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  1. I swear thats my old 361 or its got the same scuffs as mine did, u get it off the bay?
  2. mechanix gloves for when wet bout 6 quid on the bay, ive tried nitrile and all sorts but dont seem to last
  3. got it of a bloke who rolled it on a slope!
  4. is there access to rides to get lorries in? how long is the extraction? if there is none at all i guess whoever bids will be putting in a low one, is the chestnut coppiceable?
  5. ok so what happens when you have a stem over 380mm that has the crown removed then and you only have your 31 does this mean you cant fell it as you dont have 32??
  6. ive done 2 packs.of save edge now and think im gona go back to vallorbes as seem to last longer
  7. windblow has totally changed as is one course now as spoke to a trainer and includes single and multiple blow
  8. have found save edge dont last that long if used all the time and in this weather if get damp, clog like anything! prefer to use them to take out damage and oregon/vallorbe to finish works best for me
  9. ok,navaras avoid the 02 to 54 batch as engine problems good on motorway thats about it really and ok to tow, izuzu are nice to drive 3 litre id go for as had good grunt for towing. mitsubishi l200 are ok but i know parts are expensive and some engines are prone to blowing. brand new ford rangers are supposed to be a real good all round package and excellent towers later ones seem to have gearbox problems. land rovers are good but usually some gremlins either electrical or mechanical plus cabs are tiny. hilux are good for occasional towing, good cab space and if you service them go on forever and ive never got mine stuck yet but if you off road a lot a good set of muds help no end. not had much experience with mazdas. Id say go for mk4-5 hilux thats my opinion as they have never let me down
  10. What are you going to be using it for?? ive pretty much used all types of truck but can give you a better answer if i know what for. the truck you posted has auto lockers and comes with a ltd slip rear diff but no difflocks like land rovers
  11. I know for a fact the new oregons are lighter than the sugi lights by around 300 grams its just where to get them??
  12. Has anyone used/owned the reduced weight bar i know they only come in sizes of 28" plus. does anyone knows a supplier in the uk? Cheers
  13. get a new sole put on but a different pattern, theres loads of different vibram soles out there its finding one which will match
  14. Id say 390 as easier to use in wood cutting terms and will run a 28" bar, ive lugged a 660 round woods too and its heavier. the 390 is simple and wont have electrical gubbins which will eventually go wrong
  15. Only seen joiners sawdust and chip used for pellets and logs the machines are expensive and use a bonding agent which works most of the time but the product must be kept dry or will fall apart. also have heard of them catching fire due to the pressure they run to compress the dust,chip
  16. I know a lad with 7 ms 200ts for sale all in good condition!!
  17. I recently tried a 461 the other week, i have had a 576 and went wrong, ive got a 372 and a 460 and i was surprised how good the 461 was though it was on a 18 bar, only thing was the handle seemed rather fat!! All depends what your cutting really, all saws mentioned will run up to 25" bar so you have an option if timber your cutting gets bigger, but a 390 will run a 28 or if you want it to fly put a 24" on it
  18. Best market is barbecue season in the uk for chips and there is only a few over here i know of who do them on a large scale
  19. I think whichever way you look at it on a flat site either the traditional scarf or humbolt you will get the same amount of timber out a tree, on a steep site felling downhill they are usefull for getting the most out of a tree as the face cut can go in the lower part and back cut as flush to ground as possible.
  20. Please help this lad with your alternative dolamar, echo so he can compare to the husky and stihl saws. I would also like to see what else is out there!!
  21. Well i have A SECOND HAND 560 and it is flawless no problems whatsoever:001_tongue:
  22. Orange for forestry, as machine operators cant see you due to tinted glass and the yellow blends in with the foilage!!
  23. Well they got used on 15 odd big poplar with a slight back lean on few days ago and cant fault the hard heads, i may look into getting some made myself. By triple taper you mean k and h wedges? ive some of them as well and think there good but only use them with soft wood:001_smile:
  24. yeah vibes are the only downside really to the saw but will run a 20 and 25 inch bar no probs


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