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  1. Ian Clarke

    Massive school boy screw up

    Found the company Factotum they are based just outside Newmarket.
  2. Ian Clarke

    Massive school boy screw up

    I don't know of a particular company but there is a company near me that answer all of your calls while you are working and will give you a report each evening. So you know to call Mrs miggins back but ignore the sales call
  3. Ian Clarke

    Non smart phone

    Whatever you get may I suggest buying an unlocked 2nd hand phone from a place like music magpie or similar as you can get a reasonably smart/modern phone for a cheap price compared to going on contracts. But I would recommend Samsung personally which particular one is up to you. Have a good day Ian C
  4. Ian Clarke

    Throttle cable freezing on the Timberwolf 230

    Yep ours froze up on Thursday. Started the engine and let it warm up. Then we bodged the throttle to be at full chat so we could get on with the job. After 10 mins it was fine.
  5. Ian Clarke

    Beech Hedge question.

    It is possible I would say do as much prep for the new site and give it the best of starts to increase your chances.
  6. Ian Clarke

    Professional Tree Inspection Course - What's the point?

    If there is not a need for a pti for each of the 4 candidates how about organising a bespoke course to cover things you guys find enjoyable/ don't do often. My old boss took us on a day course of conifer ident. We were just tree surgeons.
  7. Left school at 16 as I didn't want to do a levels. Started an apprenticeship in maintenance engineering. Did that for 18 months. Left as it wasn't for me. Started in outdoor pursuits and jumped all over the country working in different places even Italy for a bit. Then the last centre I worked at in the lake district. Had lots of land and woodlands there was a freelance tree surgeon doing some tree work. I was stuck in the office that day so when he popped him to ask for a helping hand I volunteered. Then took on a job as a complete newbie. And since have been made redundant started my own company and then closed it 4 years later now working for a good firm and studying for my level 4.
  8. Ian Clarke


    I am not an expert in the field but battery technology is getting better every month the energy density of a battery and how that power can be delivered whether it is pure power and used up very quickly. Or longevity. I know the idea or changing sprockets. But think the battery density will push things forward.
  9. Ian Clarke


    Testing 1 2
  10. Ian Clarke

    Climbing dead trees ? Any bad stories??

    Soooooooo. How did it go?[emoji2]
  11. Ian Clarke

    Outdoor CCTV

    It's power over ethernet so you only need 1 cable. And can be expanded up to 8 cameras. And the pic quality is good
  12. Ian Clarke

    Outdoor CCTV

    My mate has a "anran" kit * that's the brand name. I'll try to link it one sec... ANRAN POE Security Camera System with 4 HD 1080P Superior Night Vision Cameras 1TB Hard Drive 8 Channel NVR POE CCTV Camera System (Remote Viewing, HDMI/VGA, Motion Detection, IP66 Waterproof) https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B072K8L33M/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_xbkiBbKS5X6Y4
  13. Ian Clarke

    Further education

    Plus 2 for tree life
  14. Phone mostly but do have a laptop I use occasionally.


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