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  1. Cheers mate, yeah i know it. Unfortunately its against council bylaws to climb any trees in a public park. I was tempted to climb some of the huge beech trees in Victoria park but was told i couldnt and could be prosecuted if i did.
  2. Over in the west end. Beside Victoria Park.
  3. Just bought some new kit and was wondering if anyone had any idea of where in or around Glasgow is good for a reccy climb? Also if anybody fancies going for a climb.
  4. Haha! I think your right. I dont think its part of my trailer. I found this online. But in the instructions and every picture iv seen there is no sign of it. Its a Trailer Tipping Pin Assembly but the trailer i have has its own assembly.
  5. The bit in question is 5" long and is obviously meant to carry some weight as its quite thick and has some weight to it.
  6. The mudguards are metal, The box actually tips. There a release pin at the front on the shaft. The pivot point where it tips is basically a big bolt. Iv had a look all over and looked at the manual. Still cant figure out where it comes from.
  7. Ok so basically i bought a small trailer today for taking wood away from small jobs. I went to collect it and it comes in 2 boxes and the axle comes separately. Ill need to build it myself which i dont mind as it will be a bit of fun on a day off. I came across this bit loose in the back of my truck which wasnt there before i collected the trailer. I can only think that it came out of one of the boxes as one had a bit of water damage and had a small hole in it. I thought it was originally one of the loose parts to be assembled. But i can figure out where it has come from to save my life! It looks like the small stud in it was attached to something plastic which has broken off. WHAT IS IT AND WHERE DID IT COME FROM!!! Help me please, im going crazy! I dont want to start building it only to find that ill have to take it apart and bring it back and wait another 2 weeks for a new one. Any help would be awesome and much appreciated. Cheers.
  8. Hi all, i have a few nice discs of Yew that we took down a while back that i want to make a few things from (clock face, wall art etc) and was just wondering what finish i should put on it? Its still very light so i would ideally like to darken it very slightly but still enhance the natural grain of the wood itself and also put a nice glossy finish on it. Iv tried Teak oil in the past but again it comes up very light. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Im down in Swanage at my famalies holiday home for a week or so and have all my kit with me in case there is any work going. I have CS30/31/38/39 Stump grinder Chipper. My rates are flexible. Im hard working and will do whatever is required, weather it be climbing or dragging brash. Anyway, if anybody needs a hand for a day or so then please let me know. Cheers.
  10. Ok, so iv solved it! At the base of where the oil comes out there seems to be some sort of rubber plug. I just levered it out a bit and ouala, free flowing oil! Not sure of the purpose of the rubber but it seems to work so far!
  11. Yeah iv tried all of those things but the oil level in the tank hardly moves. Its been like this since i got it which is why i thought it might be a design feature to use less oil. Will bring it back to the dealer probably.
  12. Ok so i had to get a new top handle saw about a month ago due to my trusty 200t getting stolen along with 2 other saws and a blower. I was told that the new self tuning version of the 201t had all the bugs etc fixed so went for that. Im not sure if its a new feature to use less oil or something but i since i bought it from new i can get through about 6 tanks of fuel before having to refill the oil. Can anyone advise me as to if this is normal for the new versions of the 201t? Iv got the oil screw thing set to max. Cheers Paul
  13. As a rock climber and instructor myself im pretty impressed. Chris Sharma FREE CLIMBS A GIANT REDWOOD: Photos, Video & Interview | The Inertia
  14. Second that. Just did a big fell to waste job on a LOT of pine. Whilst wading through the dropped trees i got torn up. Thought nothing of it until that night when i developed a irritating rash all up my arms and neck. Different people have different reactions to conifer.
  15. So basically a Large Hi-Flex would be a Medium in the Arbortecs more or less?


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