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  1. rem284

    560 loose screw

    I checked them last night. Cheers
  2. rem284

    560 loose screw

    No, I didnt check all the screws before use. I do think Ive been luck, might do the lottery this weekend
  3. rem284

    560 loose screw

    adw. You were correct. I looked late last night and it was the one nearest the fuel primmer, the easiest one to access. The question is how did it get from there to the flywheel? So thanks to all, esp. adw
  4. rem284

    560 loose screw

    That sounds like good news?
  5. rem284

    560 loose screw

    If there is only one screw that holds the air injection nozzle on then its not that because its still there. I bought the saw second hand so I am secretly hoping the previous owner lost the screw and it was stuck somewhere until now. Even I can be lucky sometimes
  6. rem284

    560 loose screw

    The screw has a flat end it's 4.85mm diameter and total length is 20.95mm. The head has a flange resembling a small washer. I checked exhaust and could not see anything missing there
  7. rem284

    560 loose screw

    After cutting some ash with the 560 yesterday then re-starting after a fuel up there was an lot of rattling noise. So stopped and on inspection a allen headed black screw was found stuck to the magnet on the flywheel. I removed this and could not find where it had came from. I ran the saw since and it seems to be OK. Has anyone got an idea where it may have came from
  8. cut the bark on the sycamore and brush or spray roundup into it. The sycamore should die and then can be removed. Plant gap with required trees and maintain. I have done this before with success
  9. Depends on the site but if possible culling the deer would be the answer. We cull to try and get the damage levels less than 10%. On my beat all restocks are less than 10% and some 0%. I would plant a tree near the damaged one but a leave the damage one in the ground too and hope if the deer come back they will leave the new one and nibble the damaged one.
  10. rem284

    Beech posts

    beech outside is no good. Oak is the answer 3"X 3" will last about 50 years. Well creosoted Scots pine will last about 25 years.
  11. Guys, its sorted. A quick fix, the chain was up against the rim sprocket. Thanks to all the replies. As soon as someone mentioned it, the light came on in my head as I remembered I put the 18" bar on before heading out. Was worried for a while at the potential ££££'s. Cheers
  12. Just the starter pulley is moving freely, havnt tried owt else. Didnt see much shyte near the flywheel.
  13. about 3 weeks ago I used my 357 without any problems. I tried to start it this week but found it difficult to pull start. I removed the starting mechanism and it is ok and moving freely as it should. I put it back on and the problem remains. Any ideas on what to try next?
  14. I am not sure if it was a splinter or a insect sting but it was on my wrist. My whole hand is swollen and my forearm and hand feel bruised. I am now on antibiotics
  15. Does anyone have a bad reaction to splinters from cypress trees


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