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  1. good reliable saw, check the anti vibes as the saw isnt the most friendly on the hands, check the tank for holes and dents and generaly look over make sure you use it cutting something
  2. Yep got some hard heads over crimbo,best bet is to get them sent as a gift then no import duty/tax whatever u call it.
  3. Got a 2011 560 no problems at all,l just had a few av springs but that's just wear and tear from a saw getting used a lot
  4. if you look after the uppers then you can get loads of life out of them, got some that are at least 2 yrs old and dont let the sole get too thin then you can get them re-soled as well:001_smile:
  5. just whats been said local to me really from chatting to a few others
  6. if your worried about vibes on the stihl 441, 461 i think they do two types a hard and soft, dont quote me on that tho!!
  7. dont get a new 372 x torq!! heard loads of problems with them replacing cylinders etc and dealers having to refund due to constant problems. 390 yes go get one very versatile saw and nicely balanced
  8. Cheers, still think the old non xtorq 372 is the best 70cc out there, but hear there is a 572 coming out now!!
  9. Had a 576 and the autotune went! think the newer ones are better now and was a nice saw but too heavy in my opinion. I have a 460 which replaced it but thats a touch lighter but the vibrations are worse!!
  10. Let us know what the tech lite bar is like, as seems rather expensive when i saw one around £170!!
  11. im stealing the rhyme to sing when im doing one next!
  12. 3/8 it runs smoother in my opinion:001_smile:
  13. what you think of the other one? Its a different way but same result but seems more technical to me!!
  14. supposed to say yes you are right but!! Hope this link works
  15. yes you are right nut the cornetto is a standard dutchman, ive seen a variation to the "soft dutchman" where instead of the two cuts in the scarf a vertical cut is made behind the hinge. Il Post a vid up is bet way to explain
  16. What i call a cornetto cut, its just a tapered hinge to swing the tree, also can be done with two ears on larger timber when the middle is bored out and two smaller hinges left to control the fell
  17. Id say any bar apart from husqvarna as they seem to not last at all, the jury is still out on the sugihara bars at the moment for me but they do have replaceable noses but the bars are more expensive than other brands
  18. IF more than a two days since the transaction i would just leave it, Lots of scams going on at moment people saying its broke and not and then wont return, sending it back with parts stripped off and Cheap parts put on.
  19. Just like to say the saw was out last week and ran a treat, it picks up instantly and pulls like a train through the timber. Had a good mix of timber as well some oversize larch which it just flew through and some big oak and chestnut which made me laugh when crosscutting at how much quicker it was. I would highly recommend spud for modding your saw:thumbup:
  20. use save edge to knock out damage only then other file to finish or your chain wont last as long as are quite coarse compared to others. its what i find works best
  21. Any cutters out there getting bitten the hell out of by bugs recently?? Anyone got any good preventions Steve
  22. I knew the defender lovers would come to slate the jap hilux, mitsi, nissan etc but its run its course and is world renowned but things move on and we can argue till the cows come home, Ive owned loads of pickups to say the least including a defender and my opinion is hilux is my prefered choice and its never got stuck ever and i drive to the woods all day its just down to tyres!!!!
  23. at last they have seen sense to get rid of it, maybe they made the latest ones too well so no one is needing repairs on them so profits dropped


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