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  1. Stake knocker

    Wrong colour [emoji849] Timon.
  2. Descent climbing trousers

    SIP progress. Comfortable and very durable. Avoid Stihl hiflex as they won't last 5 mins. Timon.
  3. Shit hits the fan

    Sorry to hear of your woes. Hope you pull through and get things sorted. [emoji106] Timon.
  4. Making the news today....

    Read in the Express that the National Trust have sacked a gardener who has worked in the same grounds for 50 years because he doesn't have any qualifications. Timon.
  5. Making the news today....

    Yes uncontrolled immigration is a problem here, but I'm pretty sure that not the current problem in the USA, most of those people of colour have been there as long as the whites and were actually stolen from their country and taken to the USA, some may think they have more right to be there than any as a result. Bit like the Israelis in Israel then. [emoji106] Timon.
  6. Making the news today....

    https://www.gatestoneinstitute.org/10521/intolerant-culture Worth a read if you have the interest and the time. Timon.
  7. What kind of flip line do you use?

    Tuefelberger do a very similar system called the CE lanyard. Timon.
  8. What kind of flip line do you use?

    Same as above, rarely use mine. 5m Marlowe with a simple prussic loop. If I used it more often I would attach a grab or VT and pulley. Really come into their own on ivy covered stems. Timon.
  9. Making the news today....

    Or maybe the theory of evolution has provided a reason for people who simply don't want to believe. There are a great many good scientists who still hold an open mind as to whether evolution was guided and started by (an) intelligent design(er). The science "establishment" has been taken over by people who won't even entertain or permit the exploration of the possibility. Bit like Orwell's Ministry of Truth. Timon.
  10. Making the news today....

    My Mrs is American, she likes (some of ) what trump is doing. You could never describe my wife as a racist or a facist. Trump is a wrecking ball for sure, but at least he has the minerals to call things out as they are. I.e. Bad people on both sides of the political spectrum. In this country we've been castrated by years of political correctness, we're too frightened to speak the truth for fear of offending people. (Unless they happen to be Christians or Jews) Timon.
  11. New Husky Launch

    Hmm., next years a bit too far away. Thanks for the info [emoji106] Timon.
  12. New Husky Launch

    Does anyone have any info on the new husky's about to be launched (today)? I did hear that they posted something on YouTube then immediately took it down. I've heard whispers of a replacement for the 372.. I'm about to replace a blown 560 and wondered if it was worth hanging fire until the new ones are out??? Timon.
  13. Unimogs rock thread

    Looks great jonny[emoji106] Timon.
  14. New generation Husqvarnas

    Someone told me they are made by the same people/factory who make Electrolux.... Timon.
  15. Songs I Am Listening To


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