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  1. Hi all I am new to rope splicing and I'm interested in learning more. Are there courses running or does anybody know of good books/videos to learn. Also am I right to be able to splice commercially you have to be signed off by each manufacturer. Cheers
  2. The article had a lot of words but very little substance
  3. If you know the full title do a search on Google for a off that a website has somewhere and they haven't removed it from the site.
  4. For really long stuff we have a walk behind toro flail mower you cam set speed and disengage the flails when needed. It can drive in reverse and turn on a sixpence. I don't know the model number unfortunately.
  5. It might not help in short term but would it be forward planning to inform your insurers as if the worst does happen they know who to send the bill to
  6. Which ever ones I can find for about £10 for a pack of 12 and then they last 3/4 months. I usually go for the thin palm ones as they are not bulky for saws and climbing. If you shred them on a fast rig or something it's not a £20+ pair of gloves. Usually find eBay has reasonable ones.
  7. Try the Showa, I think they do justify the extra cost but still not top price. Cheers Dan I'll have a look
  8. I buy the cheap ones in packs of 12 they do enough to keep my hands ok but on rainy days I can change them throughout the day. I've never found the expensive ones last long enough to justify the cost. But there are a lot of gloves I haven't tried.
  9. Kingswood training in Kent is a very good choice for nptc qualifications. I don't know if they have anything running atm but worth a shout. And as retired climber says do a level 2/4 to start an academic side of things. I would recommend tree life run by Dave Dowson. They are based in Leicestershire.
  10. Good luck Lewis Frazer and don't do to much free work. Even if it's only dragging brash for a day you are still helping out.
  11. I hear the Arb assoc are planning a conference at Loughborough in September that could be a shout.
  12. I've just looked it up and I'm on holiday when they're running the course.
  13. Hello all I am looking for a PTI course as soon as one is running. I am based in Suffolk but happy to travel. I thought I would see what people on here knew. Many thanks Ian C
  14. I Would vote for bandit HB20. But not available new is a hiccup.
  15. Find the course on the ABC website and download the information that should also give you the reading list. That would be a good start. Otherwise I would say just get on the course and learn as you go because different providers will teach and ask for different answers/questions. It will be tough but it's achievable. One last note if you have the time before starting get the 100 tree thing done as that will eat up time like mad.


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