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    what 4x4

    heard there are a few which are problematic, if you can afford it get a ford raptor king cab:thumbup:
  2. i would say take a l200 and a rodeo for a drive and compare, l200 seem to go through parts for no reason, rodeo build quality is good and comfy to drive
  3. steve collins

    what 4x4

    Ive had a few! only used a RR p38 diesel nothing newer ok for towing but problems with them are the airbag suspension and compressors have a shelf life not sure about new ones, new ford ranger is supposed to be a really good truck not sure bout towing
  4. steve collins

    what 4x4

    if i did lots of towing id get a landy but cab room and reliability are a problem, hilux are bomproof reliable had one for 4 years and only needed regular oil change and flew through all mots good off road, not great towing. mitsubishi tend to go through parts and engine probs on earlier models. navara avoid 02 to 04 plates as have dodgy engine. fourtrak are good but rust nissan patrol drink a lot. thats all i have experienced with 4x4s
  5. not being funny but seems the landowner is the only one making a profit with these prices being mentioned!!
  6. Hi looking to get my 460 ported just wanted to see if anyone else has and the results?? Ive seen a few port saws on here just wondered if they could send us a pm as not sure who they are Cheers Steve
  7. No connection to the seller, but have just spotted this Peterson sawmill posted on ebay. Peterson Mobile Saw Mill/ Forestry | eBay Haven't seen these come up often!!
  8. Hi im a self employed grounds man/ cutter with lots of experience,based in Tunbridge wells, Kent, looking for work. I have all relevant NPTC certs CS and chipper. Have all own saws and PPE, I am hard working and willing to travel (have pickup). if your interested leave a message and ill get back to you!! Many thanks, Steve 07751057259
  9. riko do a head for hardwood its got chains with stubs which push the limbs through the knifes, seems ok on chestnut and can take about 20"
  10. Hi there, Im looking for work in the kent area grounding for someone or felling. I have CS 30, 31, 38,( 39 recently )and chipper tickets, have my own saws and full lolered climbing kit. I also have a level3 national diploma in forestry and arb. Have a truck, hard working and willing to travel. If you are interested either reply to this post/ or pm with details and i will get back to you!! Cheers Steve
  11. check the local woods around edenbridge i heard of a theft happen a few months back and loads of kit was found stashed in the local woods and recovered
  12. Ok im due to purchase a new harness soon and have tried many and have whittled it down to these: Treemotion treeflex petzl sequoia edelrid tree magic What im after is people who have owned one or even more of these to give an opinion on them good and bad points plus how long it lasted!! Cheers steve
  13. Hi stu i dont know if you got my reply message, have you got a number i can contact you on?? Steve
  14. If you have some felling work that would be great, do you have any idea when this would be?? and where abouts are you based? Cheers steve
  15. Work wanted in kent, Have a national diploma in forestry and arboriculture CS 30/31/38 awaiting assesment for 39:thumbup: have over 16 months forestry experience working on a private estate which included swiping, planting and protection, felling and extraction have tree surgery experience for over a year now working on and off with a local tree surgeon willing to travel, have own ppe and saw hard working, always punctual and clean appearence based in tonbridge Cheers for reading Steve contact on 07751057259 Or email whodareswins_2@hotmail.com
  16. If there still stuck for a groundie I pretty much work all over kent thats if there interested Steve 07751057259
  17. hilux are good allrounders but crap at towing! if you go for one get one with solid axles if you go off road alot if not any one will do.Defenders are good off road and tow extremely well but always seem to have something going wrong with them plus the cab is cramped. l200 are ok but dont seem to last as well being used off road. nissans are sweet, lots of power and space but yet to see the test of time going off road alot. fords are surprisingly good off road but lack some clearence and tow pretty well. To be honest whatever you pick choose wisely as all of them have there faults, just check they have service history, a sound engine and have not been abused. good luck
  18. cheers for the offer mick but some works just turned up down the road. if you ever get stuck for a worker at the weekends give us a shout if you want cheers steve
  19. Im looking for weekend work in the kent area, i have own truck and am willing to travel:thumbup: i have my own PPE and CS30/31 with a years experience working at a private estate. im based in Tonbridge area cheers steve
  20. you only have to wear gloves whilst being trained once you are certificated its your choice afterwards, i was told this by a assessor and trainer if this helps
  21. ah thats not too far at all im in the tonbridge area
  22. where abouts are you based i kent?


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