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  1. i've had mine 2 weeks now, there should be plenty about now.
  2. Hi dude! Just been reading on the forum here you've got the husky 572xp. After working with it a few weeks what's your thoughts on it? I'm finding plenty of people putting up the YouTube vids but no real reviews regarding how it performs, I'm about to lay down the money for one this week but if it's crap then it's gonna be the ms461. Cheers dude!

  3. Hi! just been reading your post regarding the stihl 462 vs the husky 572 and was wondering what your opinion was on them both at this time? i've got a 572 on backorder at the moment intending to run it with a 28" on the odd occasion that demands however mostly with a 20", but i'm now wondering if maybe i should get the 462. your opinion will be appreciated!

    1. josharb87


      Hi @northman! Both are fantastic saws and there really isn't much difference between them. I think it just comes down to if you prefer stihl or husky? Or interchangeability of bars and chains from other saws you own?

      Sorry i can't be of more help!

  4. northman

    Ms661 coil

    Oh and also has anyone had theirs ported I'm thinking of having it done in the new year?
  5. northman

    Ms661 coil

    Hi guys! Does anyone know if the updated/current coil for the 661 is a straight for to the older generation 661? I've a 2014 model and not sure if it's a direct swap or if there's been any updates that would clash. (Trying to cure the of idle bog)
  6. I can't really see injection being of much benefit over mtronic or autotune it's just a stop gap until more heavy duty and commercial battery chainsaws are available, I've seen 13hp 10300 watt electric motor in RC cars but I'm no engineering genius though so perhaps there's a huge hurdle to overcome to get this tech to work in commercial applications but even though wtf is talking so long, rc batteries don't weigh that much either.
  7. Anyone heard anything about when the new ropes from teufelerger are gonna be released? the drenaline sounds interesting . https://www.teufelberger.com/en/drenaline.html
  8. As far as i'm aware they like dense low vegetation like long grass, twice i've had one on me, the first no issue what so ever which i found on my stomach while waking in the morning. to say i was surprised was an understatement. the second i didn't even know i had picked up while out on the bike, my point is though both times i had no idea they had crawled onto me let alone latched on. the second time however i did contract limes but luckily caught it at the rash stage, the rash was pretty aggressive alone so sympathise anyone who has full blown limes.
  9. Yeh a swivel would be great, it just seems that when you change to left or right the chip flow out of the machine is interrupted at the chip deflector creating an abrupt angle change. Maybe a slight change in the profiles of the deflector even could work. Swivel would be best though. Would the peruzzo tb100 discharge cute for the cs100 perhaps? Could be worth a try.
  10. I'll second this! The cs100 on imho has pretty much the best Infeed cute on a small chipper. I've just come from a Jansen gte1500 which being pretty much the same as the venom is not in the same league as the Greenmech, I've only one real niggle with the cs100 and that's the discharge cute is not the best when you point it left or right to fill up a wheely bin for example, but straight on it's bloody fantastic.
  11. the wife swears by gells, she's not in this line of work but used to work in a factory and said they stood up better. i'm amazed i even remember that, and shes says i dont listen lol.
  12. northman

    Stihl ms462

    Thanks for the translation, I was hoping they may have said something a little more exciting but I guess they're gonna be playing their cards close being as Husqvarna are due to release their new saw.
  13. northman

    Stihl ms462

    I'm hoping they don't go fuel injected like the chop saw. I've heard they're a nightmare.


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