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  1. I will have them please barry and would be very grateful too
  2. I have an etesia no rot/rust as its a composit deck and will do wet'ish grass ok or if its really long/wet strim first
  3. if its only for occasional use etc i would use your closest dealer too for a saw .So its short runs to get spare/repairs too >>> worth thinking about etc
  4. Well its loaded n that was his aim for it to land on his pick up truck so another very successful tree job lol job and knock
  5. i add a spot of bleach to my water butts or milton tablets it kills off any mozzeys etc
  6. i do it too have 4 waterbutts on the go and one piped to the bog works well as iam on a meter also
  7. made me proud of my old bus had mine 15 years now and only one clutch exhaust batterys nothing major Isuzu Trooper travels 20 times around the globe - Farmers Weekly
  8. keep the cooling fins/cowels free of woodchip so you dont cook the engine especially if its a windy day the cooling fan can suck the chip/debris in and block airflow in the cooling system thus buggerin the engine
  9. can i ask ? would you not also be liable for any injury's incurred for the untrained user
  10. i think with that model you will be required to buy the matching suitcase ideal for holidays in the dales >> i can just see the other half,s face as your trying to fit the hoover into your suitcase when packing it lol
  11. I know nowt to do with trees etc but could,nt resist this video as i was searching the net on how to repair my daughters henry etc as she,s denied using it as a water pump and blown the motor even though it was wet through inside when i,ve stripped it lol so here goes a really exciting bloke to go on your holidays with and yes he takes his own hoover in his suit case on holiday [ame] [/ame] I would like your views on this very very interesting subject about holidaying in the yorkshire dales with a hoover bless him
  12. could well be out of date but some of us cant afford new kit, so i was thinking of others who had old'er vehicles like myself my isuzu trooper is 17 years old and can still only carry/tow what it was built to do legally back in 1997
  13. Freelander - Gross vehicle weight, kerb weight, towing capacity - Land Rover
  14. I love the stuff burns very well ideal for getting the fire out of its slumber or use it for lighting up the stove when its been out stringy/hairy the better


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