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  1. Fascinating Synopsis about the 21 different types of Whitebeam found within the Avon Gorge, Bristol. Special place.
  2. sean

    Today’s Sunset

    Severn Bridge Sunset today.
  3. sean

    Tis the season to see Fungi, fa la la la la....

    Just checked on the Ancient Tree Inventory and theres no mention of them so I will go and see if they will let me survey and record them.
  4. sean

    Tis the season to see Fungi, fa la la la la....

    Brilliant, thanks mate
  5. Hi Mate....hope this finds you well. I was wondering if you could give me the location of the veteran Oaks near Filton, Bristol as I wouldn't mind going to have a look if poss and recording them for the ATI.


    Cheers.  Sean 

  6. Remarkable in fact.
  7. Phoenix Hornbeam...providing important habitat and currently colonised by cuddly toys.
  8. sean

    Climbing without aerial rescue?

    Cheers Gary. Yep staying positive and laughing as we have done since it happens really. Obvs not so good days but just got to keep going and thanking our lucky stars for all that we do have.
  9. sean

    Climbing without aerial rescue?

    We have our first round of 'Settlement' talks in November with QC's from both sides where the case will be discussed and QC's and lawyers will sit around and play 'Poker' until an agreement is reached. That could go to 2/3/4 more meetings meaning many more months. It seems for the last 3 years we have become a cottage industry where QC's, lawyers, case mangers, expert witnesses, specialists of every description are all getting paid for their services and in the meantime we have had not a penny. It is what it is though.
  10. sean

    Climbing without aerial rescue?

    Thanks mate.... 3years on now and getting on with life.........you can read about the aftermath here.....
  11. sean

    Climbing without aerial rescue?

    Things can ALWAYS go wrong no matter. I worked on rigging jobs for years without a hitch. One day something went wrong and I am now in a wheelchair. I will talk about the accident when insurance and everything else is sorted but my advice is to NOT cut corners and ensure everything is done properly and all bases are covered....period!
  12. sean

    Tis the season to see Fungi, fa la la la la....

    Hi Mate.... Where about are these please? Im in Bristol and wouldn't mind going to have a look. Are they on the Ancient Tree Inventory do you know? If not I can go and record them.
  13. sean

    Whats the point of wasps?

    Great book
  14. sean

    Ancient trees and farming

    Really interesting but at times a saddening thread.
  15. Peely bark and colour of leaves makes me think of Eucalyptus Cinera. (Silver Dollar) ?


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