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  1. So you put them under your coat and walked out without paying anyway.......
  2. TIMON

    Ineos Grenadier

    Should have called it the Grefender
  3. “Fastest lorry in the world” according to Ettore Bugatti
  4. Or like the old blower Bentley with a Villiers engine on the front driving the supercharger.
  5. I did some similar the other day. They had been neglected for so long and there was so much dead material in them, it was nigh on impossible to get a good finish. Went back the next day as the customer wanted to look at cutting them further back, and they agreed to have them removed... best thing for them once they have gone past a certain point.
  6. This video, while a bit lengthy, gives a good demonstration of the ZZ’s limitations... critical factors are the wear on the link barrels that contact the rope and side loading. I have learned to have good confidence in the Mk 3.
  7. Had a quick read... typically BBC, typical EU. I like the way it said that annexation would prove fatal for prospects of peace... What prospects for peace? Israel destroyed and every Israeli driven into the sea... oh yes, those prospects for peace..
  8. This and Mick’s rant reminded me of this satirical piece I read the other day..
  9. This is what they were given in 1920 by the League of Nations after Britain took it off Turkey.
  10. TIMON

    G Wagon

    Or a ‘luton’ chip-box.
  11. Evening Mark, Not quite sure I understand the question, I wasn’t aware that the proposed annexation has already happened.. so there hasn’t been enough time to anything to evolve as a result. (Unless you are referring to the former annexation by Jordan?) Wherever there is conflict, there will always be people who find a way of profiting from it. With that comes inevitable corruption, it’s human nature sadly. There are so many ‘multiple webs of reciprocity’ going on in the Middle East between different nations and players, it’s little wonder that people choose to line their pockets and play for personal power. If the annexation does go ahead I don’t think it will harm most Israeli-Arab Gulf States relationships at a deep level, they share too many big common interests, for instance, the threat of a nuclear capable Iran increasing its hegemony ... they may make a public ‘noise’ about it but in reality it won’t be too much of a set back. The truth is, the Palestinian issue is not that high on most Arab states priority lists.. the Palestinians have been used as a stick to beat Israel with for a long time but their usefulness has diminished with the shifting landscape. I know we hold very different views on the subject.. what would you like to see happen?


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