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  1. I thought this thread was meant to be about charities getting some ‘free’ money from the government. [emoji51]
  2. Our charity gets £0 off the government. We pay all our bills from the earnings of our businesses which for the most part have had to shut... we don’t claim any benefits for our residents which is a good thing because we want to break the addiction/state benefit dependency culture. But the bills keep rolling in..... Be nice to get some help from the government for a change...
  3. Hey Paul. I would definitely spend the extra on the ‘plus’. Having the swivel will make quite a difference, especially when changing L/R body position out on a limb-walk.
  4. I totally agree that people should be given second chances, especially if they are truly sorry for mistakes made. ( also what you said about her looks, although I heard a proverb once that said by the time you are 40 you get the face you deserve ) Having said that.... I really think we need strong leadership right now in this nation, where politicians put aside their differences and pull together for the good of everyone.. if they aren’t willing to do that and become good, visible examples of unity in these times, then they should step aside.
  5. Still recovering from a bad chest infection so still feeling a bit weak. Going to ease into some fitness in a couple of days. Going to start with some TABATA circuits. 20 seconds exercise/10 seconds rest. Then... Ivy strip and deadwood some of the big oaks at ours.
  6. We are still ‘ticking over’ doing everything possible to comply. Our crew all share the same housing. So they travel to site in the same tippers, it would be very easy to drive past us and point the finger. It’s easy to make assumptions.
  7. I don’t agree. Most domestic landscaping firms would take a couple of days to clear, rotavate and level a medium sized garden by hand and rotavate/level. Domestic firms using a loader with all the attachments that Kev demo’d are few and far between.
  8. Team of lads with mattocks, hand balling, rotavating , disposal, vat etc... not that far out at £1600
  9. TIMON


    Perhaps they bought moody Chinese ones and have had to send them back....
  10. I’ve reduced a few with an acceptable result. It really depends on the existing form of the tree to start with. A combination of light tip reduction and a slight thin out can be successful in maintaining a good shape. Working on a tree which has already been clobbered with lots of messy regrowth is more of a challenge where managing the customers expectations is very important from the start.
  11. TIMON

    Medium size 4x4

    Had a Forester 2.0 turbo for a few years 2001 plate. Was a great vehicle. Never missed a beat. Little bit thirsty but apart from that I loved it. Very practical, pretty decent for mild off roading and quite quick as well.
  12. TIMON


    I think the UK government was taking a similar approach but ‘blinked’ rather than stick with it. Probably when they realised the implications and impact on the front line hospitals, given how badly the NHS had been underfunded (apart from salaries for PHE execs) and mismanaged. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Scandinavian health services are in much better shape than in the UK.
  13. I know, reads like mass genocide.
  14. I’m not trying to minimise the impact of CV-19 but these statistics (from a couple of days ago) lend some perspective. Just hope that the ‘cure’ isn’t more damaging than the virus itself.


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