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  1. Hello I have two schliesing Chippers a 200 and a 220 turntable both great machines. The 220 has the v cut blade system it's a little tricky to set the blades the first few times as there are 4 blade rather then 2. The blade life is longer And i get around 6 weeks before a blade change. Also a set of blades cost around £300 from overland and Saturn machine knife don't stock v blades so does costs more to run but you get better blade life. What machine are you thinking of buying? Give Rob at overland a call he will tell you all you need to know about the black sound paint.
  2. Hi I work on the Richmond contract the tree failed during the October storm. We had to fell the tree as it was so unsafe. I used a mewp as I didn't want to climb it. I will add the pictures when I charge up my phone.
  3. Ok well if you do u know where I am. Sorry to derail your thread.
  4. Would you be interested in selling your RG50? Would the Vermeer out grind the rayco ?
  5. Ring s e d in slyfeild industrial est they have a guy who works in the that has done bits for me.
  6. I had my axel rebuilt at southern axel services in Watford. Good price and no problems Since. 01923 230085
  7. <p>Hi, im new on the forum or though bin reading it for quite a while, basically my little firm is set to start doin a bit for gristwood n toms on southwark contract soon (i hope) and i just wanted to pick your brains on subbing for them and also the amazeballs iveco you are/were running when u av a minute. Im based over charlwood way. Cheers mob no. 07718211180</p>

  8. D and d tool hire have diggers with grabs. Based in blackwater
  9. John have you sold you mog now then ?
  10. Best kebab in Ealing has got to be Hanwell kebab on the one way rd leading onto Boston manor, just off the uxbridge rd.
  11. Paul are your doing them nice pops behind greenhams ATM.
  12. Hi ken I have some work but its in Ealing. Long distance I know, if its any good pm me.
  13. Stihl ben do you still have the blue grab lorry ?
  14. Schliesing are awesome machines but I would never buy a brand new one, to dam expensive. Try and find a used 200 for sale little bigger but a cracking machine, love mine.


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