you up onto that train, I’ve got some superglue here...”
  2. I ALWAYS tell people we’re not the cheapest.... helps sort the wheat from the chaff..
  3. TIMON


    Little girl goes to see Santa in his grotto... Santa “Hello little girl, what would you like Santa to get you for Christmas?” Little girl... “I’d love a real unicorn!” Santa. “ oh c’mon, try and be a little bit more realistic, what can I get you?” Little girl. “I’d love to have a government that really cared about the country, kept its promises and delivered on referendum results” Santa... “so, what colour would you like your unicorn? “
  4. Or conversely.... .”. I tried to tell them... I did, I did, tried to tell them but they thought I was some kind of annoying, weird, demented nutjob....... I told them the end was coming....... serves them all right!!!!......... “Shut up Greta and pass the powdered milk”
  5. That’s a very simple way of putting it Mark... There is a complete lack of hope among youth, joining gangs is a ‘great’ way of finding something to belong to. Kudos and an income of sorts with all of the perceived opportunities that ‘county lines’ activities present. It just seems to me that Khan has something going on in his head and heart that prevents him from making good decisions and prioritising the important issues of the day. He ‘swallows a camel and strains at a gnat....’
  6. Sadiq Khan comes across as a very poor choice of London Mayor. He’s very quick off the mark to advocate for the rights of people to protest and disrupt the lives of ordinary working Londoners.. Yet he’s hopelessly out of his depth when it comes to getting a grip of a violent stabbing epidemic in the capital, full of excuses and more worried about offending certain people groups by allowing the police stop and search powers., than he is about young people getting murdered. Absolute disgrace..
  7. An obvious warning sign is evidence of unfinished projects on the property... usually (but not always) indicates a dispute has taken place with a contractor. If someone appears wealthy yet insists on haggling the price. Not a good sign..... If a prospective client is very elderly or shows signs of mental health issues, I’ll ask if a relative could get involved, brings a bit of accountability to the situation and could help with securing payment. Being really clear with a written quote carefully specifying exactly what work will be done, with detailed specs etc.. avoid verbally agreeing stuff that isn’t on the written quote like the plague. I’ll always try and work out what a customer’s expectations are, and ask “am I going to be able to meet them without it becoming an absolute nightmare?” If a client starts getting very fussy and exacting at the quoting stage it’s usually not a good sign...
  8. Tricky customers almost always give away ‘warning signs’ during the quoting stages, if you know what to look for. (Sadly this kind of wisdom usually comes through having learned hard lessons) Thankfully , it’s always your prerogative to charge accordingly..
  9. Re-train level one IRATA, window cleaning etc... still graft but not as punishing as Arb.
  10. Sounds like perfect equilibrium (or tension) Most of our logs get dropped for free. We don’t have time to mess about with it.
  11. That grab loader truck looks a handy tool to be be able to call upon, Mick. Must save you days on ringing stems up.
  12. TIMON

    462 or 572xp

    We got a 462 about 9 months ago and it’s been great.. great power to weight, and hasn’t missed a beat.
  13. “Never get out of the boat.....”
  14. “Details, details. Things to do, things to get done.... don’t bother me with details, just tell me when there done! , who said that, son?” “Er, Winston Churchill?” ‘No, I did, “


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