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  1. Hi All, i have just moved back home to Gloucestershire after working over in Sweden for a year and a half. I have 6 years Climbing experience, ND in Forestry and Arb NPTC 30 31 38 39 40 + European AB+C Felling Certs Lots of rigging experience I am looking to start building up contacts in the Gloucestershire or surrounding areas working as a contract climber aiming my work more towards larger difficult tree removals as i feel this is where i am more useful but will obviously be up for anything for the time being. I have all of my own climbing gear / rigging gear/ saws and am willing to travel within reason for single days. Also open to work away for longer periods of time ideally 2 weeks etc Feel free to give me a call or email on 07817798890 tom.organ@hotmail.co.uk Many thanks, Tommy Organ
  2. Hi im looking for some self employed / freelance climbing work in North wales / Snowdonia / Bangor area . Anything from a couple of days to a few weeks or months would be really appreciated. i have quite a lot of climbing experience NPTC 30/31/38/39 first aid and a ND in Forestry and Arb. would also consider some forestry work too as a have experience in this area. I have all my own kit including big saws and heavy duty rigging kit. Trying to build some contacts up as i will be spending a lot of time in Snowdonia doing some mountaineering courses there. My Number is 07817798890 or email tom.organ@hotmail.co.uk thanks for your time Tom Organ
  3. A Few Pics at the at the end
  4. A few clips from a beech dismantle with help from the crane . Ran out of memory on the go pro but all came down safely Switch to 1080p HD ! [ame] [/ame]
  5. Was a Shame to take it down but there was a lot of decay on the main stem about half way up where water was collecting in a cavity so a reduction would not of solved that issue unfortunately. Also the children's rooms were on that side of the house so you can understand the concern.
  6. This is the way that i tension the line as it gives good control over the line. and yes i know the capstan is backwards its just where it has turned when its been let go ! Well spotted Darrin! it was a temporary back up rope bridge running along side a worn one while waiting for the new one to arrive! the new swivel that i use seems to wear out the bridge a bit too quick. it took a day and a half. a day for the top and half for the stem.
  7. New Video from dismantling a large beech using a speedline for most of the crown and then Day 2 finishing off with the crane will be on here tomorrow hopefully the tree was felled because it had several cavities on the trunk which had signs of decay and the top had started to decline. the owners were worried about it and was just too close to the house! we only had one day available for a crane so we stripped out the crown first so that we could definitely finish of the main stem with easy lifting. Switch to 1080p HD ! [ame] [/ame] Enjoy!
  8. The big poplar had 2 long limbs removed so that it did not wipe out some nice young ash trees on the way down and the spruce was topped out because it wasn't in great condition at the bottom so it may have been a bit unpredictable felling from the ground. We didn't want to smash up a nice new fence to the side of it! The song is 'Stolen Dance' by Milky Chance
  9. Tommy O

    Swap shop

    Offered. Stihl KM HT pole pruner attachment for combi system. it has only been used twice and it stopped going around, i was told it was the clutch needing to be tightened but its just been sat in the shed . any swaps?
  10. Not sure who Dunner is? , was just subby work for a local forestry company
  11. Not quite a Reg Coates video but was my second attempt with go pro studios constructive criticism welcome!
  12. I would Sy but i wouldnt want to disturb all the tadpoles living there at the moment!
  13. have got a slight problem with the oiling on my 560xp. no oil is feeding out on the bar and chain instead when it is running it is coming out from under the muffler? i have check the oil pump pipes seem to be free. could it be the gasket on the crankcase? obviously don't want to run it with the muffler off to check that. has anybody else has this problem or know what it could be ? cheers Tom


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