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    Works at Betel UK. Supervise a men's recovery Centre. Co-run a tree surgery business. PR work.

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  3. Not often you see drums as the lead instrument...
  4. Talking of clown shows... The Clinton Foundation were given the task of rebuilding Haiti after the Earthquake in 2010. They were still sending blankets and tents there in 2015..... nothing to do with Bill and Hillary’s friends securing the contracts to do the rebuild and all the money going ‘walkies’ of course....
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    Posted by mistake.. deleted it
  6. There are indeed plenty of good ones out there Kev. There are scales and metrics available to grade a charity’s ‘social value’ with varying degrees of accuracy. A good way of checking is to simply track how much of the bottom line gets spent on the end user/beneficiary compared to how much is spent on ‘governance’. It’s very true are also some serious ‘rotten apples’ out there. But not all are bad.
  7. Haven’t done any climbing for a while but when I did, I used a VT hitch with a hitch climber pulley and a short dyneema soft link. A W/c flip line is the only application I don’t mind using a simple prussic on, for ease and simplicity as the adjustments you make are relatively small.
  8. Merry Christmas all my Arbtalk friends..


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