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  1. And there is a lack of after care which I see many many cases of.
  2. It looks to me like Magistrates can impose a max fine of £20,000 but serious cases can be refered to Crown Court where an unlimited fine can be imposed.
  3. I also thought that would have been a given under the circumstances. I'm hoping to speak to somebody at Swansea council some time today so will put that question to them.
  4. Yes David. Thanks And well spotted.
  5. I have been doing some research into this sad situation and here is a quick outline of my findings. It appears that the Wellingtonia in question. was planted in 1842 by John Dillwyn Llewellyn. He was a prominent member of Victorian Society and was a pioneer of Horticulture, Photography and Astronomy. The first photograph of the moon was taken from an observatory that he built on his estate. I have seen the Arboricultural report which clearly identifies the Wellingtonia as a Category A (Heritage) tree and is clearly marked for retention. I have also spoken with the consultant arb who put the report together who in his words 'is gutted and feels sick' that the tree has been removed. On Friday I finally had a call back from from the MD of Enzo homes who maintains 'that it was a mistake. I asked my foreman to mark all trees that had a TPO and the Welligtonia was missed'. For a tree of this significance to be felled 'by mistake' is unbelievable and inexcusable. With regards to fines etc, what is an acceptable amount? We are all aware of the pitiful fines that have been served to developers in the past so what is an adequate fine which would serve as a deterrent in the future? Given that this particular tree has a CAVAT value of approx £350,000 should the fine be an equivalent amount perhaps? And now there are accusations of more trees being removed illegally. https://www.walesonline.co.uk/news/wales-news/more-trees-may-been-removed-15500144
  6. Bet they’ve had a few sleepless nights over the years!!!
  7. Fascinating Synopsis about the 21 different types of Whitebeam found within the Avon Gorge, Bristol. Special place.
  8. Severn Bridge Sunset today.
  9. Just checked on the Ancient Tree Inventory and theres no mention of them so I will go and see if they will let me survey and record them.
  10. Hi Mate....hope this finds you well. I was wondering if you could give me the location of the veteran Oaks near Filton, Bristol as I wouldn't mind going to have a look if poss and recording them for the ATI.


    Cheers.  Sean 

  11. Phoenix Hornbeam...providing important habitat and currently colonised by cuddly toys.
  12. Cheers Gary. Yep staying positive and laughing as we have done since it happens really. Obvs not so good days but just got to keep going and thanking our lucky stars for all that we do have.


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