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  1. First saw you bought.

  2. Treeation’s thread needs a little bit more respect and appreciation I reckon and discussion should be centred around the project he has embarked upon.
  3. Of course not but I have no real say in where my taxes are spent but I am far happier for them to be spent increasing bio diversity rather than destroying it.
  4. I’m sure plenty of tax money has gone towards poisoning the environment over many years.
  5. Cheers I will for sure.
  6. Brilliant and very interesting project. I’m in Bristol and would love to visit if you’d be happy to have me?
  7. Great Opportunity

    A great opportunity to join one of our leading companies. https://www.treeworks.co.uk/about-treework/jobs/
  8. SIA- the tree pulling test/theory

    Thought half the lane was going to come up with at one point.
  9. Managing Trees with Decay & Dysfunction

    Good work and great to see.
  10. sunsets at work.

    Its worth going back I'd say....well worth it.
  11. sunsets at work.

    Ive been looking through this thread again. This is such a fantastic photo David. It says so much. The way the trees mirror the sky scrapers, complete opposites. I love it.
  12. Winters, Richmond Park.

    A few are dotted around Arbtalk in different threads. Embarking on a mission.....bloody hell I've got a lot of photo's. Its hard to look at some but a joy also. I might be some time.
  13. Winters, Richmond Park.

    Feel blessed to have had the privilege of working there. Special.
  14. Winter leaf dormancy affected by street lighting

    The London Plane outside my house reacts exactly the same. Always a cluster of leaves left on the tree that are closest to the street light.
  15. shefeld trees

    Having been up to Sheffield on numerous occasions now to see the trees being felled I can tell you now that there are hundreds of perfectly healthy trees being felled for minimal surface damage. I would suggest that anybody with an interest in what is going on up there go and take a look for themselves and then form their own opinion.


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