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  1. Living Colour tribute to White Stripes (prefer this to the original)
  2. TIMON


    So the quick witted bartender says “I’m sorry we don’t serve faster than light neutrinos in here” A neutrino walks into a bar.....
  3. What would really help is more help and funding for programmes that actually work... at least that way those that genuinely want help to conquer their addictions can get help. (Trouble with that is... as soon as the government decide to fund a programme, the money comes with so many strings and conditions attached, the programme inevitably loses its effectiveness because of red tape and interference from ‘experts’ who are anything but..,,) Decriminalisation won’t stop people taking drugs it will just mean that ‘dealers’ will become licensed. Perhaps there’s an opening for Mr Bezos there.. Prohibition doesn’t work, but it at least provides a small measure of resistance against the tide. Locking people up doesn’t work and being at the mercy of drug barons inside due to addiction is a hell on Earth. More incentives for people to get help is what is needed. Edit: Now that the Taliban have free reign in Afghanistan, I imagine the flow of cheap heroin through Pakistan will increase.
  4. Bears an uncanny resemblance to Bill Nighy..,
  5. I ended up marrying my favourite groupie...
  6. I’m definitely the least accomplished musician in the family. Just about managed to keep up.
  7. Had the pleasure of playing drums with my uncle’s band on his 80th birthday... was a real blast despite the weather....
  8. This tells you EVERYTHING you need to know about the plight of ordinary Palestinians.


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