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  1. sean


    Well it made me laugh
  2. sean

    ArbDogs? Pics!

    My mutt. Mum's a Spaniel, Dad is half deer hound and half border collie. He's 2 now.....was pretty mental but he's getting there. The boy is bloody quick I know that.
  3. sean

    Crusty v...... at Bristol Zoo

    Cool. Are you surveying the whole Zoo?
  4. sean

    sheffield trees

    Great article in the current issue of the Arb Mag by our very own Paul Barton giving his well balanced opinion having been up to Sheffield and seeing for himself what is going on.
  5. sean

    Roughing it.

    Great breakfast though
  6. sean

    Trees & shade

    Ha Ha fair point although ive sheltered from many a downpour under a tree.
  7. sean

    Trees & shade

    The shade given from the canopy of a cities mature tree population is priceless.
  8. sean

    fungal induced habitat

    Yep thats great
  9. Definitely needs somebody qualified to see this in person and to draw up a management plan. Theres a lot of weight and height for a tree with that amount of decay to support so would need a reduction in size in my opinion but as I said get somebody to come and look at it.
  10. sean

    i-Tree Eco project London

    Always interested in seeing ITree results. Will be having words with Mr Rogers about allowing 3 trees to reach critical condition though Currently recruiting volunteers for ITree Bristol. Results of that should be fascinating as there really is a diverse range of species across the City.
  11. sean

    Royal Wedding

    Does your Dad know you're using his Arbtalk when you get home from school?
  12. sean

    Royal Wedding

    I dont recall even mentioning the football.
  13. sean

    Royal Wedding

    Wish them no malice and hope it all works out for them. As for tv coverage they should have put it on pay per view.....see how many watched it then!


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