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  1. Slow puncture,, really hard to find where the air is escaping
  2. The Rhandirmwyn Oak estimated to be approximately 600-700 years old. Quite remarkable to see a tree of this calibre in a hedgerow, right on the side of a road. Well off the beaten track, near Llandovery Wales. Taking a detour was well worth it.
  3. TIMON


    You forgot the ‘Kramer Carrera’ Stubby... bit surprised with you being an axe man, an all.
  4. TIMON


    Not wanting to be ‘negative’ about a battery saw... but it weighs about the same as a 562xp with only 2/3 of the power. Don’t think I’d be looking at one to replace an existing petrol groundsaw. I know some of the battery top handles are making their mark but battery technology still has a lot of catching up to do. IMO.
  5. Some recent shots of Major Oak at Sherwood and a couple of its neighbours... So sad to hear about Gary... that was a long battle he fought with very real courage.. RIP.
  6. Not really my genre, but it put a smile on my face...
  7. Looks like Bham could be next... the infection rate has completely spiralled out of control from 18 people in 100,000 to 28 in 100,000
  8. We have a MS462, it’s a great saw, weighs about the same as the Husky 562xp with noticeably more power and great balance on a 20” bar.
  9. Make sure you keep applying the chainbrake. Make sure you clip up the saw on your harness before disconnecting it from the line that it is sent up on. People that fail usually do so for silly mistakes that put them in danger, not because their their cuts aren’t perfect. Use your ropes to lock you into a good solid work position so you have proper control of the saw. Take your time, relax. The assessor will be looking at the performance as a whole and whether the candidate can climb and cut safely as a beginner.
  10. A major Covid milestone that you won't find on the BBC - The Post UNHERD.COM On 19th August, England passed a significant milestone, which since today we can report with some confidence: there were zero reported deaths following a positive Covid-19 test in hospitals or other settings, for the first time since 7th March. This is a remarkable event, but check the homepage of the BBC or any other mainstream [...]Read More...
  11. Yes, our guys did a conny hedge reduction and face-up in a garden with plastic grass. Every time they rested the long reach hedge cutter on the ‘grass’ they melted it with the exhaust. The customer originally was ok with us re-laying the damaged surface but the supplier insisted on one of their teams do the work. £6k ... claimed on our insurance in the end. Horrible stuff, wouldn’t go anywhere near it in the future..


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