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  1. anyone else got a crane mounted to the back of a 1000 if so what have you got, looking to upgrade from an old botex and any recommendations welcome cheers
  2. tbh i wouldn't get one second hand as some have problematic autotune, could be the reason its being sold?? just my opinion as ive had one from new
  3. dipethene? never heard of that and ive been running toyota hiluxes for years and that mpg must be wrong
  4. steve collins

    4x4 van

    Anyone know of a good small 4x4 van other than the kangoo or just a standard van which is good on diesel? looking to get rid of my truck cheers:001_smile:
  5. there is a recall for this fault on some saws, take to your dealer to see if yours is in the serial number bracket for a free fix:thumbup1:
  6. if you want to move timber your not looking great money per ton it will not be much over £5 for hardwood
  7. a tractor in forestry needs some sort of guarding underneath and rops as it wont last in the woods, be prepared for it to get clobbered a bit especially if your contracting, if the works your own then not so much, decent tyres a must and make sre u got plenty in the bank for those repairs of your machine
  8. lagging was what we used on the 5 retorts we ran last year it was hung down the inside like curtains, about an inch thick and held on with pins, doors had a recess with rope in to act as a seal and after a few burns were really tight due to the tar, how thick is the metal in the oil tank?
  9. Fair enough im sure there is a portable out there but cant remember the name it was a short rotation burn towable machine used up north with a computer which controlled the vents with a safety built in, i know this as worked with the chap who had it and sold it on. that setup looks good i wonder what their burn ratio to tonnage is as i know end of last season we had produced 131 ton of charcoal:001_smile:
  10. so more cutters means shorter chips and less cutters means longer chips?
  11. if there not in the wood longer then how come the chips are coming out are longer?? a full skip chain has only one drive link longer spacing than a normal chain. less cutters mean that they are in contact with the wood longer
  12. that one in the link posted looks prone to melted tyres in my opinion what sort of size are you looking?
  13. ive got some skip chain and il tell you now you dont want to use it on any hardwood or conifer(my opinion) as its used for softwood in the states, as it will cut more chip out with the cutter being in the wood a fraction longer due to the spacings and the saw is able to take the extra load comfortably. Plus the saws using skip chain are often ported so the saw isnt overloaded at all
  14. had it with oregon/ super sexy oil leaking but was on older saws so think its creaping out as the oiler is worn and the oil is very thin, if that makes sense
  15. the states!! got my uncle to send it as a gift this time as postage then tax is excessive
  16. worth the money great for hitting wedges with the flat end and all the weight is in the head so splits timber great aswell you will have to get used to the shorter length compared to others
  17. hilux id say as cant fault them tho l200s seem to need more maintaining and parts are dearer
  18. a local dealer has had a slow stream of any C-M stihl saw coming back in with same problems like idle, slow pickup and cutting out to name a few
  19. heard today 661 is back on drawingboard and no more being made all 660 stock has almost gone and 650 sales are high!
  20. Hi I am a very experienced hand cutter looking for work, have all my own saws, transport and ppe. Im punctual and very hardworking, have cut both hard and softwood for many years. I have also done ground work for tree surgeons Have cs 30,31,32,38,39 and woodchipper Im based in tonbridge kent. to contact me Mobile is 07751057259 Or Scforestryservices@Gmail.com
  21. get an adaptor made up then you can run your stihl bar!
  22. Ebay for muffler got one for my 460 will need a re tune once fitted
  23. Spot on id say, i spoke to a very experienced trainer last week saying its becoming more common with faults/ accidents/ deaths from people felling stems over 380 mm with not the relevent qualifications and hse have come down hard on them. just because you know how to doesnt mean your qualified to do so, plus your insurance is most likely void !!
  24. Id say 3-4 month on average a bar lasts for me as i cut full time pretty much every day its only the nose rivet which seems to loosen over time but apart from that really strong, and need dressing less than overs. i only use the solids but have a 24" lightweight so we see how that goes


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